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Sid: Well Mishpochah I just had to come on myself without a guest for this week because you know since 1977 we’ve had Messianic Vision Radio Broadcast and this is the last broadcast on a Monday through Friday basis we’re going to have. Now there’s a reason for it and since you’re Mishpochah, that’s a Hebrew word which means family, I wanted to talk to you about it. I’ve got my Mishpochah Mug, I hope some of you have your Mishpochah Mug and I wanted to kind of rehearse what God’s doing with us and why we’re making the changes. I believe this is a God decision.

Many of you know that I was raised in a traditional Jewish family and when I was 30 years of age I had a major crisis in my life. I’d opened up a door that no one should open, but frankly you can’t watch secular TV today without seeing reference to it, it’s called the New Age today. It was called the occult when I was involved and I went into t mind control course that taught me how to meditate and when I would meditate I would actually go into a hypnotic state and invite a friend… at least that’s what they called it inside of me. The Bible calls it a familiar spirit and I got myself demonized. If you’ve ever seen the movie “The Exorcist” or read the book that’s what happened to me. So what does a traditional Jewish man that doesn’t know his left hand from his right hand; doesn’t know anything about the New Testament; doesn’t know anything about Jesus, was raised in Christian America, educated at the finest, or at one of the finest universities in America. Working for one of the finest firms in America, Merrill Lynch as an Account Executive. Not one person cared enough about me to tell me about Jesus. So what am I going to do? Well fortunately there was a Christian that was bold enough to share his faith with me.

So I remember the worst day of my life, I was separated from my wife and my daughter. Life was just too hard. I have to tell you I was a positive thinker, I read all of the positive thinking books. The positive thinking works until your first crisis (Laughing). And I had my crisis, so I didn’t know where to go. If I went to my parents they’d give their life for me but mom, dad I’ve got this evil thing inside of me what should I do about it? They shipped me off to the physiatrist. Now do you know the number one profession for suicides for America? You got it it’s Jesus, put it this way “If a blind man leads a blind man” they’re not going to know anything about demons and exorcism. Well maybe I should have gone to the Catholic Church because somehow I had seen some movies you know the Exorcist Catholic Priest holds a cross up, but no I can’t do that I’m Jewish. So I did the next best thing to having a cross at least in my mind I went to a Jewish bookstore and I got a silver Mezuzah. You see them on doorposts of Jewish homes. It has scripture in it and we Jewish people believe that it kind of protects us. So I got this Jewish Mezuzah on a silver chord and I put it around my neck. By this point these Christian friends had told me about who Jesus was and the Bible. Tell you the truth I was in such a fog I didn’t know anything. I didn’t know what they were saying to me, I just knew that life was too hard, I don’t know if you’ve ever been at that point. I don’t know if you can relate to me but life was too hard I didn’t want to live anymore. I remember as a young boy I had this thought I was alone at night my parents were out and I had this thought “What happens when you die?”

My goodness you know as I’m sharing this I have to be obedient God is telling me He wants to bless you He wants you to be healed right now. There are people with pains in their neck and if you would just move your head you’ll see that the pain even though it’s been a long chronic pain it’s gone in Jesus Name. And those of you with back problems if you will bend over you’ll see that pain is definitely gone and arthritis or pain in your fingers of any kind if you’ll move your fingers and your wrists and knees and any area of your body if you’ll test it you’ll see that you’ve just been healed.

So I had this thought when I was a young boy “What happens if you die?” And so you know Judaism is “l’chaim” to life. So we don’t talk about death in Judaism but I had this thought. So I took my childlike imagination and I tried to imagine what the world would be like if I no longer existed. It was so objectionable I blocked it from my mind. Because whatever was me I didn’t want it to die, but here I’m 30 years old and I don’t want to live; life is too difficult.

So I said a simple prayer, I didn’t even know… you know when someone is sinking and dying they’ll try anything and I tried this Jesus my Christian friends told me about. And very soon the world is going to be darker and darker and there will be Jewish people reaching out and when you share Jesus with these Jesus with these Jewish people they’ll look like they’re not interested but at least someone was bold enough with me so I knew the name of Jesus, and I cried out “Jesus help.” (Crashing noise in background) My iPad just fell no problem. I cried out “Jesus help” and I went to bed not caring whether I lived or died. When I woke up a great miracle happened, I experienced peace beyond anything I had ever felt or thought before possible. I’d never been on drugs, I’d never been an alcoholic, I didn’t know what that’s like frankly but I can tell you this the peace I had is what the whole world wants. It was the love of God flooded my room.

If you said Sid “I’ll give you a million dollars if you’ll get into fear.” I would say I’m sorry I’d like the million but I cannot get into fear,” this love that’s saturating the whole room and then I heard the voice of God. God’s said “Return to your wife and daughter.” And I have to tell you I said “Yes Sir.” And I had a revelation that Jesus is my Messiah and I said “Yes Sir.” And I started reading the Bible, I returned to my family.

Do you know that Joyce and I just celebrated our 50th Wedding Anniversary? Do you know that every member of my immediate family has become believers in Jesus?

Then God put me in the oil business of all things and he so blessed me. In fact I was speaking at a Full Gospel Businessman’s organization once and there was a prophecy and the prophecy was “Sid you are going into a new oil business it’s the oil of the Holy Spirit.” I didn’t understand it but I sure understand it today.

So we started one of the first Messianic Jewish Synagogues in this part of the world. There was a group of people we called… it was an organization we called “The Hebrew Christian Alliance” and I was the President of it. I was like a year or two old in the Lord and we had a vote because that’s what we do in Jewish Synagogues we vote if we’re going to do something. And so we voted let’s have a service and we had one service and it evolved into one of the best Messianic Congregations in the world.

I’m going to pick up right here because that’s how I got into doing a radio broadcast. But I wanted to tell you that I’m going to continue radio and there are going to be many ways that you can get the radio broadcast. The easiest way is to go to our web page, S-i-d-r-o-t-h.o-r-g. Or you can go to iTunes and just search my name Sid Roth. Or you can get an App, go to the App store for your iPhone or your Android and it’s free and just go to Sid Roth and get the ISN, that stands for “It’s Supernatural Network.”

We’re going to have a 1 hour show and it’s going to be different than what I’m doing right now; it’s going to be so free and it’s going to so timely because we won’t have to do it months in advance. In fact, I have a vision for the future, don’t look for it right now but it’ll be in the near future I promise we’re going to put a few cameras in there, and a lot of you know about, it we have a television network. It’s called “It’s Supernatural Television Network.” And you can get that network which will have the radio show but you can get all of our archives 700 of our archives and it’s in high definition. Imagine you could get…

In fact let me read you an interesting testimony about our network. I do leave the new ISN playing even if we aren’t home because of among the many anointed CD’s and DVD’s I’ve received through this ministry there just isn’t just the same atmosphere as the interviews have. And I’m finding that people that have our TV network on… can you just imagine at lunch you just press the app and you can see in high definition 700 shows. And then we have brand new shows coming on the air. Well we’re going to have a prophetic cooking show, we’re going to have direct reports from Israel. I’ll be able to be live on this network. I’m asking you to stay with us. I mean family should stay together and I consider you Mishpochah, I consider you family. And I want you to join us for our 1 hour special show on the network; remember you can go to, get us on the web, or iTunes search Sid Roth or the ISN App where you can get both the TV or the radio. Just go to the App Store and put in Sid Roth and I’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.

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