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Chuck Pierce

Sid: Chuck I promised our Mishpochah that you were going to pray on yesterday’s broadcast just as we were going off the air, we really didn’t do it justice. Your wife had an amazing healing with supernatural things as she began to worship, would you recap that very quickly?

Chuck: Well, Pam had had a bad diagnosis. It’s been so good being with you Sid this week has been so good being with you this week and it’s been great being with you. I just wish every listener could have been with us all week. And I just want to say this this ministry is a trumpet for what God’s doing so please be a part of Sid Roth’s ministries and what it represents in the earth now in developing that new wine skin of the One New Man. So and with that I want to say this one of the things and we’re talking about worship wars and the book “Worship Warrior.” God spoke to me when Pam was barren and couldn’t have children and said these words to me “The new song will break the old cycle.” Well Pam wasn’t an extrovert type of worshiper and earlier in the week I shared about the freedom God had brought me into, and so I kept encouraging my wife “Honey if you will respond to God in worship as He’s calling you to worship you’ll see changes in your life.” I’ll never forget Sid she said to me “You know you’ve gotten us in so much trouble because we were in a denominational church through worshipping especially that time you stood up and raised your hands in the choir.” We were both in a 140 member choir church and I stood up when we sang “He’s Alive” and raised my hands and that got us in so much trouble.

Sid: (Laughing)

Chuck: She said “Chuck there’s only 2 places in the New Testament it talks about raising hands because she’s a brilliant lady. And I said “Listen, I don’t care if it’s in the concordance it doesn’t matter God wants us to respond to Him, He wants us to acknowledge who He is.”  

Sid: What would you say to someone that says “But that’s not my personality, that might be yours Chuck but it’s not mine?”

Chuck: Well it might not be your normal personality but we’ve been all been called and worship will lead you into a response with your body. That’s why He talks to us about dancing and God’s going to restore the Tabernacle of David fully, we’ll be dancing. They’ll come a time where God will require you to dance and express yourself to Him with your body lifting holy hands to Him. And what happened with Pam was we were at a James Robinson Conference and while we were there at James’s Conference John Wimber was ministering and Pam had been diagnosed that she would never have children she had endometriosis.   And all of a sudden in the midst of that time she lifted both hands, I looked over I felt the presence of God around us. She had both hands up waving them, and I said “What’s happening?” And she said “It’s like hot oil is going down through my body and what it did was actually right there in the service it had knocked the clot out of her uterus. She had her first normal monthly cycle that I had ever known her to have and I had known her for over 12 years. She then got pregnant two weeks later and got pregnant, and pregnant, and pregnant and pregnant over again. And I want to say to you God broke that old cycle in her womb. Now some of you are listening out there and I just believe today in this last day of us discussing this if you will make a shift in worship, and I don’t think that Pam could have experienced that had she not lifted her hands before the Lord. I don’t think that she could have really come into what God had for her. She was totally liberated and she was totally healed and she actually had 7 children. Now that’s important to understand because there’s seeds of revival locked up within us, there’s seeds of destiny locked up within us, there’s seed of inheritance locked up within us and through worshipping God you can be set free!

Sid: I think it’s time for us to worship God.

Chuck: I thinks that’s right and I just want to tell you right now what I’d like to do Sid for the listeners I’d like to pray that everything that would be distracting them from worship. I would like to begin to address some of those distractions and then I want to declare that they will break into whole new dimension of freedom and worship. Now Father I come right now and I thank You for what You’re going to do, I thank You Lord for how Your going to release a dimension of faith in every listener out there that has been listening. I thank You Father that they will win the war of faith that they are in. Father, I decree right now that any care of the world that’s distracting them I break the power of that conforming plan of the enemy from around them. Lord I decree right now that they are fruitful, Lord that barrenness will begin to break off of them. Some of you might be physically barren right now and I decree that it will be broken in Jesus name. Lord says, “Lift your hands now and begin to worship, let the sound of the Lord that’s in you go out it’ll change the atmosphere around you.” Father I declare some that might be listening in their job I declare a quickening power of the Lord to come into their cubicles. I declare that as they begin to bless You right there in their cubical the whole atmosphere of the floor they work on will be changed. Father I thank You right now that there are some (I see some that have arthritis in their arms and in their joints). I declare that as they stretch those joints out and Father as they stretch out to You Father I declare a healing power. Father even as I say that right now there’s worship right now coming into some and there’s someone out there a renal problem. And the Lord’s saying “Clap your hands before Me and I’ll begin to heal you.” Now we come right now and we pray for the peace of Jerusalem also. Father we say “Let wholeness come into Jerusalem, we bind any divisive spirit to divide your covenant plan of that city.” And Father we also declare any spirit that would like to divide and weaken us the power of that is broken. Lord we say show us places where covenant breaking spirits exist around us. Lord we love you we bless you, Father I say let glory faith begin to manifest in these people. Father bring them into a new place with You. Lord, bring me into a new place with You bring Sid in a new way. Father and I say “Let the manifested presence of Yourself begin to be sensed around us.” Lord, anoint us, radiate through us and let us walk into this world with victory. Father, we love You we bless You in Jesus Name. Amen

Sid: Well, Mishpochah I can tell you we are in the presence of God. Explain quickly Chuck what it’s like to be in the throne room. Are you in the throne room when you were praying just then?

Chuck:   I feel like my spirit that has been given position in the heavenlies next to the Lord Jesus Christ and that I’m connected here in the earth realm through the power of the Holy Spirit. I believe once I come before the Lord He gives me access right in and I can come boldly and ask the Father to begin to bless everyone that’s listening. I mean Sid there’s power and blessing and most of the time we never see Father wanting us to bless us. Some of you have never received the Father’s blessing out there. The Lord says “Come up, come up, come up I want to bless you.” Some of you are from broken homes the Lord says “Let My Spirit of adoption comes down on you.” Some of you have been abandoned, you’ve been rejected and I break that power.” The Lord says “Come up boldly and let Me pour My love over you, submit yourself to me, anything the enemies doing resist him he’ll flee. Father I thank You for the opportunity to come boldly into Your throne.”

Sid: What’s the next thing that’s going to happen in the United States and in Israel?

Chuck: I believe we’re in such a key time I believe that this year we will be contending for God’s covenant plan. Now if you’re listening out there worship because this is the year where you think you’ve been wearied in the past it says in Jeremiah 12:5, but if the footmen have wearied you you’re never going to be able to tend with the horses and cross over at the flood plain of the Jordan.” I believe that this year where Israel will become very very prominent the understanding of God’s covenant land will become prominent. And nations will begin to align the goat and the sheep nations. I’m praying that we’re a sheep nation; that we make the right alignments this year. I’m praying that we are able to break our weariness. Now if you’re listening to me God wants to break the power of weariness off of you. He says that circumstance you’ve been in I will want you see how I was training you so that you could even have more strength to contend in days ahead. So I want to say to you this will be a year of contending but it’s also a year of secrets being revealed, mysteries being disclosed and surprises in our midst’s, and that’s going to come if we’re a worshipping people.


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