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Sid: Oh my guest Pat Schatzline is red hot for the Messiah. Did you know that God can speak to you? I mean the Bible says “My sheep hear My voice.” Maybe, just maybe you need this down load from heaven. Pat Schatzline heard from heaven how you can be part of the end time remnant. In fact I’m going to ask him to pray a special supernatural prayer for you at the end of this broadcast. But Pat one night your wife comes to you because she has had a dream and tells you that you’re supposed to go to China to rescue your daughter. You don’t even have a daughter.

Pat: I certainly didn’t have a daughter. You know we tried for 10 years to try to have a child. Prophetic words over us, we have a son but for no reason, for no reason at all, the doctors could not find a reason we could not have another child. And Karen came to me Sid and she said Pat I had a dream I saw our daughter and I heard her crying in another land. And the Lord had spoken to her “And Karen in your despair you must rescue.” She was in despair for not being able to have another child. And so we began the process the journey. We even had it interrupted by stars and we would have gotten another child but we wouldn’t have gotten my beautiful little Abigail which is my Father’s joy. Karen has this dream and we go to China and we get our little girl. Sid I’ve got to tell you something that happened. About a year and half ago I was out of town and all of a sudden Karen calls me and she’s crying and I said “Honey, what’s wrong?” She said, we call her Abby, she said “Abby just came up to me in the house.” And I said “What happened?” She said “Mommy, I had a dream last night” and she said “Jesus came and saw me in my dream.” And Karen said “Really.” Now Abby’s 11 years old and she was about 9. And Karen goes “He told me, He reminded me that when I was in the orphanage with the other babies sleeping in the bed when I was cold.” She was 9 months old when we got her, that He used to say “Abby, hold on your mommy’s coming to get you.” “Mommy” she said “Last night He came and saw me and said “See Abby, I told you that your Mommy would come get you.” And she said “Isn’t that funny Mommy and runs off.” And Karen’s weeping controllably and I’m in a hotel room, I’m weeping uncontrollably that God loved our daughter enough, because He loves all of us that way to rescue her and break that orphan spirit. God has not called us to be orphans and the number one attack on the church today is an orphan spirit. Not realizing that God the Father has called you not to be slaves, but to be sons and daughters. He’s loves you so much I’m not going to leave you as an orphan spirit. That’s why anybody listening right now you can just say “God I need to feel the love of the Father around me.” Maybe you never had a dad you’ll feel His arms around you right now where you’re at. He’s breathing on you.

Sid: You talk about an orphan spirit, describe an orphan spirit.

Pat: An orphan spirit is a spirit that doesn’t truly believe that God loves you enough to make you His own. It doesn’t truly believe that God can do what He’s promised. An orphan spirit is a spirit waiting on God to leave them in the worst situations. We have raised a generation (I write about this in the book) 34% have grown up without parents, 72 percent in the inner city. So when we talk about God the Father most don’t even know what that means because they don’t even know what a father is because father’s have abandoned their families especially in America. But God says “I am a Father that will not walk away from you.” It took me years Sid, I was in ministry for years before I realized the true love of the Father that no matter what happens He won’t walk away from me. And an orphan spirit is a spirit that will keep you from ever having an encounter with God because you don’t believe that He’s really there when He says “I’m screaming your name right now.”

Sid: I believe that you can start people to be part of the end-time remnant. I believe that you can pray for people so that they can begin to walk with God, hear God. Demonstrate the kingdom and live as sons and daughters of the living God now, not when they’re in heaven but now.

Pat: Yes, well those that are listening right now you’re not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re not a failure. Sid can I pray for them right now?

Sid: Please.

Pat: I cry out to You on behalf of those that are listening. Father, no matter what they’ve been through, no matter what scars they possess, no matter what pain they’ve been through I pray in Jesus Name that all they have to do is call out Your Name and Jesus You are right there with them. I pray for a supernatural encounter to overwhelm them. If they’re driving by car or their listening at home the glory of the Lord is filling your vehicle and His love is beginning to kiss you. And the presence of God is breaking an orphan spirit off of you because you are called a remnant, you are not an oops, you’re not an accident, you’re not a failure. There’s no such thing as someone that God can walk away from. He gave everything for you the ultimate sacrifice for you. So in Jesus Name all you got to pray is “Jesus, change me, forgive me, and invade me.” And His glory will walk in on you right now. And Father I pray that as their sitting there they’ll be so overwhelmed by your love; Father they’ll look down and see their scars are gone if they’re cutters. Father, they’ll begin to feel the glory of God shooting through their body. And sickness in their body must go now in Jesus Name we command it, devil you have no authority. And Father we pray for the freedom and the outpouring of God for the last days remnant to rise up. This is the moment where God begins to say here is why you were born, you weren’t born for the pain you were born for the joy. And God is bringing you up and pulling you up and grabbing a hold of you and taking you back to the cross the place of freedom and authority. In Jesus Name because the Bible says in Isaiah 10:21 “A remnant will return, a remnant of Jacob.” You are the remnant that God has planned to use. He has given you a mission field and it is right… one step away from you He has called you. If you’re a dad listening right now I pray that God gives you the authority to walk right in your house and be the spiritual thermostat. He has called your family to intimacy with God, to lay hands on your family, to wash your families feet again. If you’re a mom, if your weary, you’re a single parent who ever is listening God says “I lay down beside you as you go to sleep at night, I sing songs over you.” Just cry out to Him, God says “I’m right here.” And Jesus, I declare an encounter of Your glory like we’ve never experienced right now. In Jesus Name.

Sid: Now you call these encounters “An audience of One” explain.

Pat: You know I use the story in the book of meeting my daughter for the first time. When she reached out and rubbed my face at 9 months old and said “Bobba.” And audience of one is like getting a letter in the mail of how God said “I’ve been waiting on you.” It’s the woman that washed the feet of Jesus “Mary when she washed her feet with her hair, the room was full of people, nay sayers, Pharisees but she had an audience of one. The audience of one is that place where you begin to realize and it’s also the word of God. Anyone that God has ever used has had to have an audience of one where God walks up to you and talks to you. Sid, I’ve had the audience of one over and over. One time I was preaching at Brownsville and I was standing at the school of ministry there and revival broke out and they brought me into to speak. And I said “Be careful God will bump into you.” You know as I’m standing there praying I got shoved and nearly knocked on the ground. I thought that someone had done it, I got upset and I turned around and I thought that it was one of my staff members. And the Lord said “You said I would bump into you.” And oh my goodness I began to weep. The audience of one is what God did when He broke failure spirit off of me and Sid fear spirit off of me. It’s what He did when He broke grief off of me when my sister died. My wife came home one day and I’m sitting at the top of the stairs and she could see it it’s been 6 months since my sister died. She said “Jesus is standing behind you Pat go in your prayer room He’ll have an encounter with you.” Audience of one is when I found a letter in my yard that had fallen out of the tornado of 2011. And that letter said it was a sheet of paper out of a book, it had fallen out of the tornado that had come through this house, I live in Birmingham. And on April 25 I picked up the sheet of paper soaking wet and it was a page out of a book that said “After these disasters will come a World War.” I ran into my house and went up to my prayer room and was on my knees and I received a text that David Wilkerson had just died in a car accident from his nephew. As I’m sitting there the Lord said “You tell them.” And I said “Why did you put this in my front yard?” I’m holding the paper right now as I’m talking to you and the Lord said “You tell them their running out of time, tell them that I’m coming back, tell them that things are going to get worse but I am with them to hang on.” That’s an audience of one.


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