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Trisha Frost

Sid: I’ve been talking all of this week to Trisha Frost about her book on “Bound” Breaking Free from Life’s Entanglements.” Trish is you and Jack could get free from the mess, I mean you were sabotaged from day one, from the mess you were sabotaged in anyone can get free. What is the Number 1 issue you find as you talk to people about being free from their strongholds?

Trisha:   Well I think that it’s abandonment in the people that I relate to because so many people they have basically been abandoned whether it’s been from a father, or if it’s been from a spiritual father, or of course your father of origin or whatever. That’s how you begin to relate to your heavenly Father. Well you can’t believe you have value, and I see that over and over that when people don’t feel that they have a place of value they live life beneath and below their potential. You know they just can’t believe that their purpose is supernatural. You know I believe in my heart that nobody and that’s why I love the name of your show is because I think that it’s the most supernatural thing we can do to live our natural lives pursuing the things that have wounded us; the things that hinder us from living out our destiny. How do we define our destiny? Well I think that you define your destiny at some point in time by uncovering the things that have hindered you from living and walking in your destiny. And so I see it over and over again people that feel like they’ve been abandoned in life, so they’ve used the excuse well “I can’t.” I’ve taken “I can’t” out of my vocabulary. I can do all things through Jesus, I can live my destiny, I can live my purpose you know whenever I’m on a journey pursuing purpose and destiny. And you know after Jack died I felt abandoned, I felt abandoned by Jack. What am I going to do? You know I have lived my life dependent on Father God to always be there or Jack to always be there. I’ve never had to be the lead person, I never had to be the one in charge and now what am I going to do now that I have this huge ministry that’s just been dumped in my lap so to speak. I had no clue Sid, and so as I begin to pursue what is the things that are hindering me. Well first of all it was the belief that I had been abandoned, I had to deal with that belief, well to start with that’s a lie. I had not been abandoned because the word tells us that He’ll never leave us or forsake us. So if I’ve not been abandoned then Father I need for You to show me a plan. You know, what is the plan, what is the purpose for my life. And He’s doing that, day by day step by step.

Sid: Yeah, but you had something that I have to tell you sure provokes me to jealousy. Now I know that it didn’t start out that way but you’re kind of minding your own business and the Arc Angel Michael shows up, you’ve got to tell me about that.

Trisha: Well I’m just sitting out on my porch thanks to Jack’s mother that passed away and left us a beautiful enough money to buy this beautiful piece of property on the inlet waterway. Which was fulfilling Jack’s dream and so we built this beautiful house and Jack was able to live there only 6 weeks before he went on to be with the Lord. But I’ve lived there since Jack’s passing and so you know at the beginning of this year you know Jack has been gone 7 years. And although I miss him and have had to deal with abandonment life goes on. And so we’re starting our 8th year of new beginnings. And I just love the fact that 8 represents new beginnings. And so I’m sitting on my porch and I’m not fully wake yet and all of a sudden I look up and there is this huge angel, you know and he is huge. And he’s sitting on this beautiful horse and he’s suspended over the waterway in midair. And I look up and you know you hear about things like this Sid and I’m sure that you see a lot of this but I’ve never experienced seeing an angel but only one other time. And so I’m sitting there and there he is and I guess just being female or whatever my curiosity is peaked and so I began to ask questions. “Who are you?” And then that’s when he told me that I am Michael the warring angel, I’m Michael of the angel army.” And so I asked him I said “What are you doing here?” I should have known the answer to that question but I didn’t it just didn’t dawn on me. And he said “It’s taken me 7 years to break through the heavenlies on your behalf but we’re here now.” And when he said “We, I only saw him so I’m thinking who is we.” And at that moment it’s just like a veil was removed from behind him and all around suspended in midair all up and down the waterway was angels as far as you could see was angels back to back. And so I asked him “What is this all about?” And he goes “We are here on your behalf and you can ask the father to commission us to give us assignments to whatever Father is doing in your life.” And still today, and you know that was at the first of the year still today those angels are there in my prayer time. I asked the Father, Father would you show me what the assignment is for my angels today. And by one by one we ask, I asked the Father to give these angels assignments, I have charged, the Bible tells us “He will give angels to have charge over you. And look at all of the stories in the Bible where Father God sent ministering angels to his servants and so they’re there. And every day and especially when I go out and I teach you know on the…

Sid: Have you seen anything different since that encounter when you minister to people?

Trisha: We have seen an increase in our ministry and it’s not an increase of finances, I’m not looking for that. I have seen an increase in gifts in the gifting’s that Father God has given each one of his children. You know whenever I travel now I hear words of knowledge, I see people… it’s amazing to me to where I’m minding my own business again and I’ll be teaching on whatever topic the church has brought me into teach on and all of a sudden this light will go off over somebody’s head.

Sid: Now when you say a light explain to me what you see.

Trisha: Well I see a light go off it’s like a flood light and I’ll be standing up and you know you’ll be in a room with anywhere… I go to seminars and I teach from anywhere from 100 to a 1000 and I’ll be teaching and I’ll be going through my points it’s usually on the orphan mind set. And then I’ll look at someone and that light will go off and I literally have to pause my teaching and listen for a minute. I have to invite the presence of the Holy Spirit to come and He begins to just fill my thoughts, He begins to fill my heart with words that He wants to speak to that individual.

Sid: Give me an example of a real life situation where a spotlight went off on someone and you gave them a word.

Trisha: I was in North Carolina doing some meetings The Orphan Heart Sonship is usually my favorite topic and all of a sudden there was this couple right in front of me and this floodlight went off over their head. And I’m looking at them and I get the word builder. So I have the couple standup and I just look at him and I told him I don’t even remember the whole word but basically the word was around building. That Father God… “You’re called to be a builder in the Kingdom of God and I told him son, I don’t know what you do in the Kingdom of God but I know that God has called you to build, build, build. And there’s a dream in your heart that you’ve just kind of forgotten about and the Lord is going to take that dream He’s breathing life back on that dream because that dream is to build in the Kingdom.” And he started crying and then I looked at his wife and I had her stand up and I said “Sweetheart the Lord has not forgotten you, you feel as though you have been forgotten or you’ve been abandoned or rejected; He wants you to know that He sees the desires in your heart.” And so I asked her I said “I feel like,” well I asked her, “Have you ever thought about adopting children?” And I asked them you all have 2 children and they actually had 2 children. And I said “Do you want any more children?” And she just began to weep and she couldn’t have any more children. And so with the Lord I said “I see adoption, you guys are going to adopt children.” Well after the meeting I went on and started preaching again, I hate to say preaching I just said sharing. And so after the meetings they came walking up to me and they both were still crying and he told me he goes, “I’m a builder he goes, I have a construction company.” And then she began to cry and she told me “I just took my name off of the adoption list because I had lost hope that we would ever get a child.” And the dream that they both had was they felt like the Lord told them that they were supposed to go to another town and that they were going to build a church but the doors just seemed to never open up so they just lost the hope for that dream. Well that day life was breathed back into that dream and they began to dream again and the pastor just got so excited for them because he’s been trying to encourage them to dream that dream again. You know to ask God to breathe life on it. So we prayed and I commissioned one of my angels and I said “And I just ask the Lord to give that angel assignment to cause this dream to come to fruition.” And I haven’t spoken to them but one time since then but they are making plans to actually go to this town and I think that it’s going to be like another campus for the church that I was at. But to go to this other town and they’re going to start a church in that other town. And she went and she put her name back on the adoption list.

Sid: You know I’m thinking about your description of about the way you were and the way that your husband was, if you two hadn’t been free you’d never be able to be freeing all of these other people. But think about all of the people that are listening to us right now Trish that they want that freedom for themselves, they want that freedom for their family….

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