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Larry Randolph

Sid: Well, my guest Larry Randolph is red hot for the Messiah, he has a very well respected gift of prophecy but he was as messed up as everyone of us was. At one point in his life he had this negative image of himself as almost any one you can image; it’s a miracle he’s who he is today. And a lot had to do with a visitation he had from the Lord when he was in his twenties; tell me about that.

Larry: Yes Sid that plays into the story line we’re talking about insecurity and not being a copy. I was in my early 20’s and as was said in the last session that I had just finished with playing with the gospel group and decided; the Lord decided I was going to do something different. So I settle into my first year of being kind of an assistant staff pastor at a church in Arkansas. I was going to sleep one evening in Fall I think it was the end of September the first of October; my bed was by the window. There was a window right by my bed that looked right into the yard where great oak trees were at and the leaves had been falling off the trees and it was turning autumn and the leaves were falling off at that time of the year. And as I was drifting off to sleep I was awakened by the sound of a leaf crunching under someones foot. Now, and I heard it at the front of the house and it was coming; I could hear it walking toward my bedroom where I was laying not even 12 inches from a window open with a screen over the window letting the autumn air blow in over my face. And immediately I was afraid because I thought it was a burglar because there was a rumor that burglar’s was in the area; so fear gripped me. But as I heard the steps I could hear; it wasn’t a dream, it wasn’t a vision I was wide awake and I could hear the steps turn the house coming toward the window. And when the steps turned the corner the Spirit of God fell on me as heavy as I’ve ever felt that anointing of the Holy Spirit and up to the window the Lord comes and it was Jesus the Messiah. And He bent over and put His face; the cheek of His face by the screen of the window. Now at this point He hadn’t said a word to me but all of a sudden the whole room turned into what I call liquid agape; liquid love.

Sid: I understand that because the day I got saved that’s what happened to me; so I know exactly what you’re talking about go ahead.

Larry: Yeah, it was like there was a fog in the room and it was the most beautiful, warm inviting red color that I’ve every seen. And I realized that red fog in the room was visible manifest liquid love of this Jesus. And as it begin to settle on me I couldn’t hardly breath because it was so heavy; but when I began to breathin like everything in me that was insecure would leave; everything in me that was fearful was medicated by this wonderful love of God. And I realized at that moment Sid a couple of things, not realized..I realized because the Lord…how do I say it He spoke audible words later; this time it was just thoughts coming from Him. And I realized that just His attitude; His posture was this, “I love you unconditionally, there’s nothing that you could ever do or ever say; there’s nothing that you could ever do different that would ever deter My love for you; you’re unconditionally accepted, unconditionally loved and you’re in my embrace forever and forever.” And that was the most overwhelming thing I’d ever in my life felt from anyone, from anything that unconditional love was available to me for the rest of my life if I would embrace this. And then after laying there I began to weep and the Lord then He spoke to me and these words were audible he said “Look at your hands.” And I thought that’s interesting you know Jesus comes all the way from heaven and He tells me to look at my hands.” And I thought that He would give me a revelation or something you know, and it was and I just didn’t know it. So I looked at my hands and he said as I looked at my hands He said “Look close at your hands.” And I looked close and this is what He said to me out of Psalms 139:14 David said “For I am awesomely and wonderfully (that word wonderfully is distinctly, uniquely made by the marvelous works of God.” Which are the unique or disctinct works of God. So He quoted that scripture to me of David said; “I am marvelously and wonderfully made by God.” And He began to say to me that “There is no one that has your hands, no one has your fingerprints Larry; no one has your DNA, no one has your mind, no one has your gifting; you are a unique expression of an original breath that I breathed into Adam in Genesis 1 that has been transferred now and I’m breathing that into you and I want you to live your life like that.” He said this about my hands “I don’t want you to ever hit anyone with your hands, I don’t want you to push with your hands, I don’t want you to slap with your hands, I don’t want you to have a closed fist. I don’t want your hand to be closed in greed, I want you to live with an open hand; a unique open hand; a hand of loving, a hand of caring, a hand of blessing; a hand of ordination; a hand of healing; a hand of comfort. Because…here’s what He said to me that so floored me Sid He said “Larry you are my…you and the rest of the people of God are My hands extended on this earth; I can’t be there in a physical form you have to do for me what I would do if I was there.”

Sid: And what you’re saying is “Could you picture Jesus making a fist and socking someone in the nose?” Never in a million years.

Larry: Never, never.

Sid: But and you know what Larry was told by God transformed his life and allowed him to step into his destiny. But God is saying the same thing to you; Larry would you speak on behalf of God to those listening and let them know that what God said to you He’s saying to them right now.

Larry: Absolutely and so yes when He said “Look at your hands and your my hands extended and He said “When you touch people; when you love people it’s the same as me touching them and loving them; I’m doing it through you I am the breath in your breath; I am the DNA in your DNA, I am all that I am you can be because the scripture says “As He is so are we in this world.” And Sid, I wasn’t like that, I was insecure; I was…bad self image so something had to change. And I began to think “Someone’s got to change, well God changes not so guess what, (Laughing) that bad image of me has to change.” So I had to adopt an image of a God that loved me and that would want to use my hands and made me unique. And this is what He said to me you know “Larry if you don’t be what I’ve made you to be; if you don’t lose your false image or this low self-esteem and this shyness, if you don’t become what I’ve called you to be the world will go without seeing that that’s part of my personality because you are a unique once in a lifetime Mona Lisa no one else can copy who you are; you’re not supposed to do someone else’s ministry I’ve called you to do your ministry and your ministry is reflect a part of My heart that only you understand and know because I have given you an original breath that others don’t have; they have their own original breath.” So He said to me “Never be a copy; most Christians are born to overcome and most Christians are born originals, the tragedy is that they die a copy.” And as I did right then and I speak to the people out there listen when God breathed into you; when God, what I mean even at birth. Because Roman’s says 8:29 it says “Those who He foreknew He predestined.” That word predestined is horenso where we get our Latin word horizon in other words He set your horizon. If He foreknew you He set the landscape of your life; He gave you a personal landscape, a personal horizon that was to be conformed into the image of God. That’s what Paul said in the Book of Romans; so I say to you that even at birth God breathed an original breath into you that was like Him full of healing, full of love, full of compassion, full of wholeness, full of entrepreneurship, full of creativity, full of gifting, so that’s who you are in God. And if you are not that and you feel other things then those are nothing but false feelings that are trying to circumvent or trying to usurp rather the place of the Christ that lives in you. Because what did Paul say “Greater is He that’s in me then he that’s in the world.” And he said he lived by that greatness of Christ in him. So I’d like to encourage people out there to find your path, and to find out who God has called you to be. God’s not called me to pick up Smith Wigglesworth’s anointing as much as I respect that; He hasn’t called me to pick up Kathryn Kuhlman’s anointing as much as I respect that. I have an anointing that they didn’t have that no one else has and it would be a shame in God’s ecosystem for your to die and not be you and the world go without seeing what God has invested in you. The world already knows what He’s invested in other people; so being a copy of someone else I don’t mean it’s bad and I don’t mean you can’t use and facilitate some of their anointing but the world is not looking for a redo of someone else. The world is looking for someone who carries an authentic expression of a God who’s so big that He had to have 10 names just to capture His personality in the Old Testament. Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Rapha. I mean that’s how big His personality is even 10 names couldn’t capture all of His personality. So, I would just like to encourage people to be yourself, break through the restraints that are on you or the abuses that you suffered as a child or the insecurities or the ways…because that’s not who you are; that is the diagram or the blueprint of the enemy to distract you from being the overcoming expression of a wonderful God who made you after His own image.

Sid: You know what another d is coming to me besides distract; it’s the plan of the enemy to destroy you; not just distract you but destroy you…..later on in the week Larry I would like you to talk about the 10 prophetic words that you see coming globally in the future. You told me that you were at a conference and you saw a globe and you saw what was going to be happening to places all over the world. And perhaps on tomorrow’s broadcast Larry I would like you to talk about major prophecies God has given you; documented that you gave them before they happened and then they came to pass. So this is your moment to be the original that God’s created you to be.

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