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Sid: I can’t think of anything anywhere that will make you have a greater passion for the Messiah than Bree Keyton’s new book called “The Passion, What Does it Mean?” And it was birthed out of a vision that she had in May of 1993. Bree I know on yesterday you explained that vision but would you explain it again, but with far more detail.

Bree: When I saw Jesus receiving His stripes, and that’s what the vision was in May of 1993. It was an absolutely unbelievably graphic and bloody vision. And people who are afraid to look at that I think that they’re going to miss the absolute majesty of what He took for us. The plan of God that He would suffer, come as the Lamb of God, the Passover Lamb, and suffer for us. So this vision was very bloody and very graphic and I saw swirling around Jesus skin and blood and tiny droplets just like a fizz a mist all around Him to the point that it was like a little cloud was around Him as He was being beaten and whipped and mocked and hit.   And these were the things that I saw in my vision it made me fall on my face and weep for 3 days. After that came the song “Stripes” which we played yesterday. And then subsequently over 3 years of fasting, and praying the songs “Nails, Thorns and the Blood” and then of course the books which you know about culminating with this book “The Passion, What Does it Mean.” These are books that came out of time spent with Father God in a way that only God could have shown me these things. So there’s a lot of revelation in this book that I know is going to touch hearts.

Sid: On yesterday’s broadcast you brought out something that very few Christians have ever heard anywhere, and it has to do with some of the things that happened in Jesus Life. Some of the phrases he even said, and explain some of these things from your book.

Bree: Let’s back up to palm… what we call Palm Sunday it was really the day that Jesus entered Jerusalem. That was a marvelous day; what a celebration. The High Priest would leave the Temple Mount and all of the Priests would line the streets with their palm fronds in their hands. And the High Priest would head out of the city toward Bethlehem to select the Passover lamb. Now Bethlehem was where all of the sacrificial animals for the temple were bred and he would go and select a perfect little lamb to be their Passover lamb and he would lead it back to the city. And as he did the priest lining the streets would shout “Blessed be the king that commeth in the Name of the Lord.” On this particular day when Jesus triumphantly entered the city of Jerusalem he came from the other direction after the High Priest had left. And of course He entered the city as our high priest and as our Passover Lamb at the same time. And He came in and He was in the city for several days and then of course they had Him arrested. Now when He went to the cross the very words He spoke from the cross “I thirst, and it is finished” were the very words the High Priest was speaking on the temple mount at that precise time. The High Priest would begin to sacrifice the lamb and he would say the words “I thirst” at that moment Jesus said “I thirst.” And then he would sacrifice the lamb and he would sprinkle it with blood on the altar. And He would say the words “It is finished.” At that moment Jesus spoke the words “It is finished!”

Sid: So you’re saying for 100’s of years before at that moment the high priest would say these words and then Jesus fulfilled those words.

Bree: Perfect fulfillment of the Feast of Passover, what a marvelous, marvelous thing to get it into our hears that each and everything that He took on his way to that cross had meaning and purpose for us and with a fulfillment of 100’s of prophecies about Messiah. But also a perfect fulfillment of the shadow pictures of the Feast of Passover.

Sid: And on yesterday’s broadcast we didn’t get a chance to finish it, but actually why don’t you start out as you point out in your book what would happen in Israel with the lamb with a normal Passover and how that was a shadow of Jesus.

Bree: Well they would take the little lamb; now on the Temple Mount of course they would have this little lamb inspected and it had to be perfect without spot or wrinkle, just as our Messiah was perfect without spot or wrinkle. And in each home in Israel they would sacrifice a lamb, put the blood over their doorpost and then they would have their feast where they would consume the lamb. Now this is something that had been done down through the millennia by the Hebrew people. I mean year after year, century after century, yet when Messiah came they did not recognize Him because they were expecting a Messiah that would ride in on a white horse and charge in and run the Roman’s out of there and take over and triumph as the anointed King. Of course we know that there is going to be a day when He will return as the anointed King; of course He is anointed as the Son of God. But this time He came as the suffering Savior to pay a terrible price for our sin, yours and mine.

Sid: Now it was prophesied that His disciples would shout “Blessed be the King that comes in the name of the Lord.” How was that fulfilled?

Bree:   when He entered that city his disciples took up the cry; the same cry that the high priest had all the other priests shout as he came into the city they would shout that this particular Passover they shouted “Yeshua, the Messiah of God.” And the high priest of our salvation entered the city. And the priests heard this they were angry because they looked and they saw; “Well, this is not the High Priest that we were expecting; this is another person, this is just Jesus of Nazareth, you hush up.” And of course I’m paraphrasing everything. And he said “I will not hush up; He said….

Sid: I was going to ask you “What version of the Bible was that?” I’m just teasing but go ahead.

Bree: Well, I’m paraphrasing but anyway he said “If they will not shout it on this day even the rocks will cry this out.” So you see this was preordained oh you know 100’s and 100’s of years in advance when the first Passover began in Egypt these things were preordained by the living God. He set things up because He had a magnificent plan to bring His son through a virgin that all might be saved.

Sid: You know in your book you go into such detail from a Hebraic understanding of the Passion. One of the things that intrigued me I’d never heard this before in your chapter about attacks against the mind and of course before that you talk about the thorns. But you talk about this Japanese doctor that made an amazing discovery about the heart, explain.

Bree: Yes, there was a doctor that actually found brain cells in the heart. Now this is a recent discovery, but you know God knew this. God knew this and he even had his prophet write this in Proverbs 23.7 says “As he thinketh in his heart.” How can you think in your heart? See God knew, God knew because he created us; “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he.” And in Matthew 12 it says “For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.” We know that the heart and mind are intertwined from a book by Daniel Denune which connects mental health with heart health. And it’s been really found that when people have mental stress it causes obstruction in the heart coronary artery disease caused by mental stress.

Sid: Tell me about the CD, and it’s really nicely packaged this book and CD. The book is called “The Passion, What does it mean?” She goes into such detail that very few Christians understand from Hebraic eyes but you have a song in your CD. We played yesterday the one called “Stripes” and you have one called “Nails.” Tell me what is the purpose of “Nails” and what is the purpose of the song and what happens when people hear this?

Bree: When they hear the song “Nails” there have been a number of people that have been just delivered on the spot. Delivered of demonic oppressions, delivered from attacks against them in their minds, their bodies, their spirits; everywhere that the devil would try to attack a person to try to destroy them. And many have been set free just a couple of months ago there was a woman who was pregnant and she was about to lose her baby and she really felt that she was under demonic attack. She heard this song at a Bible study; people actually use these songs for Bible studies. And she heard it at a Bible study and 7 demons came screaming out of her in front of about 8 people. And I mean she was astonished and everyone else. But this is the sort of thing that we have dozens upon dozens of reports like this of people being delivered.

Sid: And what you talk about is… and again I haven’t seen this elsewhere what the nails actually were and the fact that many people during that time were crucified without nails, explain that to us.

Bree: Well Jesus was nailed to the cross and we know that that had to happen because there was prophecy about it. Back in Psalm 22 it says “They looked on him who whom they pierced.” That was a prophecy that He would be nailed to the cross, not tied to the cross and most criminals were just simply tied to the cross. But Jesus was a violent offender to the kingdom of darkness, as we know he was the most violent offender. And so they nailed Him to the cross. Nails really set us free and delivered us, body, soul and spirit as God set us free through the hammering, through the horror of what He took in His hands and feet. You know our hands and our feet often do wickedness and these are areas where God wanted to set us free the works of our hands, feet run to do wickedness. Yet Jesus was nailed to that cross in a permanent kind of way, He could not get free. And of course He allowed Himself to be nailed to that cross to set us free from all of the attacks of the wicked one.

Sid: Okay, Bree we’re out of time but we’re going to play that selection “Nails” on tomorrow’s broadcast and I’m expecting many people to be set free.

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