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Sid: Now my guest in the studio if I call him red hot I think that’s an understatement. My guest is form Ghana, Africa. He comes from 4 generations of witchdoctors; he is the first one in his family to break free and to be free indeed by knowing the Messiah of Israel. Now Samuel Kanco I know that from seeing movies in the United States what a witchdoctor does but really and truly tell me a bit about your back ground; tell me a bit about what a witchdoctor actually does in Ghana, Africa.

Samuel: Thank you very much I’m so glad to be here given an opportunity for me to share with people, God bless you. Now let me… my background has no any other church and some of you have church; you were born into church saved and put back into the church.

Sid: Not me, I was born Jewish. (Laughing)

Samuel: Some people… listen my background has no any background of any church. My great grandfather, my grandfather, my father were all born into adulterous. Typical witchcraft situation, that is all we know, that is all we know, that is what we are practicing. We are born into it; I was born into it and I was getting ready to take up the mantle to continue but by the divine intervention of Jesus Christ I am out. Now my… every first born of our family is supposed to inherit; first born boy. Now my great-grandfather was the first born boy of his father; he took it; my grandfather was the firstborn of my great grandfather he took it. Now my father was the firstborn boy of my grandfather and I was going to succeed, or inherit, my father because I am the firstborn boy in the family. Now listen, because of that I was given a special attention because they were grooming me to take up the whole staff and continue from generation to generation. So when I was about 5 years, between 5 and 11 years, I have really really been demonic, been demonized so much that at the age of 11 or 12 I had obtained 5 different type of creatures already; animals.

Sid: You mean you could turn into 5 different animals.

Samuel: Already.

Sid: Give me an example of what kind of animal.

Samuel: Yeah, a butterfly, snake.

Sid: Now when you turned into these animals…

Samuel: Yes.

Sid: Did it mean like your spirit went into them?

Samuel:   Yeah, yeah in the realm of the spirit my spirit would turn into these animals and go and destroy. We don’t go and destroy in a human form.

Sid: Now there are people listening to us right now that are saying “That’s nonsense there’s no way someone can do that.”

Samuel: Yes, because of movies people are getting to believe and understand that somebody can turn into a bat. Because I’ve seen some movies in America and…

Sid: Somebody can turn into a bat.

Samuel: I’ve seen some movies in America and someone can turn into a bat, and other things so family yes but now people are coming along. So at that tender age 11 years 12 years I could turn 5 different types of animals for evil purposes; that was how I was grooming; I was groomed. And that was how I was coming up to take over the demonic mantel and then push ahead and probably leave it to my first son. But thank God for the divine intervention.

Sid: But what did you do; what was your job?

Samuel: My job is that after I have been groomed to that the extent that I am now full blown demonic man I will now go in and destroy and to deceive, and to become an agent of the devil to make sure that we deceive people; we kill people we destroy people. Now let me tell you this interesting thing. When I got to age 20 my father called me one day and he says “Son, you are getting there, now you need to have 3 contacts before you can go through your first graduation, three contacts.” It means I have to have a contact in the sea; I’ll have to have a contact in the bush; and then I will have to have a contact in the land to be able to become friends with the demons in the land, the demons in the sea, and the demons in the bush. And guess what are the demons living in the sea? Now we have a group of water spirit called “Marine spirit.” Now everything that has something to do with water it is called Marine. So these spirits are living in water and so we called them a Marine spirit. I needed to have a nice lie; a nice contact with them so that I could use them to deceive whoever I wanted to deceive. When you talk about bush we have a demon called dwarfs, now this dwarf spirit lives in the bush. So I also needed to have contact with them so that I could also use them to also deceive people. And then I needed a demon that lives around the sea so I can also use them to deceive and destroy who I want to. So at the age of 20 I have gone through all of this distance. Now I got excited in the sea because when we touch in the sea the sea parted into two and I find myself in a very beautiful city under the sea.

Sid: Now when you went… I have a question. When the sea parted and you found yourself… was that your physical body or your spirit went in there?

Samuel: Spiritual.

Sid: Your spirit went in there okay. What kind of city was it?

Samuel: I can’t… I haven’t yet seen any city that is beautiful than what I saw under the sea; sky scrapers, everything was computerized, even underwater. Nobody believed when I begin to press some buttons and water will come. This computer that we are sitting at now I saw it at late 70’s and early 80’s under the sea.

Sid: Your saying before the computer was invented when you went into this city under the sea.

Samuel: It was already there perfect; they were doing everything with computer.  

Sid: What else did you see back in the 70’s?

Samuel: I saw very beautiful cars there; all the beautiful modern cars that we see I saw them there. I saw a beautiful tiles; they were used for building; the tiles. I saw very beautiful things there that I will use.

Sid: Were these things before they were developed in the material world you saw them.

Samuel: Yeah, yeah, yeah I saw them. Yeah we have a lot of merchants and businessman who comes there; pick them out and sell to people. Now they are doing that just to be able to manipulate people and make sure that they care whatever God has put in man and actually they’ll be able to manipulate man to follow them. So if you buy these things what it does is that you become committed, you become committed and you do not even believe God and Jesus the way that you should. And so these are reasons why these things are there. So people come there, bring them put them into their shops and they commit us and so they make them so heavy that I am not surprised at all that anything goes in America, anything goes.

Sid: Now you told me that you saw famous politicians.

Samuel: Yes.

Sid: Famous people come to this and so they in fact made a pact with the devil in order to get in there.

Samuel: That’s right those big famous people I don’t want to mention their names that I saw the reason why they are there they are there for power and fame. And so most of the movie stars and most of these are there for fame and they are there for money. They make commitments with these demons so that when they come out they perform, but the end results will be so disastrous, but that is what they do.

Sid: Okay now, when you were functioning as a witchdoctor, would you put curses on people?

Samuel: Yes, I did that.  

Sid: Would you kill people?

Samuel: I did that, I killed people.

Sid: Did it bother you at that time?

Samuel: At that time it didn’t bother because people were coming to me to that job so I thought it was fine. Those that have been to school were coming to me doctors and lawyers and everybody and society was hailing us and so at that time I didn’t see anything wrong with it because I had about 15 eyes and then I could see my back, my front, my sides I could see. So I could even see your intestines and I just had to put my hand in the other spirit in your intestines pull it out and start complaining to me and then the next 2 hours you are dead.

Sid: So a lot of people listening to us think that’s all phony, but it’s not.

Samuel: It’s not it’s a real thing that I’m talking about I mean it’s real. That’s why the Bible did not shut up about “We wrestle not against flesh and blood.” That’s why the Bible did not keep quiet about “I have created a destroyer to destroy.” That’s why the Bible didn’t say that “He’s coming down to us.” You see so the Bible wants us to know that God is here and if you are not careful he can be destroyed.

Sid: Okay, you said that when you were working for the devil they would not allow you to sleep more than 2 hours.

Samuel: That’s right.

Sid: At that time, why?

Samuel: Because the harvest is so much but the labors are few; so you are not allow to sleep for 2 hours.

Sid: Because they want you to work.

Samuel: You are on your feet, you are on your feet every day. You are on your feet every day; receiving information from the psychic computer, receiving information from the 2nd heaven.

Sid: You knew about 9/11 way before.

Samuel: Yes, I knew way before.

Sid: Well look we’re out of time we’ll pick up right here on tomorrows broadcast.

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