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Jim Staley

Sid: The One New Man is God’s plan for the full presence of God to be released by the church and devil it will be your worst nightmare. My guest understands the One New Man, his name is Jim Staley. Jim I am so intrigued on the revelations that you talk about from the ancient Hebrew alphabet that I mean God has so much wisdom that even in the letter of the alphabet in the words there are entire secret codes. Tell me one of your favorites.

Jim: No doubt about it my favorite by far is the word Torah. Now let me back up just a second so your listeners can understand what we’re talking about. In every letter of the Hebrew alphabet was originally done in hieroglyphic form or pictograph, just like ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics were in pictures. And so before they evolved into the modern Hebrew they were pictures that’s the way that they did it. And so…

Sid: Was that similar to the Chinese language?

Jim: Yes, there you go very similar; in fact the Chinese language and the pictograph came from the original Hebrew, we know this now.

Sid: So what does that mean to you? Does that mean whoever designed the Chinese alphabet knew a lot about the Jewish culture?

Jim: No, what it means is that they came from that Hebrew culture from the tower of Babel this is where these concepts got split. So you see this beautiful Hebrew pictograph showing up in other languages all over the world and it goes all the way back to when God spread them out all over the world. But my favorite one is a word called Torah. Now in English that means instructions it doesn’t mean law but it means instructions of God. And there’s 4 letters to the word Torah, it’s Tav Vav Resh Hey and although you can’t see it pictorially here’s what they mean….

Sid: Yeah, but of course with the 4 DVDs we’re offering they’ll be able to see this but go ahead.

Jim: Absolutely, the letter Tav is the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet there’s 22 letters and its original pictograph get this is a cross. It literally is a cross like a little plus sign and what it meant was covenant; that’s what it meant. The letter Vav was the picture of a nail which meant a nail or to connect something with a nail. The letter Resh was a picture of a Head of a man; and it meant literally a Head or the beginning of something like Rosh Hashanah is the head of the New Year; the Jewish New Year. And the last letter is the letter Hey which is one of my favorite ones because it’s a little guy jumping up and down and it means “Reveal the hold or the revelation.” And so if you take the word Torah, which is the instructions of God; which by the way that’s what the Messiah was; He was the Word made flesh. So this is what makes this so exciting; and you go through the meanings of each letter. The word Torah actually means “The Covenant of the nail connects the Head of revelation; the covenant of the nail is the Head of revelation.” What’s more exciting is when you read it backwards because God is front and backwards and backwards and forward. When you read it backwards its “Revealed is the Head of the nail Covenant.” And who is the Head of the nail Covenant?” But Jesus; Yeshua Himself is the Word of God. This is why Jesus said to the Pharisees “If you have not read the Torah you have not known about me because Moses wrote about me; I AM the Torah; the word made flesh.”

Sid: So what would you say to a Christian that says “I am no longer under the law, therefore I ignore the Old Testament” What would you say?”

Jim: Well that would be really difficult for a disciple of Jesus, of Yeshua, to accept that statement because Timothy in the Book of Timothy it says “All scripture is worthy of instruction; is God breathed and worthy for ways of righteousness; walking in His ways.” And here’s a big key; when that was written there was no Christian Church the way that it is today and there was no New Testament. So the only scriptures they could have been referring to are the only scriptures that they considered the scriptures that they use. Which is what we call the Old Testament; the Old Testament is the New Testament concealed. And the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.   If we miss the Old Testament theology and the power that our disciples knew grew and loved we will miss what they wrote about. Because the entire framework from what they wrote was from that perspective.

Sid: Well when Paul says “We’re no longer under the law.” What did that mean?”

Jim: Very simply that was an idiomatic expression again that we look at and we look at it very literal that we’re not under something. Now American’s don’t like to be under anything because we don’t like to be told what to do; that’s our whole story of breaking from Great Britain. But the truth is it actually is a legal term that means you’re no longer under the penalty of the law. It means the same thing in a legal court system today when you are under the law that means you’ve broken the law or your charged with breaking the law and your under the jurisdiction of the whatever law that you broke. So because we all have sinned which according to 1 John 3:4 says “Sin is the transgression of the law” or breaking of the Torah; when you sin you’re under the law; under the curse that the law brings when you break it. That’s why we need a Savior; so He sent His only begotten Son Jesus Yeshua and paid for the penalty of our breaking the law; so that the curse could be lifted and God’s people could actually do what God said, but be free from the condemnation when they make mistakes. And that condemnation was never taken away until Jesus nailed that condemnation and all those tickets, if you will, to the tree.

Sid: So what does an American Christian that never opens the Old Testament except for perhaps to a few Psalms and a couple of Proverbs; what are they going to be deficient in in your opinion?

Jim: Well here’s a good example my daughters 16 and she’s just about to get her driver’s license and she has 2 choices. She can either take the test and not study for it whatsoever and not read the manual and by that case she will do fairly well maybe because I’ve taught her; her mom has spent some time with her and she’s done a little bit of experience on her own. But the reality is if she studies the manual, the instructor that’s sitting right next to her is going to be far more pleased because she took the time to read the manual and she discovered which way to turn her wheel whenever she’s on a curb and she’s parked on the side of hill and so on and so forth. She’ll know what the signs are. So we as Christians when we want to know what the power of God is; we want the blessings of God; well the entire Bible is chalked full of here’s how you get the blessings but they’re virtually always conditional. Here are the blessings IF you stay and remain faithful to your spouse you’ll be blessed; there’s always an IF-THEN. And so as we understand the front of the book and everything that God wrote in the driver’s manual if you will, we’re going to better be able to navigate life and we’re going to get all of the blessings. We may not get in so many car accidents.

Sid: What difference has it made in your life understanding the Hebrew scriptures?

Jim: Everything, matter of fact I really feel like and we really get this statement a lot in our ministry. People come in and within a few short weeks they say “Man, I don’t know anything; I feel like I just got saved.” Literally over and over again people say like “I feel like I’ve been reawakened; there’s a fire that’s burning in me and it all begins to make sense now; everything that I ever thought is being challenged and now I realize that I’ve disconnected myself from the roots of my faith and we’re trying to grow a tree when we’ve completely cut it off from the roots.” So when we go back and we understand the Bible from the original root; guess what the root does? It taps into the water supply that brings life to the rest of the tree. And so today in my personal life it’s changed everything; my marriage, my…

Sid: How did it affect your marriage?

Jim: Well let me give you one of the supernatural ancient keys that I found in the scriptures that it seems to be so simple but it’s so difficult to put into practice. But it not only helped me in my own marriage but it’s helped people that are single, that are divorced; that are in business relation… this goes with any relationship. And it’s this one it’s one of my most difficult ones to do, but it’s one of the most powerful. It’s number 7 on our list of 10, and you get in the DVD series; and it’s called “Do Not Defend Yourself.” And there’s several times in the Old Testament….

Sid: Now you realize that humans are not wired that way; we are wired to protect ourselves. (Laughing)

Jim: Yes, we are and it’s so difficult and listen the name of our ministry is “Passion for Truth Ministries.” And we didn’t choose that for nothing we love the truth; and when I hear something that’s not true my first inkling is to defend myself. And this is the biggest mistake that I see in relationships hands down is that people defend themselves in a conflict and that is the worst thing that you can do. So when someone comes to you and their offended or they’ve got issues and your boss comes to you and their upset; the worst thing you can do is defend yourself. The best thing you can do is not say a word; be like Job and listen until they’re completely done; don’t say a word and even if they’re wrong you don’t defend yourself; you will ask them a question and I go through these in detail to help people understand it there is a real magical supernatural formula through conflict that you can win every conflict. I mean win by restoring and letting God bless you incredibly by following these principles.

Sid: So what is better? To win the debate or to have a marriage made in heaven? Have a relationship with your employer where you are the most favored person there? Have a relationship with your classmates? I’m telling you you know Jim I wish I knew these before I became a believer. I wish I knew these after I became a believer; the fact is very few people understand this. But these 4 DVD’s in the “Shalom in the Home.” I really would like to change that to “How to bring every Blessing, the favor, the success for every relationship in your life.” And let’s face it relationships; what makes the world go around; and then when you show these ancient codes and the ancient Hebrew language if someone’s on the edge of becoming a believer…have you ever show these to nonbelievers? I mean with believers they go wild over these ancient codes but how about a non-believer? Have you ever used this?

Jim: We have as a matter of fact I think it was during…I was teaching the power of the ancient Hebrew alphabet and there was an atheist; a 15 year old atheist who was also a homosexual; whose face was painted white. And within a couple of weeks he completely got saved and his number 1 thing that he said “I never seen the depths of God’s word before; I grew up my parents were Christians, but I rebelled but this is real and it was just real to him and he gave his life to Christ.

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