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SID: So Jim, why do you feel or believe that Jewish people are disproportionately blessed compared to the average society?

JIM: I love to tell a story that a friend of mine tells and told me. He said, “You know, I have a Jewish CPA.” He says, “I went in one time to the office of the CPA and I said, ‘You have Christians and Jewish people, right, as your clients.'” He said, “Absolutely.” He said, “Who makes more money? Jewish people or Christians?” And he laughed and said, “Jewish people of course, 10 to 1.” And my friends says, “Well that’s interesting. What is the difference? What makes it so different for the Jewish people?” He said, he picks a Bible off of his desk and he picks it up and he says, “You see this Bible?” My friend says, “Yes.” And he says, “You Christians read the back of the book, but all the financial principles are in the front of the book.”

SID: I like that.

JIM: And so what I’ve learned, I work with families, I work with kids and teenagers, and relationships, is that if you want success in your life, all success builds around not knowledge, but relationship. But there is knowledge that takes you to the heart of the relationship that causes that financial or supernatural breakthrough to happen. In most of what I have found, see listen, the Old Testament is simply the New Testament concealed. The New Testament is the Old Testament revealed.

SID: All right. But wait a second. If the New Testament is the Old Testament revealed, what would you say to someone that says, well it’s shorter. I’ll just stick with this. I’m not going to read the front of the book, as you call it.

JIM: Absolutely.

SID: What would you say to them?

JIM: This is what I would say. You went to school, right, and you had a math class, or let’s say a language arts class, and they gave you a book to read, and you say, you know what? I don’t want to read the whole book. I’m just going to read the last chapter. Well you read the last chapter and that’s where all the drama is. That’s where all the excitement is. But you’re not going to know who characters are. You’re not going see all the beautiful relationships that led them to that place. You’re only going to see the end result, but you’re not going to see any of the journey that it took to get there. And how many times as believers we only want the end result, especially in America. We want fast food God, is what we want. We want instant gratification. We want instant healing. All we want is a Santa Claus, if you want to be honest. But God says it’s not about the end result. It’s about the journey along the way. There’s a reason why it took the Israelites 40 years of tribulation. It’s because they still had Egypt inside of them. He wanted to get it out. It’s all about the journey. And the front of the book, as I like to call it, or the Old Testament, is where the journey begins. That’s the depth. And the Hebrew is the depth. The relationships that we have, almost every problem I have ever seen in marriage or business success, or lack of success can be traced back to an ancient principle that they don’t know.

SID: You know, I wish I had some of the principles that Jim teaches. For instance, you talk about relationship problems, not just relationship in marriage, not just relationship with children, not just relationship with employees, not just relationship with employers, not just the relationship with fellow students. And they’re so simple that if anyone follows these biblical secrets, if you will, that they weren’t meant to be secrets, but they are to most Christians, believe it or not, because they don’t read, as Jim recalls, the front part of the book. For instance, Jim, one of these principles like — this is a tough one — don’t defend yourself.

JIM: Listen, we love to defend ourselves. Deep down we’re all Greeks. Okay. And Greeks love philosophy and they love debate. And when you get two people together, listen, at some point they’re going to offend one another. Let’s just be real. But when deep relationship or success comes out, how do you handle it, not how do you avoid it. You can’t avoid conflict. I’m eventually going to step on your toes if I’m around long enough. But it’s how we deal with that conflict that determines whether or not we’re going to be successful. So here’s one of the principles. Don’t defend yourself. What I see especially in marriage relationships, but it happens in business relationships just as much, is that a husband is real good at offending his wife. We’re really good. And we do it accidentally. That’s how good we are. But what happens is the wife—

SID: I didn’t hear any men laughing.

JIM: Nobody laughed here. But a wife or the other person that’s offended will explain emotionally how they’re offended. And what happens is the other person will begin to defend what they meant. But see, to the person that was offended, it doesn’t matter how you meant it. What matters is they’re hurt. And so here’s a biblical principle. Moses, when God says, “I’m going to destroy the Israelites,” Moses does not defend the actions of the people. He gets into the heart of God. This is what, the only time in the Bible that this happens. But Moses gets into the heart of Yahweh and says, “Yahweh, intellectually you’re right. You have a right to destroy these people for what they did. They’ve just broken your holy word and so on, and so forth.” But he says, “Remember that you love them, that these are your people that you promised inheritance.” So he gets into the emotional part of Yahweh and in the most incredible way, the Father now, the seedbed, the soil has been prepared and He remembers His covenant, and then He chooses to forgive them. So here’s a parable in the New Testament to connect it. Remember when Yeshua, Jesus, gives the parable of the seeds, right. He says, you got rocky soil, good soil. You got concrete, you got Walmart parking lot over here. Here’s what we do, especially men. We love truth and we love to take our seeds, [then] back up to our wife with a dump truck and dump truck all of the truth on that person, or your employer, or whoever it is. But what if it’s concrete? You see, if you don’t prepare the soil first, they’re not going to hear a word that you say. And I have discovered, especially in marriage counseling that women understand the soil. Men do not understand the soil. So what we’ve got to do is we’ve got to get into the soil and prepare it. So when someone is offended, here’s the key. This is what you need to tell them, those that are offended: “I understand how you feel. If I was you I probably would feel the exact same thing. I am so sorry that I offended. Would you please forgive me.” Now when you’re saying that, you’re saying that, sometimes and you’re actually intellectually or factually right that they didn’t, they took you wrong. But it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter right or wrong. That’s another principle. Right or wrong does not matter when it comes to making restoration happen. You’ve got to set the soil, get into the heart. And once that heart is prepared, then you can say, “You know when I said that, this is what I really meant,” and she’ll hear it.

SID: You know, Jim, these principles will supernaturally change any relationship. Do you think if people follow these supernatural principles that any relationship is hopeless?

JIM: This isn’t even a guess. We have people from all over the world that have sent us testimonies. We’ve had wives that have gotten the series and some of the teachings that I do, and forced their husbands to sit down and watch it, buckle them into the couch, you know, and took the remote away. And three hours later, they’re crying in repentance and the relationship is restored. We’ve had business owners that have been in arguments with their partners on the brink of divorce, if you will, from their partnership, and watch this, supernaturally change their marriage and totally restore their relationship between their partner. It is not because these are, you know, just any kind of principles. These are God principles. This is the way of life we’re supposed to connect with people from these ancient principles that started with Genesis all the way through Revelation. There’s two critical components that everybody must know about success. You have to have the heart in relationship. No doubt about it. Some people are pretty good at that. This other part is critical as well. You’ve got to have the right instructions. It’s not enough to have the heart.

SID: And guess what? What is the name, what does the word “Torah” mean?

JIM: It means instructions.

SID: You’ve got to have the right instructions and you have to make Jesus your Messiah and Lord.

JIM: Amen.

SID: Otherwise I feel sorry for you.

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