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Frances Hunter

Sid: My guest you can’t help but get red hot for the Messiah when you listen to my 88 year young guest Francis Hunter. Who Francis and her husband Charles have probably seen more miracles then anyone on planet earth because it’s not just under their ministry and God has healed many people under their ministry. But they equip others to lay hands on the sick and to walk in the supernatural of God. Francis why is it that there seems to be a fight for Christian’s to walk in the supernatural? I mean the hottest churches today are seeker sensitive and they don’t want to messy with the supernatural. Why is that?

Francis: I have absolutely no idea; I have absolutely no idea what so ever. Because the church came in on the day of Pentecost and it came in with fire from Heaven. And when Jesus comes back for His church He’s not going to come back for the dead churches. He’s going to come back for a church of Pentecost where the fires are really burning. And that’s why I really believe that there is such an emphasis today on healing and why God is increasing His healing power so much because it’s the miracles that will cause people to believe that Jesus is the Son of God. So many people need a sign or something they can actually see before they will say “Well I think that Jesus is real.” Can I tell you it’s not a miracle it’s a lot of miracles, can I tell you that?

Sid: Please.

Francis: It all happened at the same time; we were down in South America in Bogota, Columbia.

Sid: I’ve been to Bogota.

Francis: Oh you have!

Sid: I have but go ahead.

Francis:   Alright, and we had a Healing Service in the morning but we had trained 1500 people down there how to lay hands on the sick and see them recover. But the crowd was bigger outside then it was in the inside. We were in a soccer field so they asked us if we could do a piggyback, so we said “Yes.” So as soon as the first one let out then they field the soccer field up the second time with a crowd. And the Pastor came over and he said “In the first service you let the people you had trained lay hands on the sick and the miracles were incredible.” But he said “This time I would like for you to lay hands on the people in wheelchairs.” And there were over 100 people in wheelchairs over a 100 of them. And you know down in South America they don’t have Blue Cross Blue Shield Medicare or anything like that and so if you’re crippled you’re just crippled you have to depend on God. So we walked off the stairs and I looked at Charles and I said “Honey if God’s not in this we’re in a mess.” So we walked down; now remember this is a Spanish speaking audience so we can’t say “Now where’s your problem where’s your hurt and all of that.” All I could think about was the little Spanish I know which is Reciba su sanidad en el Nombre de Jesús. That means “Receive your healing in the Name of Jesus.” So we walked up to the first man and we said that to him and then we said levantarse because I remember that word which means get up, and “caminar” which means walk. And here we’d gone to this man that was so crippled and his legs are all bent; his arm, his whole body was just unbelievably crippled and he got right up and walked! And I said to Charles “He must have not been as sick as I thought he was.” So we went to the second one and we thought that “If this works let’s go it again.” So we said exactly the same thing in Spanish and this man got right up out of his wheelchair and started to walk.   Sixteen of them in a row Sid got out of wheelchairs 16 of these horribly crippled people. When I got to the 17th person he didn’t move. (Laughing) Here you had 16 get out of wheelchairs and then there’s number 17 and he didn’t move an inch. But what do you do? You go on to number 18 but before we finished there were over 100 people got out of wheelchairs. But the funny part is there is 2 really interesting parts here. There was a black man there who nobody remembers seeing; nobody knew who he was but as soon as they got out of the wheelchair he took them to the center of the floor to let them practice walking and then as soon as the next one came out he was right back there and took them out 3rd, 4th, all of the way around with us and the last 20 that we got to before we got to them they got out of their wheelchairs and ran up to us and said “Lay hands on us before the power runs out.” And they didn’t even know they had been healed.

Sid: I need you to say something; I need you to say that you are not a special, special person; that you have a special God and that each one of us can operate in that type of anointing.

Francis: All of you can operate all of you can do exactly the same thing. All of you because it’s not Charles and Francis Hunter; it’s not Benny Hinn; it’s not any of the big healing ministries that you know today. It wasn’t Oral Roberts when he was in his prime it’s the power of God and the Name of Jesus. You see Jesus is just looking for believers who will believe enough that they can lay hands on the sick and see them recover. That’s all He wants; He just wants ordinary people; there are no stars in the Christian world today; it’s all the believers who are out there doing these incredible things.

Sid: Alright what about if someone were to ready your book “How to Heal the Sick” get all charged up and the first 5 people that they hands on and pray for the people do not get healed; what would you say to them?

Francis: Go on to number 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11. (Laughing) You see the first person that I ever laid hands on died.

Sid: Oi vey! (Laughing) You could have…your whole ministry could have been aborted with that; you know that Francis.

Francis: Right, but you see I kept on and I said “God if 500 of them die I’m going to find another 500.” But I will say this my success rate has changed slightly since then. No, if the first ones don’t get healed don’t give up keep on going until you get somebody healed. Once you get somebody healed you’ll never stop, you’ll never stop again. And don’t worry I mean it takes practice, you know doctors spend years studying to be doctors. And so if we’re going to lay hands on the sick we have to sometimes spend a little time; go back and read the book “How to Heal the Sick” over again. Look and see if there was something that you missed that you should have done and then do it again. Now sometimes when we lay hands on people they don’t get healed the first time then we do something else. And if it doesn’t work we’ll maybe do the pelvic thing on; and then we’ll do the leg thing; and then maybe do something else. But we keep going until we have success.

Sid: You just don’t give up do you?

Francis: No we don’t give up.

Sid: And I think that’s the only way someone can lose.

Francis: That’s right.

Sid: Francis, what’s your favorite scripture?

Francis: “Those who believe shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.”

Sid: Now I notice something in the Bible you don’t push sprinkling someone with oil, anointing them with oil much; why’s that?

Francis: Well, you see in the Old Testament oil represented the Holy Spirit, but in the New Testament we receive the power of the Holy Spirit so you don’t need oil. See oil was the substitute in the Old Testament.

Sid: Now another thing you say which is very different than what I hear people say is that when you pray for people you tell people to keep their mouth shut. Why? Not to be praying, why don’t you want somebody praying when you’re praying for them?

Francis: Because they can’t listen to what I’m saying. And I’ll tell you something else we do not pray for the sick. Jesus never prayed for the sick, He healed them. Did you notice when I prayed on the other programs I said “I command this, I command…” That’s what Jesus said; He said “I command this to happen; He sent His word and healed them.”

Sid: I know some pastors that say “You can’t command.” What would you say to them?”

Francis:   I’d say (Laughing) I’d say “Well, read the Bible.” That’s what I would suggest. Because if you noticed Jesus never prayed for the sick, He commanded, He spoke the healing.

Sid: It’s really authority issue isn’t it.

Francis: It’s an authority issue, you either know who you are in Christ or you don’t. Because once you know who you are in Christ, once you know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus the Son of the living God lives on the inside of you. Once you have that firmly established in your mind then you’ll be able to speak with authority because you’ll know that it’s Jesus in you. I have to tell you a funny story, 2 days after I was saved I was running to my printing company; I had a big printing company at that time. And my heart was beating real fast and I looked down at it and I said “Jesus, that’s not my heart that’s Yours, You’re living in me.” And you know that’s the thing that really changed my life forever. When you know beyond a shadow of doubt that Jesus lives in you it’s not Jesus way up in heaven it’s Jesus living inside you. And knowing that whenever you put your hand out to lay it on somebody it’s not your hand it’s the hand of Jesus and the power of the Holy Ghost.

Sid: And one more thing you don’t get the credit with they’re healed and you don’t take the blame if they don’t receive their healing.

Francis: Right. But I mean that we always see that people give all the glory and all of the praise to God.

Sid: Francis, thank you so much for being a guest.

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