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Our Guest Coach McCartney

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Sid: If you’ve been listening this week you’re getting clues; literally you’re getting supernatural coaching. And my guest is a coach of the supernatural of God he’s also a football coach; you’ve heard of him Coach Bill McCartney. God used him to start Promise Keepers and I mean I’m overwhelmed they had 1.4 million men gathered to worship God in one arena. 1.4 million men from all different types of Christian backgrounds that’s a supernatural feat. You know in the Bible it says “Despise not small beginnings.” I would imagine that the nucleus of Promise Keepers began at the 6:15 AM Bible study you had with 5 guys.

Coach: Yes, way back when I first came to Christ at the age of 33; five of us agreed, actually there was 6, 5 other guys and myself agreed to meet in a restaurant just outside of Detroit. I was Coaching at the University of Michigan so I would drive 35 miles east into Detroit right off of the expressway we’d met an then it was so good; our time together was so good that we started to invite other guys. And soon we were 2 tables and then there were 3 tables of guys, and then pretty soon it the only way it made any sense we were having between 25, 30, 40 guys every Tuesday morning at 6:15 that we had a speaker. And then they weren’t going to chase us out of this restaurant because we were bringing a lot of business that they weren’t getting. And…

Sid: What did you do at this Bible study?

Coach: Well, it started out when there was just a few of us as we opened the word of God and just kind of shared what God was doing in each other’s lives and we were holding each other accountable. We were sharing some of our struggles; it was kind of a accountability group but it grew to go beyond the boundaries of accountability there was so many men flocking into this restaurant. This restaurant was just a breakfast dive and I mean it wasn’t an attractive place at all, but God was showing up and so it started up with 6 of us and then pretty soon there were 25, and 30 and then 40. And just 60 and then every Tuesday morning there were 80 adult men gathered to hear the word of God and it went from there to 120. And the restaurant didn’t even hold 120; it was exploding and then that’s when God showed me in men there’s a longing there’s a craving for authenticity; there’s a craving within men for a real man as a godly man. A man of real substance and fiber and strength and significance and he’s a godly man. I got to tell you for every guy that came and came back there was at least one other guy who would come look around the room and see somebody he didn’t trust and he was out of there and he never came back. For those that came back and surrendered their hearts to the Lord none of us have ever been the same; God’s just radically resurrected a right spirit within us.

Sid: Now that was the nucleus the beginning but how does someone go from this 120 men that are jammed into a restaurant to the 1.4 million; what happened next?

Coach: What happened was I began cheering after some extraordinary experiences in the University of Colorado where God was just showing Himself strong in the midst of my football program. I began sharing with men that I believe that if we went after Him we could fill stadiums with men. So the last Saturday in July of 1990, 72 men gathered together in a small church in Boulder, Colorado and they came there to hear the vision. And I shared with them that I believed that if we trusted God and we went after it we would see stadiums filled with men and these guys…

Sid: Now where did you get this thought from? How did that happen?

Coach: There was another guy and myself he was at the time he was the President of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes in Colorado and he invited me to speak at a fund raising banquet at Pueblo, Colorado. It was a 3 hour car ride from Boulder and on the way we were just kind of sharing our hearts together. And I said to him his name is Dave Hordell, I said “Dave if you could do anything with your life money not withstanding what would you do?” And he didn’t even hesitate he said “Coach he said I would disciple men one on one; I’d meet with them on street corners, coffee shops and I’d lead them into a discipline walk with Jesus Christ.” He said “How about you Coach if you could do anything in your life what would you do?” I said, “Dave I believe that God would fill stadiums with men and if we asked Him to do it and we went after these men.” So he and I kind of felt that the Lord was in that and we felt that we agreed to pursue that. And that’s how in 70 we invited just friends; he knew more guys than I did and that’s how many guys showed up. We didn’t know at the time that it would be a Biblical number but 72 guys showed up in a church and I shared what I said and Dave shared what he said and we said “We think God’s in this, would you agree to fast and pray and let’s see what God will do.” So the next… in the months that followed we prayed and then I took my vacation time. A College football coach only gets 1 month a year in vacation and that’s the month of July the way that we worked it. So I took my month instead and I went and knocked on the doors of all the churches in Colorado. If the pastor was there I sat with him and told him of our vision; if he wasn’t there I left him a leaflet and just explaining an event that we were going to have. So the last Saturday in July 1991 and a year later 4200 men showed up in the basketball arena in Boulder, Colorado. God was all over it and God united that thing.

Sid: Why does God want this, why is God so eager for this? Why I mean why not just men and woman? What is it about men that was so special to God in this moment in history?

Coach: Isaiah 38:19 says “A father to the children shall make known the truth.” You know they’ve done studies. If mom comes to faith in Jesus Christ there’s a 19% chance the whole family will. If a teenage son comes to faith in Yeshua there is a 31% chance, it’s greater. But if dad comes to faith in Yeshua, there is a 92% chance the whole family will. It’s the providence of God. The man is to be the spiritual leader in the home but the definition of a spiritual leader is a servant. A guy that lays down his life for his family and so it’s always been in the heart of God. But I got to tell you what was in my heart was the brotherhood of believers. In other words, here I am a coach I understand the component of a team and how we need each other. And so as a born again Christian who was involved in building teams what was in my heart was that the body of Christ would come together. And never forget this, at the very first event for Promise Keepers that when there were 4200 men there it was my privilege to close out the program. I was standing at the platform looking out; 600 guys had gotten saved, the worship was off the charts. None of us had ever felt the Spirit of God in that way before; it was way beyond anything that any of us had known personally. I mean it was electric in there and so I felt like the Lord whispered to me and He said “Coach, look at these men and tell Me what you see. And I said “God I see guys who are excited about the gospel.” He said “Well, what else do you see?” And I said “There almost all white guys.” He said “You get up and tell them because see we had challenged the 4200 men if each one of you goes out and gets 1 guy a month for the next 12 months we can go from 4200 here to 50,000 in a football stadium. In other words we can turn this into something extraordinary if we’ll just step out in faith now that God has allowed us to taste this. Well, God said “You get up and tell them if they fill that stadium with 50,000 white guys I ain’t coming.”

Sid: Hm.

Coach:   And so I did, you know I got up and I said “God just spoke to me and told me that if we fill this stadium with 50,000 white guys He’s not coming.” Well, I came under attack, they said “The coach, bless his heart, you know he means well but he contradicted the word of God said ‘If two or more gathered together in My name I am there.’” But the truth is I had not contradicted the word of God because when two or more gather in His Name you gather in his character, you gather in the fullness of the Father’s heart. And the Fathers’ heart is for all of His Sons. See what God birthed in Promise Keepers was a bonding of the brotherhood, what God wanted was that all of His sons would come together across all boundaries. And quite frankly Sid we unwittingly did not understand how the Messianic Community was supposed to participate in that. When you talk about the 1.4 million men that was the first time the Messianic Community was there.   It was in the Mall in Washington DC. We all knelt, if you’ve ever seen 1.4 million men all on their faces. Every one of us all had our face on the ground and we submitted ourselves to the Lord. Well, it was at that event…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought, I know you’ll be back tomorrow….

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Our Guest Dr. Reggie Anderson

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Sid: My guest Dr. Reggie Anderson; he tells me that he’s been to heaven more than once. As a matter of fact we haven’t talked about that Dr. Anderson. Tell me about the vision you had of your dad who had died.

Dr. Anderson: Well my father was an elderly man of about 82 and he was very very sick. I was one of doctors involved in taking care of him because he had been transferred over to the small hospital for rehab. I was the only doctor on staff at that time. Dad either needed more transfusions to keep him alive or make a choice of not doing anything and he would be going to heaven shortly. And I was struggling with this whole concept of being the son or taking care of my father as a doctor. So I told Karen I was having trouble you know being his doctor and you know making medical decisions at the same time as trying to be a son. So I went to sleep that night praying that God would give me peace. So I fell into deep sleep again and started dreaming and I saw this cathedral in front of me and I was walking up this path and I walked through the door into the northex. And I looked up into the right and there was construction workers working on this new addition to this cathedral and there was a man at the top of the stairs and he was giving instructions on what to do; and where to sand and what to paint. And I walked to the bottom of the stairs and I spoke to him I said “Hello how are you?” And then a young man turned and he was my father but instead of being an 82 year old he was 30 and he smiled at me and I knew exactly what he was doing. He was there overseeing the construction of his room; his room in the mansion that was to be where he would be. And it was filled with everything that he loved. There were fish swimming in the pool of water; there was everything he loved and there was a sense of baking bread. And I just felt like this is his home. I mean this is his room in our forever home. And I woke up from that dream and I was elated and I told Karen about it. I felt like I can let my father go because I know that my real Father, my spiritual Father God Almighty, was preparing a place for him and that he would be in the arms of Jesus real soon.

Sid: Reggie, throughout the entire interview I’ve done with you I’ve felt an amazing presence of God. And the best way I can describe it is peace; is that what you were feeling after that dream?

Dr. Anderson: Absolutely there’s nothing more peaceful than whenever we are able to be with Jesus.

Sid: Okay, there are people listening to us right now maybe they didn’t have the same tragedy you had in your life. I mean two of your best friends they were almost family to you. They were murdered, the wife was murdered in a very brutal fashion, and you turned your back on God. There are many people that have experienced tragedy to be human is to experience tragedy; what advice do you have for them?

Dr. Anderson: Well I’m also very closely related to Steve; Steven Curtis Chapman and Mary Beth and the tragic events surrounding their life with Maria’s passing. We were very involved in that. And the one thing…

Sid: One of the as I understand it from having read about it in the newspapers one of the sons backed over and killed the youngest daughter.

Dr. Anderson: Yes, it was an accident in their driveway; and so and that tragic event it can devastate a family, but what I noticed that was different like I did as a teenager during the tragic events surrounding my friends being murdered and I running from God, we as a family the Chapman’s and the Anderson’s ran toward God. God opened His arms and He helped heal us. So instead of us you know; you know we still miss Maria even to this day, but we know exactly where she is because God has opened so many doors to let us view the special places where she is. He’s given us bread crumbs of hints of where she is and so we are all anticipating that moment where our time of the veil parting and us being able to being reunited with our loved ones.

Sid: You say that we basically have two choices when tragedy occurs, what are they?

Dr. Anderson: Well we can either run from God or we can run toward God. And running toward God gives us a whole lot more peace and healing than the opposite.

Sid: I am just so fascinated with the whole concept; the wonderful concept of when a real Christian dies. And you’ve been with 100’s; you’ve held their hands as their spirit leaves their body. Tell me about the person that collapsed on the tennis court.

Dr. Anderson: Right, I was… the children were doing swimming lessons at an athletic place and I would go in and I would work out. And so I walked in that day and the person at the front desk said “Aren’t you a doctor?” And I said “Yes.” And they said “Well that man just collapsed on the tennis court.” So I ran straight toward him and two other men met me there simultaneously and I introduced myself and said I’m an ER doctor and we need to do CPR do you anything about how to resuscitate anybody? And one was a Cardiologist and one was an Anesthesiologist. So this man collapsed in front of 3 well trained doctors and even though it was not the best place to do CPR we all 3 took our specialties and performed CPR on the tennis court. And the ambulance came and we chocked his heart and got it back in rhythm and the Cardiologist took him to the hospital that he worked at and they did 4 vessel by pass on the gentleman. So 2 weeks after the gentleman was in the hospital getting his heart surgery the wife came to my home and brought a gift of a glass heart and a basket. And I said “I don’t expect any gifts.” She says to me “Yeah but you gave me a gift back, you gave my husband back to me for a short time.” And I said “No, I didn’t but God allowed 3 doctors to be there in a miraculous way to bring him back.” And she just said “I just want to thank you because we’ve spent enough last few weeks reminiscing over our life and we hope to have whatever time God gives us left together here on earth we’re going to spend telling others about Jesus.”

Sid: What would you say to someone that says “I know I’m a Christian, I know that I’ll be in heaven but I am so fearful of death?”

Dr. Anderson: You know there is nothing to fear because the places I’ve been everyone that I have experienced the opening of the veil with have looked up and smiled as Jesus took them. So I would just encourage you to read scripture about how heaven opens its doors and there’s nothing to fear because it is the most amazing place that we’re going to spend forever in.

Sid: Now your book is really brand new but what kind of feedback are you getting from your book called “Appointments with Heaven?”

Dr. Anderson: I’m getting some really great feedback both from Christians and from non-Christians. Atheists have actually written me and have expressed kind of a crack in their belief system that maybe there is something else out there. So and that’s what I’m hoping for I was hoping that you know non-believers as well as believers would pick this book up and realize there is a God and that He loves us greatly.

Sid: Okay, his book “Appointments with Heaven.” My book the 10 top interviews that I’ve done over a lifetime of people that have died and come back to report what heaven is like. And one even what hell was like. Those 2 books plus a special DVD in which Dr. Anderson and I answer the hardest most difficult questions you have about heaven…

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Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest heard a word from God, which has revolutionized his life. God said, this year is the year of God’s supernatural favor. But you must be in the right position. You must understand how favor operates. And when he starts talking about this, trust me, waves, I mean waves of supernatural favor are going to come upon you. I am so excited about the revelation that God has given Keenan Bridges on favor. For starters, Keenan, what does the word “favor” really mean, coming from a biblical perspective?

KYNAN: Well “favor” is a very powerful word that comes from the Hebrew word, “chin” and “chin” is dealing with delight, charm and preferential treatment. So when we talk about favor, we’re talking about when there is a specific grace and anointing on your life that sets you away from the crowd. It sets you apart from the rest. You are looked at as special. You are looked at as different. People like you. People want to do things for you. People want to be a blessing to you. So when we talk about supernatural favor, we go into another level. We’re now talking about Heaven itself smiling on you.

SID: It’s not just, you know, we know about charisma. There are certain people that just have a natural charisma. They’re not even believers in God. But you’re talking, I love the way you put it, God smiling on you. I love that, Kynan.

KYNAN: Absolutely. In fact, if you go to Genesis 39, there’s a unique figure we discovered. His name is Joseph. And the Bible says that Joseph goes down to Potiphar’s house, which is an Egyptian. He’s sold into slavery. And the Bible says that, “Joseph found favor in the eyes of the Egyptian.” Now this is not about charisma. It’s not about good looks. For goodness sake, he was slave. It didn’t get any worse than that. But when Heaven is smiling up you, it doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, it doesn’t matter what barriers you face, God will make a way where there seems to be no way when you learn about His supernatural favor.

SID: Can everyone walk, 24/7, in this supernatural favor or is it just people that God says, I’m going to make Joseph my favorite.

KYNAN: Well good question. But you know what’s interesting? Galatian 3 says that, “The blessing of Abraham has come upon the gentiles through Jesus so that we might receive the promise of the spirit in faith.” In other words, anyone that makes Yeshua their Lord has access to the supernatural favor of God. Now as the old folks used to say where I’m from, favor ain’t fair. Now I know that’s not good English. But it simply means that favor is not about fairness. It’s about access. Those who access the favor of God will have access to God’s eternal promises. They will have access to God’s power. They will have access to God’s goodness. But here’s the kicker, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SID: I love it. Now God showed you what is going to happen this year in America, in reference to favor. And then just like last night, He spoke to you. Tell me about that.

KYNAN: Literally, the Lord woke me up early this morning. Now that’s a miracle in itself, by the way. So God wakes me up and He tells me, He says, “Son, I want you to go now and read Psalm, Chapter 22, Verse 28.” I said, okay, Lord. Now I read that before, but there was something so different about it. It was something almost eerie about the text, and especially when we talk about prophetic timing. And so I got to the verse, and all of a sudden I’m reading the scriptures and it jumps off the page, and the revelation hits me. The Bible says in Psalm 22:28 that God is the king, His kingdom is of all the earth, and He is the ruler of the nations. And from my little Hebrew that I know it’s the word “mashal”. It means one who has dominion over another. Now this is the key. In 2014, where we are today, God says that there are two kingdoms that exist in the earth today. There’s the kingdom of light and there’s the kingdom of darkness. Our ability to walk under the blessing is contingent upon how we align ourselves. Remember when we, America, we’re known as a godly nation, even on our currency: “One Nation Under God”. In other words, as long as America was on God’s government, America walked in the favor of God. But slowly, Sid, we’ve been coming out from under God’s government and we’ve been shifting to a government of man, which is the government of darkness. And as we’ve done that, we are literally putting a cork in the heavens and we’re stopping the rain above our nation. It’s affected our currency. It’s affected our political power. It’s affected our ability to get jobs, our economy. It’s all affected. And then these last days, only those who align themselves with Heaven’s agenda will walk under that open Heaven.

SID: Okay. If America continues on the course it’s going on, does it have to affect us? If we’re in a country that has lost the favor of God, can we still walk in that favor as an individual?

KYNAN: Now remember I said, favor ain’t fair, which means this. You remember Egypt, it was a little old nation back there some time, and in Egypt, there was a place called Goshen. It was a geographic territory in the center of Egypt. Now the trees were the same, the water was the same in Goshen. Everything was the same in Goshen except one thing. In Goshen, the people were under the government of God. Now notice what happens. Nine plagues hit Egypt and completely destroy that nation’s economic system, their socio-religious system. But in Goshen, the people were under a canopy of God’s Divine protection. So as it is in the Old Testament, so it is now. Those of us who access the favor of God, and you know the interesting thing, the word “Goshen” in Hebrew means to draw near. And this is the key, Sid. Intimacy with God is the key.

SID: But you know what the most amazing thing to me is? I know Keenan, and Kynan wasn’t always this way. His parents were told by the doctors, he’ll never get beyond the second grade. We’ll talk about it when we come back.


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Our Guest Debra Alderman

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Sid: My guest if Debra Alderman and I’m interviewing her on her book which is wonderful because of the fruit that will come from it in your life. It’s called “You Can be an Overnight Soul Winner.” And as I’m talking about the shofar you know the standard introduction that I give on every broadcast I’m reminded that the fact Debra that you had a visitation in which you literally heard angels singing in your car; tell me about that.

Debra: Well, that was really an awesome experience that I had and Sid I was actually a baby in Christ I had only been saved for just a few short months. And I was returning back to my college campus with a friend of mine from the church service. And I was so concerned about my family. Because I had a lot of family members that were not born again; they were not serving God. And it was just really heavy on my heart that day. And I had only been serving God for a short time and I was just a concern for my family and I kept just kept really bugging the Lord about my family. And you know “God I just so much want them to be saved and I’m so concerned about their lives and where they’re going to spend eternity. And that day a multitude of voices filled the car and there was music and singing. And the only way that I can describe it is the voices sounded so close; the music sounded so close yet it sounded so far away.

Sid: Did anyone else hear this?

Debra: Yes, the lady that was in the car with me and she’s in heaven today; she’s one of my spiritual mothers by the name of Margaret. She heard the exact same thing that I heard Sid.

Sid: What was it like?

Debra: Well, it’s an indescribable experience; the first thing that I did is I put my hand on my radio dial because I thought “Maybe I’d forgotten the radio on.” And as I realized that the radio had never been on and that these had to be angels or some type of heavenly host singing and playing music for us I pulled my car off of Interstate 10 in Texas and Margaret and I just sat there. I don’t know if we set there for 5 minutes or 20 minutes but I just know that the angles of the Lord were singing and it was God’s way of letting me know that Debra you’re on the right path you’re serving me now and don’t even be concerned about your family. You’re praying for them and your standing on Act’s Chapter 16 verse 31.

Sid: Well, tell me about your Dad you must have been a little discouraged when your 80 year old father hadn’t come to the Lord. Did you think that perhaps maybe he would not become a believer?

Debra: Well, he was my biggest concern because my Dad his heart was so hard and today Sid my Dad is 91 years old and he’s still alive and he’s in perfect health. And you know he was my major concern at that time. But Sid at the age of 80 years old my Dad gave his heart and his life over to Jesus Christ. And it just goes to show you that it’s never too late for someone.

Sid: Don’t give up!

Debra: Don’t give up!

Sid: Debra I have to take you back to the story you were telling me yesterday where you just had a compulsion by the Holy Spirit to go into this bar. And when you went there you saw a guy that you knew from the church and he was pretty embarrassed and then why don’t you pick it up there.

Debra: Well, whenever I began to talk to Earnest as the bar; you know here’s a man who had served in my local church. He was in a back-slidden condition sitting there drinking a beer. And when I began to talk to him he began to weep. And there was a man sitting behind him Sid; he was smoking a cigarette and I had never seen anybody smoke a cigarette so fast because he was listening to what I was saying. And I know he was wondering “What is this lady doing here I wish she would get out of here.” And at the same time the friend that was with me Debbie she glanced over and she saw a man that was standing at one of these old fashion jukeboxes fixing to put money in the jukebox and he just turned and began to look at us. And Debbie said “He was just frozen solid; he never finished putting the money in the jukebox to play a song he just stood there in a frozen position and just watched us and listened to us the whole time that we were in the bar. And it was just like a silence; you know like a holy silence hit this bar and every person that was in the bar even though happy hour was in full swing you know they just began to watch us and they began to listen to every word that was coming out of our mouth. And it wasn’t long after that that Ernest pulled the money out of his wallet; paid for his long necked beer and said “Debra I’ll go out to the parking lot with you and pray with you.” And as we went out to the parking lot that day Sid I mean Ernest I didn’t even have to lead him in a prayer he just lifted up his voice toward heaven and he just began to cry out to God in that parking lot that day. And he began to say “God forgive me for being a sinner; forgive me for putting alcohol to my lips; for allowing profanity to come out of my mouth.” And that day in that parking lot Sid Ernest gave his heart and life back over to Jesus Christ. And I’m happy to say that I just saw Ernest 2 weeks ago and he is still walking strong with Jesus; he’s still teaching the word of God in Adult Sunday School Class in his local church.

Sid: Debra what if you had shrugged off that impulse to walk into that bar?

Debra: If I would have done that Sid I have to believe that God would have given that assignment to someone else that day. But I’m glad I didn’t shrug it off and that I went on into that club and I was obedient to God. Because that was a special assignment that God had me to fulfill that day.

Sid: Now Debra, I know that you teach people on how to be an overnight soul winner; you’ve written this book. Tell me about one person that you’ve taught and how this anointing that was transferred to them operates.

Debra: Well one would be Debbie; a young lady that is in our church she was with me that day in the bar whenever Ernest gave his life back to God. You know she really has received you know what I call an impartation. Almost like an Elijah to a Elisha that before Elijah departed from the earth he first imparted into the life of Elisha. And you know we all know the story of how Elisha went on to do double of what his mentor did. And with Debbie one night she was at a restaurant and she walked into the lady’s room and saw a gal in the ladies room that was crying. And Debbie just walked over to her and began to witness to her. And a long story made short the young woman gave her heart and her life to Jesus Christ.

Sid: You know Mishpochah I want to see you equipped for supernatural soul winning. This book I believe packs an anointing and has enough information to get your started. I can just speak for my self “When I go out to a store at night; a yogurt store and I’m standing in line waiting to get my reward; my just dessert and there’s a teenager behind me and I start witnessing and there’s another one, and the one next to her she’s got a pain in her back and I say “Can I pray?” And the whole store is looking at what’s going on.   The whole store is listening to what’s going on. There is nothing more exciting but it isn’t me; it isn’t my talent there is an actual presence of God that gets poured out; that’s what Debra’s is talking about. And Debra what I want to do is I want everyone listening to get a copy of your book “You Can Be An Overnight Soul Winner” because literally Jesus came to her and she overnight she was a soul winner. It is the anointing it’s…on tomorrow’s broadcast I would like you to pray Debra for people as well as them getting your book but we have just a little bit of time. Tell me about the time that you were speaking in Cureville, Texas and the Holy Spirit said to you “Today I’m going electrocute people.”

Debra: Well, that day God came into…it was a Ladies meeting God came into this Ladies Meeting and I’m telling you the power and the presence of God was so strong. God just began to electrocute people; that is the only way that I can describe it. It’s God’s anointing was so strong that every woman that was in that place that had any type of stronghold in their life; any type of addiction; if their heart had been broken possibly from a prior divorce they were just instantly delivered and set free. They were absolutely made brand new.

Sid: What did the people say that they felt like when you laid hands on them?

Debra: They said “I felt like electricity was going into my very being from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.” And they said that “It’s almost like electricity and then that just reminded me of what Jesus told me that morning; He said today I will electrocute people; I will just give them a surge of My power that will drive out anything in their lives that doesn’t belong there.”

Sid: You know Debra speaking about driving out things int heir lives that does not belong there I’m looking on page 102 of your book and there’s a picture of you and Don. And there’s got to be an interesting story with this Don.

Debra: Yes there is.

Sid: There must have been things that did not belong in his life at one time.

Debra: Absolutely; absolutely well Don is a young man that I met on one of my speaking engagements. I was actually speaking in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they had sent someone to my hotel to pick me up that night and drive me to the service. And I saw I thought that it was a woman staggering…

Sid: That’s what I thought when I saw the picture

Debra: (Laughing) And you know I thought that it was a woman staggering uncontrollably down a sidewalk in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And so my first thought was “Well, here’s a woman she strung out on drugs; obviously something was wrong with her.” And so I look at the person that was driving me to the service and I said “You’ve got to turn the car around I want to go see if I can help that woman.” And I’ll never forget Sid I jumped out of the car; got on the sidewalk in front of the person and you know looked up into the face of this individual and right when I was fixing to say “Mame, I caught my self because I saw whiskers growing on the face.” And I thought I’m a pretty smart gal I thought if you see whiskers on someone face it’s not a woman it’s a man. And so I look up into the face of this individual and I said “Sir, Jesus Christ loves you.” And Sid I just began to preach the gospel to this young man by the name of Don; I found out later that his name was Don. And you know he wasn’t responding to me; I don’t even think he even knew that I was on the sidewalk in front of him.

Sid: Did he come to the Lord?

Debra: Yes, he did thank you we’re out of time. Mishpochah it happens every time.

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Our Guest Aliss Crisswell

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Aliss Cresswell

Sid: You know what I find interesting I’ll tell you kind of a trade secret that I know that most people don’t know. When ever I interview a guest what ever anointing they’re working under I start working under that while I’m interviewing them. I just wish that it cold continue after I interview them because my guest this week is Aliss Crisswell. And I’m speaking to her from her home in Chester, United Kingdom. And Aliss cried out to God for 12 years; walked in instant obedience to God and then in 2009 she by faith opened up a Cafe for evangelism. And she had a little sign there saying “If you want us to pray for you come on in it’s free; although the people said “How much is it, even though the sign said free.” And the miracles started erupting; now Aliss as I was introducing you I believe there are people that have wrist problems and if they will move their wrists right now. There’s things like carpels tunnel and things like that and you’ll find that you have no…that it doesn’t hurt anymore; the pain is totally gone in Jesus Name. Now Aliss I am fascinated after you opened this Cafe the miracles that happened. Tell me about the glory cloud and the drug dealer.

Aliss: That was an amazing experience. One day we had this young guy came in and I knew that he was a drug dealer and I had a bit to do with him I had been chatting with him previously. I was sitting in my Cafe and I was chatting to a lady before he actually walked into the Cafe I said to her “The Holy Spirit has told me that a drug dealer is going to give his life to Jesus today.” So we already knew but we didn’t know who it was going to be. And just after I said that this young guy walks into the door to buy his cooked breakfast which we were serving in the cafe. And I said, “You know I think he’s the one; I knew that he was a drug dealer.” So what happens is he get’s his breakfast he goes outside he take it outside and he sits on the grass outside with is friends. And I said to my friend “Oh, I want to pray for him and talk to him but I don’t want to go out there where all his friends are.” So I said “Lord, would you send an angel right now to go and to get him and to bring him back into the Cafe. So instantly we looked outside the window and he stood up and he walked straight back into the Cafe; as he go to the door we went and starting prophesying to him and telling him how much we love him and how much God loves him; how he’s called to be a leader. And he told us some problems that he had so we started praying; he had a severe head problems, all the pain went. Then he called his friends over and there was four of them then; and we were praying and prophesying over all of them. They were being healed by Jesus, they were just…you could really feel the presence of God very strongly. And then suddenly one of them right outside the Cafe door one of them suddenly says “What’s that, is that something to do with God?” So I looked up and right in front of us was the thickest cloud I have ever seen in my life; it was right in front it was like a wall. It was all the way; it was about 100 feet wide; I mean it was huge; you couldn’t see over the top of it; we couldn’t see through it. So I really wish afterwards that I had got a camera or got my phone out.

Sid: (Laughing)

Aliss: And had taken pictures; but the only thing that came into my head I just blurted out and I said oh no first of all they said “Is that something to do with God?” And I said “Oh, I could just think about the glory cloud on the mountain.”

Sid: Yeah, I was just reading this morning about Jesus was caught up in the cloud when he left and he’s going to return in a cloud. I’m wondering if it’s going to be a cloud like you saw.

Aliss: Yeah, maybe so all I could think of to say was “I think it’s a glory cloud; I think it’s the presence of God, the presence of Jesus.” And then the next thing out of mouth I said “Who wants to get saved?” And they all said “Yeah, we want to get saved.” And I said “Well, wait a minute you know what that means?” And I stopped to explain what it means to give your life to Jesus. And they said “Yeah, yeah we want to do that.” And I said “Well, it means changing your life style?” And they said “Yeah, yeah I want to do that.” And they all entered back into the Cafe and the Cafe was packed full of people but they found a space right in the middle and the four of them got down on their knees. And then me and my friend we were all; we joined in the circle and we held hands with them and they just confessed; they started confessing their sins. And weren’t telling them what to say and all of this and I didn’t even want to know what they’d been up to but it was all coming out and people were watching them and they didn’t care they were praying out. And we asked for the Holy Spirit to come and then they all gave their lives to Jesus. And they could hardly stand up because the presence of God was so strong. And it was just incredible; incredible day.

Sid: Tell me about Muslim’s read that sign you know “Free Prayer” and they come in. Tell me about some Muslims that came in.

Aliss: Yeah, this was actually in our shop because as well as the Cafe it was in the suburb of Chester. And the shop is right in the center of Chester. The shop is very different; we have furniture and gifts and coffee area and books in there on the free miracles of course. But yeah one day 3 Muslim ladies came in and one of them she came up to me and said “I’ve seen your sign outside of free miracles. I need a miracle I have fibromyalgia.” And she explained that it was like this pain all over her body and they didn’t know where it had come from but she was in extreme pain for many years. She even had these bandages you know wrapped around her wrists and around her legs because she was in so much pain. So I told her about Jesus, I said “Let me pray Jesus will do a miracle.” And she was a Muslim lady and so I prayed and what I found is that many illnesses are actually caused by demons and fibromyalgia is usually in my experience is caused by a demon. And so I told the evil spirit to leave her and she actually felt the pain leave from the top of her head and it moved all the way down through her body down to her feet and she felt the pain come out of her feet and she was completely healed by Jesus.

Sid: That’s normal; I pray that everyone listening including me become normal. That is normal as defined by the Bible, tell me you’ve had some pretty outrageous things happen Aliss. For instance tell me about Claire who had a slipped disk.

Aliss: Oh yes, in fact she had 2 slipped disks. This lady called Claire she called me on the telephone on day and she told me that she was in bed; she had been in bed for 2 weeks with 2 slipped disks in her back and she was in a lot of pain. Now she said “Please will you pray for me?” So I prayed for her over the telephone and I prayed for her healing nd we hung up the phone and then after we finished on the telephone I continued to pray for her. And what I did was as I was praying I imagined going into her house up her stairs; I imagined myself going into her bedroom where she was. I imagined my self putting my hand on her head and praying and I imagined all of this oil coming out of my hand and down her back. Now soon after that she called me back and she was screaming on the phone; she said “You won’t believe what’s happened!” She said “I just had a vision of you; she said “Just as we hung up the phone I had a vision and you walked into my bedroom and I saw you walk over to me and you put your hand on my head and all of this oil came out of your hand and it ran all the way down my back.” And she said “I’ve just jumped out of my bed completely healed by Jesus.”

Sid: You know what I’m thinking as you’re telling me this testimony?” Is we have haven’t even begun to touch what is available to us in the Spirit. I mean we’re in…most aren’t even in kindergarten. But just as it says in scriptures “Eye has not seen; ear has not heard all that God has in store for us.” Tell me; you thought that that was outrageous; tell me about the person a non-believer a lady goes into your Cafe and she’s supernaturally transported.

Aliss: Oh yeah, that’s great. She comes into our Cafe; she doesn’t know Jesus; her two sons are in jail. She said “Please pray for me; and pray for my family; I’m about to go on vacation to Haven Holiday Park in Wales.” And so we pray for her family; we pray a blessing on her; we tell her about Jesus. She gets into her car; it’s a two hour journey to where she’s got to get to Haven Holiday Park. She drives and it goes on for hours like 5 hours later she realizes that’s she’s completely lost she’s no where near Haven Holiday Park. She in the middle of Wales; all she can see is mountains and sheep and no people. And it’s beginning to get dark and she’s starting to panic. So she says “God I need your help, please get me to Haven Holiday Park.” She says “If you get me there I will give my life to you and I will be a good person for the rest of my life.” And you know as soon as she said that she’s driving along and suddenly the headlights switch off on her car. Her GPS switch is off and her phone switch off all at the same time. She screams, she slams her foot on the break; she stops the car, she looks out the window and there is a sign outside the window saying Haven Holiday Park. (Laughing) She’s been completely what do you call it transported, trans-relocated in her car by Jesus. She goes into the Holiday Park where her mother is waiting for her. And her other says…she tells her mother what happened and her mother said “I told you not to take all of those drugs anymore.” (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing)

Aliss: And she said “I’m not taking any.” But you know what happened; she came back two weeks later into the Cafe to tell me all of this. I said “It’s just like Philip in Samaria when he got transported by the Holy Spirit but he wasn’t in the car. And she said “I told God I’d give my life to Him so I want to give my life to him now; what do I need to do?” Not only was the lady saved but her two sons gave their lives to Jesus too.

Sid: Now, is your walk with Jesus boring?

Aliss: Not at all.

Sid: No, but I’m going to tell you something; those that are listening it’s boring compared to yours. Your is normal.


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