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Aliss Cresswell

Sid: You know what I find interesting I’ll tell you kind of a trade secret that I know that most people don’t know. When ever I interview a guest what ever anointing they’re working under I start working under that while I’m interviewing them. I just wish that it cold continue after I interview them because my guest this week is Aliss Crisswell. And I’m speaking to her from her home in Chester, United Kingdom. And Aliss cried out to God for 12 years; walked in instant obedience to God and then in 2009 she by faith opened up a Cafe for evangelism. And she had a little sign there saying “If you want us to pray for you come on in it’s free; although the people said “How much is it, even though the sign said free.” And the miracles started erupting; now Aliss as I was introducing you I believe there are people that have wrist problems and if they will move their wrists right now. There’s things like carpels tunnel and things like that and you’ll find that you have no…that it doesn’t hurt anymore; the pain is totally gone in Jesus Name. Now Aliss I am fascinated after you opened this Cafe the miracles that happened. Tell me about the glory cloud and the drug dealer.

Aliss: That was an amazing experience. One day we had this young guy came in and I knew that he was a drug dealer and I had a bit to do with him I had been chatting with him previously. I was sitting in my Cafe and I was chatting to a lady before he actually walked into the Cafe I said to her “The Holy Spirit has told me that a drug dealer is going to give his life to Jesus today.” So we already knew but we didn’t know who it was going to be. And just after I said that this young guy walks into the door to buy his cooked breakfast which we were serving in the cafe. And I said, “You know I think he’s the one; I knew that he was a drug dealer.” So what happens is he get’s his breakfast he goes outside he take it outside and he sits on the grass outside with is friends. And I said to my friend “Oh, I want to pray for him and talk to him but I don’t want to go out there where all his friends are.” So I said “Lord, would you send an angel right now to go and to get him and to bring him back into the Cafe. So instantly we looked outside the window and he stood up and he walked straight back into the Cafe; as he go to the door we went and starting prophesying to him and telling him how much we love him and how much God loves him; how he’s called to be a leader. And he told us some problems that he had so we started praying; he had a severe head problems, all the pain went. Then he called his friends over and there was four of them then; and we were praying and prophesying over all of them. They were being healed by Jesus, they were just…you could really feel the presence of God very strongly. And then suddenly one of them right outside the Cafe door one of them suddenly says “What’s that, is that something to do with God?” So I looked up and right in front of us was the thickest cloud I have ever seen in my life; it was right in front it was like a wall. It was all the way; it was about 100 feet wide; I mean it was huge; you couldn’t see over the top of it; we couldn’t see through it. So I really wish afterwards that I had got a camera or got my phone out.

Sid: (Laughing)

Aliss: And had taken pictures; but the only thing that came into my head I just blurted out and I said oh no first of all they said “Is that something to do with God?” And I said “Oh, I could just think about the glory cloud on the mountain.”

Sid: Yeah, I was just reading this morning about Jesus was caught up in the cloud when he left and he’s going to return in a cloud. I’m wondering if it’s going to be a cloud like you saw.

Aliss: Yeah, maybe so all I could think of to say was “I think it’s a glory cloud; I think it’s the presence of God, the presence of Jesus.” And then the next thing out of mouth I said “Who wants to get saved?” And they all said “Yeah, we want to get saved.” And I said “Well, wait a minute you know what that means?” And I stopped to explain what it means to give your life to Jesus. And they said “Yeah, yeah we want to do that.” And I said “Well, it means changing your life style?” And they said “Yeah, yeah I want to do that.” And they all entered back into the Cafe and the Cafe was packed full of people but they found a space right in the middle and the four of them got down on their knees. And then me and my friend we were all; we joined in the circle and we held hands with them and they just confessed; they started confessing their sins. And weren’t telling them what to say and all of this and I didn’t even want to know what they’d been up to but it was all coming out and people were watching them and they didn’t care they were praying out. And we asked for the Holy Spirit to come and then they all gave their lives to Jesus. And they could hardly stand up because the presence of God was so strong. And it was just incredible; incredible day.

Sid: Tell me about Muslim’s read that sign you know “Free Prayer” and they come in. Tell me about some Muslims that came in.

Aliss: Yeah, this was actually in our shop because as well as the Cafe it was in the suburb of Chester. And the shop is right in the center of Chester. The shop is very different; we have furniture and gifts and coffee area and books in there on the free miracles of course. But yeah one day 3 Muslim ladies came in and one of them she came up to me and said “I’ve seen your sign outside of free miracles. I need a miracle I have fibromyalgia.” And she explained that it was like this pain all over her body and they didn’t know where it had come from but she was in extreme pain for many years. She even had these bandages you know wrapped around her wrists and around her legs because she was in so much pain. So I told her about Jesus, I said “Let me pray Jesus will do a miracle.” And she was a Muslim lady and so I prayed and what I found is that many illnesses are actually caused by demons and fibromyalgia is usually in my experience is caused by a demon. And so I told the evil spirit to leave her and she actually felt the pain leave from the top of her head and it moved all the way down through her body down to her feet and she felt the pain come out of her feet and she was completely healed by Jesus.

Sid: That’s normal; I pray that everyone listening including me become normal. That is normal as defined by the Bible, tell me you’ve had some pretty outrageous things happen Aliss. For instance tell me about Claire who had a slipped disk.

Aliss: Oh yes, in fact she had 2 slipped disks. This lady called Claire she called me on the telephone on day and she told me that she was in bed; she had been in bed for 2 weeks with 2 slipped disks in her back and she was in a lot of pain. Now she said “Please will you pray for me?” So I prayed for her over the telephone and I prayed for her healing nd we hung up the phone and then after we finished on the telephone I continued to pray for her. And what I did was as I was praying I imagined going into her house up her stairs; I imagined myself going into her bedroom where she was. I imagined my self putting my hand on her head and praying and I imagined all of this oil coming out of my hand and down her back. Now soon after that she called me back and she was screaming on the phone; she said “You won’t believe what’s happened!” She said “I just had a vision of you; she said “Just as we hung up the phone I had a vision and you walked into my bedroom and I saw you walk over to me and you put your hand on my head and all of this oil came out of your hand and it ran all the way down my back.” And she said “I’ve just jumped out of my bed completely healed by Jesus.”

Sid: You know what I’m thinking as you’re telling me this testimony?” Is we have haven’t even begun to touch what is available to us in the Spirit. I mean we’re in…most aren’t even in kindergarten. But just as it says in scriptures “Eye has not seen; ear has not heard all that God has in store for us.” Tell me; you thought that that was outrageous; tell me about the person a non-believer a lady goes into your Cafe and she’s supernaturally transported.

Aliss: Oh yeah, that’s great. She comes into our Cafe; she doesn’t know Jesus; her two sons are in jail. She said “Please pray for me; and pray for my family; I’m about to go on vacation to Haven Holiday Park in Wales.” And so we pray for her family; we pray a blessing on her; we tell her about Jesus. She gets into her car; it’s a two hour journey to where she’s got to get to Haven Holiday Park. She drives and it goes on for hours like 5 hours later she realizes that’s she’s completely lost she’s no where near Haven Holiday Park. She in the middle of Wales; all she can see is mountains and sheep and no people. And it’s beginning to get dark and she’s starting to panic. So she says “God I need your help, please get me to Haven Holiday Park.” She says “If you get me there I will give my life to you and I will be a good person for the rest of my life.” And you know as soon as she said that she’s driving along and suddenly the headlights switch off on her car. Her GPS switch is off and her phone switch off all at the same time. She screams, she slams her foot on the break; she stops the car, she looks out the window and there is a sign outside the window saying Haven Holiday Park. (Laughing) She’s been completely what do you call it transported, trans-relocated in her car by Jesus. She goes into the Holiday Park where her mother is waiting for her. And her other says…she tells her mother what happened and her mother said “I told you not to take all of those drugs anymore.” (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing)

Aliss: And she said “I’m not taking any.” But you know what happened; she came back two weeks later into the Cafe to tell me all of this. I said “It’s just like Philip in Samaria when he got transported by the Holy Spirit but he wasn’t in the car. And she said “I told God I’d give my life to Him so I want to give my life to him now; what do I need to do?” Not only was the lady saved but her two sons gave their lives to Jesus too.

Sid: Now, is your walk with Jesus boring?

Aliss: Not at all.

Sid: No, but I’m going to tell you something; those that are listening it’s boring compared to yours. Your is normal.


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