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Sid: My guest if Debra Alderman and I’m interviewing her on her book which is wonderful because of the fruit that will come from it in your life. It’s called “You Can be an Overnight Soul Winner.” And as I’m talking about the shofar you know the standard introduction that I give on every broadcast I’m reminded that the fact Debra that you had a visitation in which you literally heard angels singing in your car; tell me about that.

Debra: Well, that was really an awesome experience that I had and Sid I was actually a baby in Christ I had only been saved for just a few short months. And I was returning back to my college campus with a friend of mine from the church service. And I was so concerned about my family. Because I had a lot of family members that were not born again; they were not serving God. And it was just really heavy on my heart that day. And I had only been serving God for a short time and I was just a concern for my family and I kept just kept really bugging the Lord about my family. And you know “God I just so much want them to be saved and I’m so concerned about their lives and where they’re going to spend eternity. And that day a multitude of voices filled the car and there was music and singing. And the only way that I can describe it is the voices sounded so close; the music sounded so close yet it sounded so far away.

Sid: Did anyone else hear this?

Debra: Yes, the lady that was in the car with me and she’s in heaven today; she’s one of my spiritual mothers by the name of Margaret. She heard the exact same thing that I heard Sid.

Sid: What was it like?

Debra: Well, it’s an indescribable experience; the first thing that I did is I put my hand on my radio dial because I thought “Maybe I’d forgotten the radio on.” And as I realized that the radio had never been on and that these had to be angels or some type of heavenly host singing and playing music for us I pulled my car off of Interstate 10 in Texas and Margaret and I just sat there. I don’t know if we set there for 5 minutes or 20 minutes but I just know that the angles of the Lord were singing and it was God’s way of letting me know that Debra you’re on the right path you’re serving me now and don’t even be concerned about your family. You’re praying for them and your standing on Act’s Chapter 16 verse 31.

Sid: Well, tell me about your Dad you must have been a little discouraged when your 80 year old father hadn’t come to the Lord. Did you think that perhaps maybe he would not become a believer?

Debra: Well, he was my biggest concern because my Dad his heart was so hard and today Sid my Dad is 91 years old and he’s still alive and he’s in perfect health. And you know he was my major concern at that time. But Sid at the age of 80 years old my Dad gave his heart and his life over to Jesus Christ. And it just goes to show you that it’s never too late for someone.

Sid: Don’t give up!

Debra: Don’t give up!

Sid: Debra I have to take you back to the story you were telling me yesterday where you just had a compulsion by the Holy Spirit to go into this bar. And when you went there you saw a guy that you knew from the church and he was pretty embarrassed and then why don’t you pick it up there.

Debra: Well, whenever I began to talk to Earnest as the bar; you know here’s a man who had served in my local church. He was in a back-slidden condition sitting there drinking a beer. And when I began to talk to him he began to weep. And there was a man sitting behind him Sid; he was smoking a cigarette and I had never seen anybody smoke a cigarette so fast because he was listening to what I was saying. And I know he was wondering “What is this lady doing here I wish she would get out of here.” And at the same time the friend that was with me Debbie she glanced over and she saw a man that was standing at one of these old fashion jukeboxes fixing to put money in the jukebox and he just turned and began to look at us. And Debbie said “He was just frozen solid; he never finished putting the money in the jukebox to play a song he just stood there in a frozen position and just watched us and listened to us the whole time that we were in the bar. And it was just like a silence; you know like a holy silence hit this bar and every person that was in the bar even though happy hour was in full swing you know they just began to watch us and they began to listen to every word that was coming out of our mouth. And it wasn’t long after that that Ernest pulled the money out of his wallet; paid for his long necked beer and said “Debra I’ll go out to the parking lot with you and pray with you.” And as we went out to the parking lot that day Sid I mean Ernest I didn’t even have to lead him in a prayer he just lifted up his voice toward heaven and he just began to cry out to God in that parking lot that day. And he began to say “God forgive me for being a sinner; forgive me for putting alcohol to my lips; for allowing profanity to come out of my mouth.” And that day in that parking lot Sid Ernest gave his heart and life back over to Jesus Christ. And I’m happy to say that I just saw Ernest 2 weeks ago and he is still walking strong with Jesus; he’s still teaching the word of God in Adult Sunday School Class in his local church.

Sid: Debra what if you had shrugged off that impulse to walk into that bar?

Debra: If I would have done that Sid I have to believe that God would have given that assignment to someone else that day. But I’m glad I didn’t shrug it off and that I went on into that club and I was obedient to God. Because that was a special assignment that God had me to fulfill that day.

Sid: Now Debra, I know that you teach people on how to be an overnight soul winner; you’ve written this book. Tell me about one person that you’ve taught and how this anointing that was transferred to them operates.

Debra: Well one would be Debbie; a young lady that is in our church she was with me that day in the bar whenever Ernest gave his life back to God. You know she really has received you know what I call an impartation. Almost like an Elijah to a Elisha that before Elijah departed from the earth he first imparted into the life of Elisha. And you know we all know the story of how Elisha went on to do double of what his mentor did. And with Debbie one night she was at a restaurant and she walked into the lady’s room and saw a gal in the ladies room that was crying. And Debbie just walked over to her and began to witness to her. And a long story made short the young woman gave her heart and her life to Jesus Christ.

Sid: You know Mishpochah I want to see you equipped for supernatural soul winning. This book I believe packs an anointing and has enough information to get your started. I can just speak for my self “When I go out to a store at night; a yogurt store and I’m standing in line waiting to get my reward; my just dessert and there’s a teenager behind me and I start witnessing and there’s another one, and the one next to her she’s got a pain in her back and I say “Can I pray?” And the whole store is looking at what’s going on.   The whole store is listening to what’s going on. There is nothing more exciting but it isn’t me; it isn’t my talent there is an actual presence of God that gets poured out; that’s what Debra’s is talking about. And Debra what I want to do is I want everyone listening to get a copy of your book “You Can Be An Overnight Soul Winner” because literally Jesus came to her and she overnight she was a soul winner. It is the anointing it’s…on tomorrow’s broadcast I would like you to pray Debra for people as well as them getting your book but we have just a little bit of time. Tell me about the time that you were speaking in Cureville, Texas and the Holy Spirit said to you “Today I’m going electrocute people.”

Debra: Well, that day God came into…it was a Ladies meeting God came into this Ladies Meeting and I’m telling you the power and the presence of God was so strong. God just began to electrocute people; that is the only way that I can describe it. It’s God’s anointing was so strong that every woman that was in that place that had any type of stronghold in their life; any type of addiction; if their heart had been broken possibly from a prior divorce they were just instantly delivered and set free. They were absolutely made brand new.

Sid: What did the people say that they felt like when you laid hands on them?

Debra: They said “I felt like electricity was going into my very being from the top of my head to the bottom of my feet.” And they said that “It’s almost like electricity and then that just reminded me of what Jesus told me that morning; He said today I will electrocute people; I will just give them a surge of My power that will drive out anything in their lives that doesn’t belong there.”

Sid: You know Debra speaking about driving out things int heir lives that does not belong there I’m looking on page 102 of your book and there’s a picture of you and Don. And there’s got to be an interesting story with this Don.

Debra: Yes there is.

Sid: There must have been things that did not belong in his life at one time.

Debra: Absolutely; absolutely well Don is a young man that I met on one of my speaking engagements. I was actually speaking in Grand Rapids, Michigan and they had sent someone to my hotel to pick me up that night and drive me to the service. And I saw I thought that it was a woman staggering…

Sid: That’s what I thought when I saw the picture

Debra: (Laughing) And you know I thought that it was a woman staggering uncontrollably down a sidewalk in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And so my first thought was “Well, here’s a woman she strung out on drugs; obviously something was wrong with her.” And so I look at the person that was driving me to the service and I said “You’ve got to turn the car around I want to go see if I can help that woman.” And I’ll never forget Sid I jumped out of the car; got on the sidewalk in front of the person and you know looked up into the face of this individual and right when I was fixing to say “Mame, I caught my self because I saw whiskers growing on the face.” And I thought I’m a pretty smart gal I thought if you see whiskers on someone face it’s not a woman it’s a man. And so I look up into the face of this individual and I said “Sir, Jesus Christ loves you.” And Sid I just began to preach the gospel to this young man by the name of Don; I found out later that his name was Don. And you know he wasn’t responding to me; I don’t even think he even knew that I was on the sidewalk in front of him.

Sid: Did he come to the Lord?

Debra: Yes, he did thank you we’re out of time. Mishpochah it happens every time.

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