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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest heard a word from God, which has revolutionized his life. God said, this year is the year of God’s supernatural favor. But you must be in the right position. You must understand how favor operates. And when he starts talking about this, trust me, waves, I mean waves of supernatural favor are going to come upon you. I am so excited about the revelation that God has given Keenan Bridges on favor. For starters, Keenan, what does the word “favor” really mean, coming from a biblical perspective?

KYNAN: Well “favor” is a very powerful word that comes from the Hebrew word, “chin” and “chin” is dealing with delight, charm and preferential treatment. So when we talk about favor, we’re talking about when there is a specific grace and anointing on your life that sets you away from the crowd. It sets you apart from the rest. You are looked at as special. You are looked at as different. People like you. People want to do things for you. People want to be a blessing to you. So when we talk about supernatural favor, we go into another level. We’re now talking about Heaven itself smiling on you.

SID: It’s not just, you know, we know about charisma. There are certain people that just have a natural charisma. They’re not even believers in God. But you’re talking, I love the way you put it, God smiling on you. I love that, Kynan.

KYNAN: Absolutely. In fact, if you go to Genesis 39, there’s a unique figure we discovered. His name is Joseph. And the Bible says that Joseph goes down to Potiphar’s house, which is an Egyptian. He’s sold into slavery. And the Bible says that, “Joseph found favor in the eyes of the Egyptian.” Now this is not about charisma. It’s not about good looks. For goodness sake, he was slave. It didn’t get any worse than that. But when Heaven is smiling up you, it doesn’t matter what situation you’re in, it doesn’t matter what barriers you face, God will make a way where there seems to be no way when you learn about His supernatural favor.

SID: Can everyone walk, 24/7, in this supernatural favor or is it just people that God says, I’m going to make Joseph my favorite.

KYNAN: Well good question. But you know what’s interesting? Galatian 3 says that, “The blessing of Abraham has come upon the gentiles through Jesus so that we might receive the promise of the spirit in faith.” In other words, anyone that makes Yeshua their Lord has access to the supernatural favor of God. Now as the old folks used to say where I’m from, favor ain’t fair. Now I know that’s not good English. But it simply means that favor is not about fairness. It’s about access. Those who access the favor of God will have access to God’s eternal promises. They will have access to God’s power. They will have access to God’s goodness. But here’s the kicker, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

SID: I love it. Now God showed you what is going to happen this year in America, in reference to favor. And then just like last night, He spoke to you. Tell me about that.

KYNAN: Literally, the Lord woke me up early this morning. Now that’s a miracle in itself, by the way. So God wakes me up and He tells me, He says, “Son, I want you to go now and read Psalm, Chapter 22, Verse 28.” I said, okay, Lord. Now I read that before, but there was something so different about it. It was something almost eerie about the text, and especially when we talk about prophetic timing. And so I got to the verse, and all of a sudden I’m reading the scriptures and it jumps off the page, and the revelation hits me. The Bible says in Psalm 22:28 that God is the king, His kingdom is of all the earth, and He is the ruler of the nations. And from my little Hebrew that I know it’s the word “mashal”. It means one who has dominion over another. Now this is the key. In 2014, where we are today, God says that there are two kingdoms that exist in the earth today. There’s the kingdom of light and there’s the kingdom of darkness. Our ability to walk under the blessing is contingent upon how we align ourselves. Remember when we, America, we’re known as a godly nation, even on our currency: “One Nation Under God”. In other words, as long as America was on God’s government, America walked in the favor of God. But slowly, Sid, we’ve been coming out from under God’s government and we’ve been shifting to a government of man, which is the government of darkness. And as we’ve done that, we are literally putting a cork in the heavens and we’re stopping the rain above our nation. It’s affected our currency. It’s affected our political power. It’s affected our ability to get jobs, our economy. It’s all affected. And then these last days, only those who align themselves with Heaven’s agenda will walk under that open Heaven.

SID: Okay. If America continues on the course it’s going on, does it have to affect us? If we’re in a country that has lost the favor of God, can we still walk in that favor as an individual?

KYNAN: Now remember I said, favor ain’t fair, which means this. You remember Egypt, it was a little old nation back there some time, and in Egypt, there was a place called Goshen. It was a geographic territory in the center of Egypt. Now the trees were the same, the water was the same in Goshen. Everything was the same in Goshen except one thing. In Goshen, the people were under the government of God. Now notice what happens. Nine plagues hit Egypt and completely destroy that nation’s economic system, their socio-religious system. But in Goshen, the people were under a canopy of God’s Divine protection. So as it is in the Old Testament, so it is now. Those of us who access the favor of God, and you know the interesting thing, the word “Goshen” in Hebrew means to draw near. And this is the key, Sid. Intimacy with God is the key.

SID: But you know what the most amazing thing to me is? I know Keenan, and Kynan wasn’t always this way. His parents were told by the doctors, he’ll never get beyond the second grade. We’ll talk about it when we come back.


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