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Our Guest Steve Gray

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Steve Gray

Sid: I want everyone everywhere to be so excited about the Messiah; I mean some of you your head is hanging down and saying “Woe is me.” How are you going to provoke Jewish people to jealousy? It says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke Jewish people to jealousy.” But you say “Sid, you don’t know what’s going on in my life.”   But I’m a member in the human race and I know that this is truth. I know that if you’ll stop feeling sorry for yourself; I know that if you’ll put your eyes on the Messiah He’ll keep you in perfect peace.” I know that that He loves you; I know that He loves you enough to send His Son to die for you. God so loves you it’s not just a cliche if you saw that movie “The Passion of Christ.” everything that Jesus went through were for you; you are important. Now I’m going to talk to a man that was about ready to just leave the pastorate; leave his family; just leave everything; just run away. Steve Gray who is the Senior Pastor of World Revival Church in Kansas City; his church has been in revival some 8 years it’s hard to believe but I’ll take you back then and what did you want to do before God’s power hit you?

Steve: Well, yeah I was at the point that I thought maybe I should quit. I think the amazing part of the ministry I should say. The amazing part of the story is we’re not talking about a non-believer here that is suddenly transformed; we’re talking about somebody that’s in the ministry 20 years and was doing good; good but it wasn’t God’s power it wasn’t God it was just good. And it wore me out just trying to do good and and be good without the power of God. And I’d kind of come to my limit and then the place was “You know what without the power of God I tried to do good but there was a lot that didn’t turn out so good; and there was times when I wasn’t so good and I had to admit that to myself.” So I began to have regrets and see my failings and all of a sudden it was well, what’s this all about? Where do I go from here just preach another sermon about some inspirational thought that I had or got out of Readers Digest or something like that; what do I do. And everything became empty and I wanted to have the real thing and I began to go on a search and my heart was hungry and I desired for it. And like so many other people it came at the lowest point and the darkest time but it made me vulnerable and not only to my own thoughts which weren’t too good sometimes. You know I thought maybe I was finished or maybe I was worthless and it put me up against the devils thought and he was telling me that I was worthless and defeated. But it also made me vulnerable to God and God was willing to do something and I didn’t give God an option. I didn’t give God the right option I gave God the option that “God I could quit; I could retire; I could go sell cars; I could go back to teach…

Sid: No, no, don’t do that, don’t sell cars but go ahead; but go ahead. (Laughing)

Steve: I said but…I didn’t give God but one option and that is that He would actually come down and touch me in such a powerful way that I would be different. But not only I would feel different and think different I would have a different ministry that would be effective. And that I could just reach out my hand; or take the hand of another pastor or another person that’s hurting and devastating as me and as in a matter of seconds they’re changed; different; they’re outlook; they’re full of hope; they’re ready to go back and preach; they’re ready to go back and get in church; they’re ready to go back and get back in the saddle and ride again. It’s amazing; but that’s what happened to me. And it came down when I walked into my…and I like the story too because I was in my own church and that’s what I love to see people go into their own churches and there they meet the power of God that empowers them to go the next level and the next step.

Sid: Take me to the moment that power came on you; give me a picture of it.

Steve: Well I came a part you know I’d been in the ministry 20 years; I’d been pastor there for 12 years; same building; you know the same same parking space.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steve:   Same door; same everything was the same and I pulled in the parking space and I’d been praying and seeking and I could hear the music through there and I’d made the decision…I’d first thought I maybe wasn’t going to go back but I decided I would go back and I’d step into that room again but if God doesn’t do something I am not going to start over; I’m not going to just going to turn this leaf over it’s got to be changed. So I was a little nervous about that but I was willing to walk in; the music at already started the service. I put my hand on the first door and I went through; I stood outside; I’d put my hand on the next door and I thought “Well, here I go this is it.” Well, I pushed open the door and I walked in and all eyes in the congregation went to on me and the first person I saw though, really saw though was Kathy my wife Kathy. And she was about 20 steps away or so and I got a little closer and I decided that well, I’d been away I’d been seeking God; I’d been trying to find what to do; I hadn’t seen her and I thought I hadn’t seen her I’d just give her a hug that’s it. That’s what a husband should do after he hadn’t seen his wife in 2 weeks; I walked toward her about 8 more steps I stuck my arm straight out to give my wife a hug but before I could even touch her the power of God came like a lightening bolt from heaven. And I mean it struck; it struck hard and precise and quick and it was just in the twinkling of an eye “Wham” and it was electrified inside inside, outside, I’m almost about to relive it right now Sid (Laughing).

Sid: Well, I can feel the presence of God around what you’re saying.

Steve: Things came in but not only that things lifted off; it was like it just fell off of my shoulders the weight. And I was like “Who am I, what is happening to me?” And I began like the person in the Bible that walking, leaping and praising God after they were healed; I was responding without thinking about what I looked like. I jumped up and down, my arms were going up and down. Kathy says I did a couple of twirls and I don’t know if I ever did in my life.

Sid: (Laughing)

Steve:   And I was different; but not only was I different I was ready to really do something. I was different as a person in my spirit; in my soul; in my body I felt different; but I was empowered and I didn’t know I was empowered then; but it wasn’t going to be a very few minutes later where I saw the power of God begin to work as I was an in effective person in the power of God and suddenly I was affective.

Sid: You know I see some key ingredients; I see number 1 you were crushed.

Steve:   Yeah.

Sid: I see number 2 you were desperate.

Steve:   Yep.

Sid: I see you were desperate for reality or toss in the towel but I don’t want the facade anymore.

Steve: Yep

Sid: And you reached that point and I believe that we have listeners right now that are at that point; they’re ready to throw in the towel. But guess what you are in the position that Steve was in. You have just been positioned to receive this anointing; this manifest presence of God. Now Steve is taking this presence of God one on one to Jewish people; but he can only like I can only do it to one person at a time so to speak, but guess what through radio, through television, through internet there is such an anointing on what Steve is saying right now. Steve, I believe that those that have put their self in position right now would receive. And I pray that the spiritual scales come off of the eyes of that pastor that is listening right now. You are desperate, Steve I want you to pray for everyone that’s hungry right now to be filled.

Steve: I want to pray because it’s a nice warm day here but I got chills on my body; all over my body right now just in the excitement of this moment to pray for you listening that the presence and the power of God will strike your life. I got a whole world ministry out of it and the whole worlds waiting on you. I pray “Jesus, Yeshua right now; Jesus the Messiah come Yeshua the Messiah come now in Your power right now; stretch forth Your Mighty right arm and Strike now! (Swoosh) in the name of Jesus; now let that power in; just receive, just receive. He just wants to know you’ll let Him in. Come and touch them with your power God; touch them now and put the fire of God in their bones; give them a new ministry; start new ministries; open the eyes to see the things Your doing, give them ears to hear what You’re doing and empower their hands for sick people; empower their hands with the anointings for depressed and demonized people and give them words to speak to Jewish people the power and presence and glory of God. You gave me a whole ministry, now give it to others, spread it around. Now if you’re listening to me right now receive, receive, receive, and receive and don’t you doubt in your heart; don’t you dare doubt in your heart it happened to me and it can happen to you in Jesus Name.

Sid: And let me also tell you something; don’t get faked out. Steve had a tangible encounter; but I believe that the anointing of God can go through the spoken voice; can go through laying on of hands; it has Biblical precedent and I believe that anointing went into you. And what you do with it is up to you but if you will thank God that His presence is in you that you are a changed person and begin to worship Him and do not look back I believe that everyone who asked received.   Now I want you to start doing something, I want you to start your own witnessing to Jewish people.

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