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Sid: My guest right here I the studio Pat Holliday from Jacksonville, Florida where she has a congregation. And we’re talking about a subject that has literally swept under the carpet in most dignified congregations unfortunately. A third of Jesus’ ministry was casting demons out of people. So where did these demons go? Did they no longer exist? Are they only in foreign countries? I think that they’re just a little more sophisticated here in the United States. Now you told me that within the last year you’ve had at least 5 pastors call you, tell me about that.

Pat: Well they come and they’re in trouble spiritually because they have ignored one third of the Lord’s ministry of deliverance. What happened one of them called me and he said “I want to come over to the church tonight,” he said “I have been a Pentecostal preacher for 15 years.” He said “I’m out of the ministry I was going to kill my son tonight.”

Sid: But that is so hard for me to believe, I know you so I believe it but that is hard for me to believe Pat.

Pat: Yeah, and he said “But the Lord spoke to me and He said “If you cross that line I will never speak to you again.” So he said “What can I do?” He said “Go over and see Pat Holliday.” And he came over and we ministered to him, his son’s still alive. He’s not back in the ministry at this point but his son is still alive. Then I had a man, a pastor, to come to the church one night and I came early, I never come early. And he was just sitting out in front of the church and he said “Pastor would you minister to me?” I said “Sure,” so I took him in the church and Jezebel had come into his church.

Sid: What do you mean by that?

Pat: Jezebel, they’re in… all over the country right now. The devil is sending Jezebel in to make the pastors fall.

Sid: You mean about people with demonic spirits in them.

Pat: Hmm, hm.

Sid: And they’re called Jezebel spirits. So their idea is to have the pastor fall into sexual sin.

Pat: Exactly.  

Sid: That’s happening by the way all over.

Pat:   Yeah, and so I ministered to this this man. He set in front of the front seat during the service and saying “I love this ministry, I love this ministry.” Because you see when you get delivered remember how you felt when you first received the in filling of the Holy Spirit that’s how you feel, you feel wonderful. Your joy comes back; your spirit is strong for God after deliverance. But you know another area that I want to talk to you about is the infiltration of the church. The infiltration of the church…

Sid: By who?

Pat: By witches, they’re coming right in, coming right in.

Sid: So do they come in disguised as an angel of light?

Pat: They come in disguised as Christians, sometimes they give the biggest tithes. Sometimes they’re the ones…

Sid: They’ll make them a deacon any day.

Pat: They’ll make them a deacon and they’ll get the Children’s Church. Now…

Sid: I have actually interviewed people that were formerly witches that taught Sunday school.

Pat: Amen.

Sid: Unfortunately.

Pat:   See, I used to visit over at this big church and there was a woman, a young girl actually and when I would come in she would run from me and she was the teacher of the children. And so one night Lester Sumrall came to town and I went over to see him.

Sid: I knew Lester boy did he have a dynamic deliverance ministry.

Pat: Amen. So she made the altar call and there were two of three elders around her praying. And so she had her eyes closed and so when I saw that her eyes was closed and she couldn’t run I just jumped up and ran up there, the pastor knew me very well. Laid my hands on her and cast that spirit out. And you know what she told the church, her confession was I belong to the local coven and I was teaching the children in this church. And when Pat Holliday came in here I knew that she could see me. And I ran from her but tonight I got free.

Sid: You know Pat I know the Holy Spirit has taught you a great deal about deliverance, but I image you learned a lot when you went to a number of third world countries especially Africa. You wrote a book about one man I believe a 4th generation witchdoctor. In this book I read this that he literally could turn when he was a witchdoctor he could turn into an animal. Is that true?

Pat: He could turn into 5 different animals which is very common in witchcraft.

Sid: I have heard this from… I have actually heard this from a man by the name of David Hogan in South America. He said he literally saw a witchdoctor on a motorcycle turn to half animal and half man before his eyes. Now people think he’s crazy.

Pat: Yes, but you see those deep generational witchdoctor… there’s things that just shocked me and I had been in the deliverance for 30 years when I went over there. But I can tell you that I have testimonies from other people from those counties that they say that this is true aside from this man that I wrote the book about.

Sid: Tell me one unusual deliverance in Africa.

Pat:   Well there was so many. There was a man that they carried in and they sit him over to the side. Now Sid witches can steal your mind, okay. They work in the mind. So a witch had stolen this young man’s mind and he was like a lunatic and they were just sitting him there holding him. So the Lord showed me that he needed prayer for his mind. So I went over and I laid my hands on him and cast out the spirits that were controlling his mind. But then the Lord… Have you ever heard of Wynn Whirly?

Sid: I’ve interviewed him man many years ago.

Pat:   Well Wynn Whirly was the first person that I ever heard talk about the fragmentation of the mind.

Sid: Do you think a lot of insanity is based on that?

Pat: Exactly, I do. So what the fragmentation of the mind is the devils take the mind and they keep that part of the mind that they take. And so what I did is I called his mind back from the north, east, south and west and commanded the witches to release it and that man is sane today. I had another one the same way that and that boy’s in college, and the other young man is working in Brother Kanco’s Ministry.

Sid: This was the man that was a 4th generation witchdoctor.

Pat: Yes.

Sid: We’re going to be interviewing him for our television show.

Pat:   Wonderful. You know when you go to his church there can be 25 to 30 witches sitting in there challenging him. And what happens is and me too when I go there. When you get under the anointing Sid what happens the demon’s start manifesting. His workers just bring them down to the front and they will just hold them on the ground and you just cast them out.

Sid: Hm.

Pat: Very easy.

Sid: I would imagine there’s got to be some of the greatest miracles going on in a church like that.

Pat: You know they just recently had… they brought a man to him that was in the morgue and God raised the man from the dead. When you go…

Sid: Now this isn’t the Reinhard Bonnke had a guy, it isn’t the same one.

Pat: No, this is a different one, this is Kanco that’s going to be on your show.

Sid: Oh, okay.

Pat: And he’s seen 1000’s of miracles and when I go over there I see 1000’s of miracles. I see miracles everywhere I go to be honest with you in America.

Sid: Listen if the demonic realm can turn a man into animal, how much greater power in the Name of Jesus?

Pat: That’s right.

Sid: You know I think it’s time to…how fearful should a Christian be of a demon?

Pat: Not at all, but you know when I’ve got films of me over in Africa with the witches running from me.

Sid: (Laughing)

Pat: And America running from me.

Sid: Well when you do our television show we’ll let them see that on “It’s Supernatural Television.”

Pat: You see they shouldn’t be but they’re afraid because they don’t have teaching.

Sid:  The only reason a Christian fears is because they have a lack of knowledge.

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