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Sid: My guest here in the studio is Pat Holliday. She has a congregation in Jacksonville, Florida. What’s the name of your congregation Pat?

Pat:   Miracle Outreach Ministries.

Sid: That’s a pretty good name.

Pat: Yeah.

Sid: But speaking of miracles I forgot to ask you something. You said you were in 1975 you went to Jerusalem and you had a mighty encounter with God to the point where you were speaking in unknown tongues in Hebrew. You don’t speak any Hebrew and you led 25 Jewish people to the Lord and they were actually speaking back to you in Hebrew. You didn’t even know what they were saying, but the one thing that you knew when you laid hands on these people they had a power encounter with God. But God not only healed you in Jerusalem, and by the way let’s provoke a lot of people to jealousy. What did he do with your face?

Pat: He wiped His hands across my eyes and when you’re in the occult it gives you dark circles and wrinkles. It took away all of the wrinkles from my eyes and all of my family and my pastor thought I had had a face lift.

Sid: Well but the Lord also told you something about your husband who was unsaved and was he battling cancer at the time?

Pat: Not at that time.

Sid: Okay.

Pat:   But at that time he was battling his disk in his back and half of his body was paralyzed.

Sid: Oh my goodness.

Pat: And then God healed that and then later the cancer.

Sid: Well he got healed from that what happened with the cancer?

Pat: Well when the cancer came the Lord told me that he was going to live and at that time I didn’t believe it because I knew what the doctor said. So he did live, I told Shambach when he came to town that “Well he can’t die because he sleeps in the bed with me and the anointing keeps him alive.”

Sid: (Laughing)

Pat: But what happened is he lived 18 years after the Lord healed him from that cancer.

Sid: What kind of cancer did he have?

Pat:   It was just in the stomach. All of the doctors were just amazed because he was in the pharmaceutical business and they knew him very well. So he survived that. But what happened to me, I was traveling and evangelizing in the Caribbean and having a ball of my life. But my husband said “I know I’m healed but I don’t want you to leave me,” you know he was insecure. So I gave up my evangelistic ministry at that time and joined Dr. Eboni in Jacksonville who is my present pastor and taught in the seminary for 8 years. He used to have a miracle service coming out of his church. So it’s like the Lord took me out of sight for all of this time but it was during this time that I wrote a lot of books that are going to be published.

Sid: So in affect there are a lot of people that have been on the shelf for a long time that God is now bringing up. Are you available to speak in churches… But Pat very few Christians understand the deliverance ministry. At the time that you got into it who taught you, I mean you read a book, you read a simple book on deliverance to get free yourself but you literally learned by the Spirit of God.

Pat: By the Spirit of God.

Sid: Tell me about one deliverance.

Pat:   There was a group that came from church to swim in the pool and to be baptized and after the meeting 2 young boys stayed back. This one your boy that was like retarded and so his brother said “He needs a miracle.” And I said “Well God can give him a miracle. And I touched him and he fell out under the power. And back in those days everybody wasn’t moving with that anointing only Kathryn Kuhlman and a few people. You know Sid she said “This is going all over the world and the devil cannot stop it and that’s what she was talking about was the slaying power of the Holy Ghost. And so I was explaining to this boy what had happened. And I said “Oh he fell out under the Spirit God’s going to heal him.” This boy says “Mrs. Holliday I was at a prayer meeting the other night and I was on the floor and they were trying to cast a devil out of me and I was hitting my head up against the furniture” and he said “I just can’t get it out of my mind.” I said “Well let me pray for you God doesn’t want you tormented like that.” And I touched him and he fell down on the floor and his whole face started contorting and I had read a few books by then and so I said “You come out of him in the Name of Jesus” like that. And the spirit left and when he came up off the floor his face was just shining like Moses when he came down the mountain. You know Sid God used to bring people to my house from counties away and they would knock on my door and they said “Jesus told me come here that you could help me.” And I’d look at them and I say I don’t know what to do” you know. But they would come in and the Lord would tell me what to do. And I had seen homosexuals delivered, lesbians, I had seen anything and everything that you could think of. And back in those days preachers were saying homosexuality you were just born that way. Well it’s a demon, that’s all it is it’s a demon just like AIDS. And I can tell you cancers a demon too I’ve cast it out many times.

Sid: Let me ask you a question, there seems to be a new phenomena, if you will, a new trend going on today. Young children are taking antidepressants or they’re hyper and they have to be given Ritalin and all of these drugs. I think it has something to do with what is invading the home on television. Invading the children through movies, what do you think?

Pat: And Harry Potter, I believe it’s real because we had a young man to come to the church Friday and he was totally demon possessed 6 years old.

Sid: Six years old!

Pat:   And he was totally, I’m telling you like an adult. Totally demon possessed and God delivered him, but the children…

Sid: One of my secretaries was telling me about a young boy that his parents don’t even know these curse words was cursing like a sailor.

Pat: Hmm, hm.

Sid: It was a demon.

Pat:   And they’re picking it up off of these cartoons also on television.

Sid: Oh, these cartoons are so New Agey.

Pat:  And witchcraft, it’s just loaded.

Sid: But what about movies like “Lord of the Rings?”

Pat:   Well “Lord of the Rings” is a movie that is really bad, it’s got a lot of demonology in it. And it’s twisted if you understand, it’s a mixture of Christianity a little bit.

Sid: So why do pastors say it’s wonderful, national radio pastors.

Pat: They just don’t know any better. Do you know that there were some national radio pastors that said that “Harry Potter” was okay?

Sid: Oi vey!

Pat: If I told you I know what that means Sid I used to date a Jewish man. Oi vey.

Sid: Oh okay.

Pat: But see they don’t know because what they’ve done is they’ve taken a little portion of the Bible and they beat it and beat it for the money. And some of them are living sumptuously like kings and queens and they’re calling for the people to give them the money. The people give them the money thinking that they too are going to be rich. And…

Sid: Your just talking about the gospel of greed.

Pat:   Yeah.

Sid: That’s what I call it.

Pat: Exactly.

Sid: I call it the gospel of greed and I wonder sometimes if Christians were to give money to expand God’s kingdom if they knew they wouldn’t get a reward until they got to heaven. And you know what if they feel they need the reward in this life. And by the way the scripture says they will, but if that’s why they’re giving it’s the gospel of greed.

Pat: I agree.

Sid: I don’t know how we got there but…

Pat: But the point is that’s the majority of what’s being taught. They don’t teach about Jesus, they don’t give altar calls, they don’t ask them to come up and be healed.

Sid: Well many of them do but still there’s a mixture there. Pat let me ask you about someone that is depressed all the time could that be a demon?

Pat: It could be a demon from the outside of a person or from the inside of a person. And demons of oppression and depression are some of the most serious demons because the person loses life, they lose their joy, they get twisted image of Jesus. But it can easily be cast out, it’s the easiest thing.

Sid: That’s the sad part they don’t have to take an antidepressants and get medicine the rest of their life.

Pat: Yeah, they don’t have to take it anymore.

Sid: But most pastors unfortunately either have this doctrine that a Christian can’t be oppressed or have a demon, or they don’t know anything about it, or they’re afraid of the whole deal.

Pat: That’s right and if they look at what’s going on in their church they’ll know something demonic is happening because people are not sitting and stable under any pastor today they’re going from one little field to the other.

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