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Our Guest David Herzog

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be in the power and the glory. The power comes from food that God has put on earth that gives your body the vitality, the energy. You don’t have the same diseases most other people have; the weight, the mental ability. You become what God created you to be using the things He put on this earth and then the supernatural glory. And I’ve never seen anyone combine the two together but I have David Herzog and we’re talking about his brand new book “Jump-Start” and his special DVD “Walking in the Glory Every Day.” A how to step by step of how you can walk in the glory of God. David explain to me how this works with especially the 21 days and why did you pick 21 days to go from natural to supernatural health?

David: Well a lot of people know that it takes 21 days to break a habit and it’s kind of a known thing so that’s why we chose 21. Because if we do something for 21 says it becomes a pattern and a lot of times it will stick with you for the rest of your life, that’s why the 21.

Sid: Okay, well tell me how you’ve combined; because when you don’t combine the glory with the nutrition program people will just stop no matter how good it is.

David: Yeah, because God is the source of all life, all health, all everything so like I said before you can have health and eat healthy but have emotional or spiritual problems or mad at God or bitter. And those things will hinder you because eventually a lot of people eat out of just wounds in their heart. They’re depressed so they just eat, they call it comfort food, and so when you combine the glory and being close to God with diet it breaks off those bad habits and it helps you keep on the plan and stay close to God and fulfill your destiny.

Sid: And so you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast it sounds wonderful I’ve been out to David’s house in Sedona, Arizona. He’s got a garden in his backyard, he takes the fresh organic food right out of his garden when he wakes up in the morning he puts it in his blender. I mean it sounds wonderful; maybe I can move in David? No, I’m just teasing. (Laughing)

David: I’ll get a room for you.

Sid: Okay, so but what else do you eat during the day?

David: Oh yeah the juicing and later on I’ll have a salad. I’ll put a nice healthy, put avocados, put veggies, bell peppers, put maybe a little bit of cranberries or raisins, so I just have fun with it you know.

Sid: What type of dressing do you use?

David: Oh I try to do my own type of dressings; sometime I put no dressing, sometimes I put vinegar and oil; it just depends you have a whole recipe thing in the book the kind of options you can use. It’s actually get’s fun after awhile.

Sid: Okay, and what do you usually snack on during the day?

David: Oh snack I do these super-green bars that I have; there’s like 100% raw organic. I do nuts, I’ll do fruit, I’ll do like I said I’ll do an avocado if I get really hungry in between. So there’s a lot of different options people have they don’t realize…

Sid: Now you’re a big advocate of coconut oil, I don’t hear much about that. Why do you like coconut oil so much?

David: Well, I like coconut and I like oil, 2 different things. Coconut oil I mix that in my smoothies, it helps you lose weight for one, great for your cholesterol, great for your skin, it like does so many different things. Coconut water in the summer is the best, it’s like if you take a coconut open it and drink it it’s equal to your like your plasma of your blood. They even use them as blood transfusions in 3rd world countries coconut water, so it’s so close to your blood type it hydrates you better than water. So in the summer time when you’re in hot tropical places you could actually live off coconut water it has so many nutrients it’s amazing.

Sid: What about garlic, did you really chew on garlic all day long when you had a flu condition; and if so was anyone reasonably close to you? No, I’m just teasing. (Laughing)

David: Well, there 2 different instances one of them with the garlic I had a toothache in Indonesia and I was doing some really large outdoor meetings and at night I could not sleep it was an abscessed tooth. So I chewed on a garlic clove that I got from the front desk of a restaurant and I kept chewing on it on that tooth and it completely dissolved the abscess problem with the tooth. It’s never come back and I could sleep; it’s never come back; so garlic works like an antibiotic. So what I had one time I was going to India and I got sick. I didn’t know what I had the doctor told me what I had but I didn’t want the antibiotics and I just put ginger, garlic, cayenne pepper in a shake some different things like this; hot peppers, and it completely flushed out what I had the flu and laryngitis in 48 hours. The doctor told me nothing would cure it but antibiotics. Two days later I was completely cured and went to India no problems.

Sid: Now you have a lot in your book about sleep; I mean I don’t know about you Mishpochah but I find this fascinating and the truth of the matter is yes God will heal you; God in the glory all things are possible. But why do you tempt God, why would you want to live your life with no energy? Why would you want to live your life heavy carrying an extra 50 pounds with you every day of your life? Why would you want to live your life with all of these dread diseases, and unfortunately these diseases come on Christians as well as non-Christians. Sleep you talk about very important; tell me how important it is and what we can do if we’re running into sleep problems?

David: Well believe it or not I’ve discovered the number one way that people gain weight is lack of sleep, even more than food. It’s amazing, but for instance if you go to bed every night really late your liver starts to detoxify about 10:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The people that go to bed every night past 2:00 AM or even midnight a lot of times their liver doesn’t have the time to detox. The toxins stay in the body and you start to gain weight. And then it affects your emotions, it affects your…people start getting depression, your hormones don’t get regulated like it supposed to. So many things happen when you sleep and when you don’t sleep your losing so much of life.

Sid: I notice that you talk about going to bed early; is there a reason for that?

David: Yeah, like I said if you to bed early your body resets itself; your metabolism…

Sid: What time do you recommend?

David: Well, the best time is by 10:00PM because between 10:00PM and 2:00 AM that’s the time your liver starts to detox. And that’s super important because everything goes to the liver. The liver doesn’t detox then you wake up feeling groggy, you’re tired; your body holds in toxins; doesn’t release the weight. So like if you were to sleep 8 hours and you slept from 2:00 AM for 8 hours or you went to bed at 10:00 PM for 8 hours you would feel way more rested if you went to bed at 10:00 PM. And a lot of time if you go to bed at 2 or 3 in the morning you need more than 8 hours because the body doesn’t feel rested.

Sid: Now, do you need 8 hours sleep?

David: No some people don’t; I feel better with 8 hours but some people can get by on 7.   I recommend at least 7 but 8 hours. It’s kind of I noticed a balance that most people feel best highest performance 8 hours sleep.

Sid: What about people that either have difficulty falling asleep; difficulty staying asleep; waking up real early rather than their 7 – 8 hours. What do you recommend to them?

David: Okay well a lot of time you have habits they got to break so if you’re up late at night watching action movies and cell phone and then you want to go to bed you won’t be able to because all the electromagnetic stuff coming out of the electronics will keep you stimulated. So if you want to go to bed an hour or two before you want to go to bed turn off all electronics; read a book, drink some hot tea. Also there some natural stuff to help you get jump-started like melatonin. Your body normally produces melatonin when you’re younger, when your older it doesn’t produce enough so you can take some of those and that will help you start sleeping earlier. So there’s different things you can do and eventually you get a habit and your body will eventually start. You got to train your body to sleep is the problem; mental stress too you know. Let’s say you’re mad at someone at work or like the Bible says “You don’t let the sun go down on your anger.” If you’re thinking about something that’s bothering you and you sleep; a lot of times you can’t sleep. So you have to forgive, release the person, cover in the blood of Jesus then go to bed you’ll sleep a lot better. So a lot of different it depends on what the issue is causing the lack of sleep.

Sid: Out of curiosity have people read your book and solved their sleep deprivation problems?

David: Oh yeah, we’ve got people email us and said “Wow, I didn’t realize that sleeping next to my cell phone was hindering me from sleeping.” They stick it in the bathroom and suddenly they’re sleeping better.

Sid: Ah, there’s people that in their bedroom is a computer.

David: Exactly. Yeah I tell them “Take all of those and get into another room because it’s emanating really strong electromagnetic frequencies; even when it’s off a lot of time it’s still buzzing.” If you talk to different scientists they’ll tell you what kind of electronic stuff and how much the atoms that are in their and how fast they’re moving.” Your body can’t handle that and it keeps you stimulated and that’s why a lot of kids can’t sleep now.

Sid: So someone that’s watching TV to relax what they’re doing is they’re energizing themselves rather than relaxing.

David: Oh yeah, because not only does the electromagnet but the visuals; all the images coming at you so fast. And then your mind starts thinking about all the things you just saw. Somehow when you read a book it doesn’t have the same affect; you’re using your own imagination as you read; but when you’re watching TV someone’s shoving thoughts at you against your own will but basically you’re filtering all that through your mind. And then let’s say it’s an action movie it’s even more. So I mean you can watch a movie but I wouldn’t try to sleep right after; give yourself an hour to just kind of calm your body down so that you can sleep.

Sid: And out of curiosity what do you read an hour before you go to bed?

David: Oh, I read the Bible of course and I read good Christian books. I read anything that’s interesting that draws me closer to God or helps me change my life for the better.

Sid: I have to believe that the scriptures says “He give His beloved sleep.” I have to believe if you’re reading Psalms or you’re reading something in the Bible before you go to bed you’re going to sleep a whole lot better than if you’re watching a murder movie.

David: Of course, yeah Psalms actually is my favorite. If you read 5 Psalms a day or every night. A lot of times I read 5 Psalms at night; five chapters and then 1 Proverb in the morning and then I read other scriptures too. But Proverbs is great to just kind of jump-start your day.

Sid: David we’ve run out of time….

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