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Sid: My guest is a man by the name of Leif Hetland and Leif is known as the Ambassador of love. I have heard and you have too of a water baptism, I have heard and you have too of the baptism of the Holy Spirit and fire. But how many have heard of the baptism of love. Before we get into this because Leif said that had a greater profound change in his life than even the baptism in the Holy Spirit. I believe that impartation when you just listen to him speak is going to jump off of him onto you. So you get to know Leif a little bit Leif where were you born?

Leif: I was born in Norway on the southwest coast and that’s why I have an accent.

Sid: And your parents were Pentecostal, but at age 9 you had an amazing supernatural experience that you didn’t even comprehend at 9 what happened?

Leif: Well I was sitting underneath a tree and I know it’s hard for people that know me today to believe that I was pretty shy of nature. I was actually at that age still sucking my thumb other kids was playing. We had a tree back yard and I was just sitting there I don’t know if I was half depressed but at least felt a little heavy. There was like a wind that came in but it was not the regular wind that we have in the southwest coast of Norway because it was just around where I was sitting around a tree I just suddenly saw all the tree branches everything else just started to swirl around. And next all of these small little lights started glistening and the presence of God. I didn’t know how to describe the presence of God but it was just a major encounter like I am here, I see you, I know you, I have found you underneath this tree. And there was something that took place in me that as a 9 year old I didn’t know how to process it, but it did something with me that I kind of put on the self I didn’t even tell anybody or talk about it it was just such an overwhelming experience where did this wind come from, where’s all of these lights, where is I don’t know it was an audible voice but the voice was clear enough that somebody’s speaking to me that says that “I see you and I know you and I’ve called you.”

Sid: Okay many years later your I believe it was England and speaking at a conference with Randy Clark and James Malone, and James had which he has quite often because he’s been a guest on our show an open vision and what did he see?

Leif: Yeah it was very unusual because as a speaker in a conference that he called me to come forward but he said “Leif I want you to come forward.” And it was like he had this panoramic vision where he saw like…he took me to 4 different places. And the first one back to when I was 9 years old and he described my backyard he described the tree, he described the wind and the light in the tree and how God was speaking to me. And at that moment well I cried just talking about it because at that moment I realized that the encounter that I had that here all of these years later this was maybe 5 years ago so I’m close to I’m 49 right now so I’m talking about I’m 44 years old at the time. So all of these years later there’s been kind of a puzzle of what was actually happening and I realized that the Creator of the Universe actually knew my address suddenly showed up and angelic visitation and that there was a hand of God even at the age of 9 they came upon me and had an incredible impact. And then at a conference in front of everybody he describes the detail of that where I lived and how the tree looked like, what happened in the atmosphere all of those details. And I was back again as a 9 year old and I saw myself when he described it and in the next moment it was just like a jolt of electricity I couldn’t stand any longer and I was undone.

Sid: Well and then going back to the chronological order of your life at 12 you turned away from the Lord you got into drugs. But at 17 you had another supernatural encounter with the Lord that really changed you what happened?

Leif: Well when I was 17 at that time period it was more of an encounter with Jesus and that’s what I’ve often told people that the encounter with Jesus saved me, healed me, saved me, set me free. And it was tremendous I just fell in love with Jesus. I had known of Jesus all of my life, I’d been running from Jesus but I had never encountered Jesus. But through this encounter with Jesus I actually was a little bit high back in those days, but through the encounter with Jesus something just shifted with me and shifted the course of my life where I knew this Jesus I had met that Jesus…

Sid: Now when you say encounter that means different things to different people take me back there what happened to you?

Leif: Well yeah it’s started actually with a journey that I walked on the street and I still didn’t even know if it was an angel or a person but I walked in the street of Haugesund, a small little town of where I was living, and somebody came up to me and just started…today I knew it would be a word of knowledge meaning that Jesus was speaking something to me. This person could have been an angel, it could have been a person I do not know, but when I was finished talking to this person he was sharing different things in my life and what I was looking for and longing for it created it started the created. I mean I need this Jesus, that’s the real Jesus I have not found Him I’ve known of Him, known everything about Him but that’s the Jesus that I have been looking for. And I saw it in somebody if that was I’ve never seen the person since if that wasn’t a person or if it was an angel I cannot describe it today. But the encounter had such an impact on my life that I knew that I need to say “No to anything else and I need to say yes to this Jesus.”

Sid: Tell me in 2000 when you had what you called the baptism in the Father’s love tell me what happened, tell me the circumstances.

Leif: Yes the story leads up to because over all of these years now I am ministering I am traveling the world on the staff of a mega church. Just to give the background I am living for God but I didn’t know how to live from God. I knew the Holy Spirit I knew power traveling around doing crusade I knew Jesus but I did not know the Father I did not know Poppa God as a good Poppa. God was more distant to be honest with you He was more kind of bipolar in nature to me and it was up to me to kind of please Him and if I did the right things then He was pleasing.

Sid: Just out of curiosity what was your relationship with your natural father?

Leif: I think that it was good but it was also distant. Being Norwegian Norwegians they do not express or often show and are unable to express love and affection in a very good way. But my dad was a very good father he provided, he took care of all of those needs. And I think that God also to a certain degree was a similar God that I mean you do these different things and He takes care of you but I did not know before this encounter I did not know it had existed something called the baptism of love. And so anyway it led to I was invited to go down to Florida and the 2 gentlemen who is pretty much well known here one is Jack Taylor Dr. Jack Taylor and Charles Corn. One is 84 and 1 is 81 years old today. Back then they invited me to come down to a group of men a small group in Holiday Inn in Florida outside of Melbourne. And my desperation level was pretty great at the time because I had been living with an orphan heart and an orphan spirit, and what I mean with that I was constantly out on the field working for God but I didn’t have a home, I didn’t have a place of security and love and value and purpose. I didn’t have a place deep within me a constantly. I call it it was a black hole in my soul. I was looking for something but I didn’t know what I was looking for.

Sid: Well at that time what was your home life like your family?

Leif: Again of course when I do not do enough with God then nobody else does enough. I think we function together to the best that we can and that is because I’m saying I’m the performer I was an achiever if I do all of these different things then things was fine. Of course when that’s the way I view God that’s the way my wife she has to do certain things, the kids so there was definitely there was a lot of pain, there was a lot of hurt, there was a lot of areas and I had so many love deficiency and I was right and everybody was wrong. Because I had power I could show the anointing I could come home with a video you could see the miracles, or you could come to the meeting and you could see God showing up and they had seen that. And so even if people try to confront me on certain things because my core values I’ve got power and that proves that somehow I’m right. So I think there was a definitely a lot of dysfunction going on.

Sid: Give me a few of the symptoms of someone that might be listening to us right now that has this as you call it orphan spirit.

Leif: Now I think it’s manifested usually in 2 ways, one would be definitely be religion and the other one rebellion. And what I mean for me now it was religion and that means that it is constantly what I do for God I value God, and I value my wife, I value my kids and I value everybody. What they’re going to do for me but I’m actually in the center. Because I am looking for something in my life that only Father God can fulfill that since it is not there then I expect everybody else and when they don’t live up to it we often because we live by fear as orphans because when you don’t have a home and I’m not talking about having a nice house because you can have a nice house but you don’t have a home you don’t have a place where you’re secure in the Father’s presence then as a result of that it’s awful to be around people working for me or anything else because when I don’t do enough nobody else does enough. And so when you feel that God is pretty critical of me I’m pretty critical at people and this was constantly going on so practically speaking it was manifested in every way. You maybe didn’t see it when you were on the pulpit but the core value system is what God is going to do for me, what people is going to do but I’m in the center of everything. And that’s what the orphan world because the orphan is all about themself.

Sid: How can someone…what your describing is someone that is very self-centered even though it’s cloaked in religion and maybe very prideful.

Leif: Definitely, definitely and it was my life. Looking back at it sometimes it is very difficult to want to see a movie of my own life. It was the best that I knew and let me just say one thing is I felt God clearly says “You’re not responsible for a revelation you did not have.” So I realized that also that I just did not know, I was just not comfortable with intimacy, I was not comfortable with love and as a result of that there was constantly this I would call it just a black hole in my soul and that’s going to have to be filled somehow.

Sid: So it could be filled with drugs or and a lot of people it just doesn’t even compute in the brain it could be filled with religion. What is the difference between the religion that is wrong and the religion that is right?

Leif: I think it is a very good question because I think you’re dealing with the same issue your just two branches. One of them is constantly having a core value because all of the good things I do and that’s the core value and I think that resulted that I have value. And the other one is just pretty much giving up because pain seeks pleasure when people have all of this pain that’s what it does then I’m looking for something to escape and that religion in a negative way now you rebel you’re doing things and that’s in the secret or whatever. I think that a lot of the addiction issues, the lot of issues that people have shame, guilt, all of those things then eventually that pain is going to look for something to be able to meet some of those root issues. And of course today I met 1000’s of people…

Sid: But wait a second but let’s suppose someone has this orphan spirit as you describe they pour themselves in religion, their motivation may not be the best is that they get pleasure out of it but they’re sure doing a lot for God’s kingdom what’s so wrong with that?

Leif: What I say there’s nothing wrong it’s just that there’s something that just not right.

Sid: (Laughing)

Leif: There is an element there that what you’re constantly doing for God it’s pretty much the best of what the flesh can produce. The challenge in this is also for me is because I operate in an anointing but still fear based, it’s rooted in fear. And as a result of that you control, you tried to control people you control circumstances because there’s fear in your life. And of course we know that He has not given us a spirit of fear that’s not God but I lived in fear.

Sid: Now what was your fear over in religion?

Leif: Well in regard to religion I want to make it first of all to share that God is pleased with me and I do the right things but I also fear what people are going to think about me. What if they know the real me, what if they know the real issue not the one they see on stage but what if I open up and they saw nakedness, what if they saw transparency? What if they had a camera in my home and they started to see that after the meetings over and I coming home that the same anointing that was saw there in the meeting was not in my home? And it is not the same anointing to love my wife or love my kids or the same anointing was not there in other areas of my life.

Sid: And in other words you were performing?

Leif: You’re performing and you’re good achiever because you got your value.

Sid: I got it. Okay now let me take you to the year 2000 you’re at a small gathering Jack Taylor is there, Dennis Jernigan the singer is there, tell me what happened?

Leif: Yeah as I was saying at that time period this hidden core pain was very deep in my life and in the middle of the meeting as I was saying there was less than 100 of us together and then suddenly Dennis Jernigan said “Leif I have this song for you.” And I wish that everyone that listens will hear that song by Dennis Jernigan it’s called “The Daddy Song.” I didn’t know anything about it, but Dennis in a small setting in a corner of this little Holiday Inn room he started to play “The Daddy Song, the Father Song.” And he started to sing a love song from Poppa God over me. And I couldn’t cry because I was hard, we are Norwegian if you were to hug me in 1999 it would be like hugging a tree stump because we’re cold people, cold nature. But now there’s love touched and before you know it I laid on the floor and even Jack Taylor says “I’ve never seen a man cry that much” but I laid there.

Sid: But wait wait wait are you telling me that you never cried before?

Leif: I could cry but I’m definitely not sure but it was very seldom that you would see me cry.

Sid: Did you ever cry like that before?

Leif: No, no, no, no definitely not, no not like that.

Sid: Now there was a couple of tears might come to your eyes once in a great while but that’s about it.

Leif: That’s the closest you will even find.

Sid: Okay.

Leif: Then that would maybe be if there was a funeral or something tragic that your controlled it.

Sid: Alright.

Leif: You controlled every emotion because you don’t show emotion that’s a weakness because then people can see who you are. So laying in this floor I ended up on the floor and the presence of God and for the first time when I laid there these waves started to flow and it was like liquid love and it just continued to flow as he sang. And it’s like I’m laying there and it’s almost having an x-ray that goes back into deepened hid core pain from childhood to the 9 year old, to the 12 year old, to the 15 year old I got clear pictures of me and then the love just rinsed it away the love just healed it. The love just these waves just went in there went into those areas…

Sid: You know as you’re sharing that right now I’m feeling those waves come across the airwaves just by you rehearsing what happened.

Leif: Yeah well I’m feeling it too and so that’s probably why (Laughing).

Sid: Hm.

Leif: I’m sitting here and just start crying again but it’s just hard for me to describe these experiences without taking me back to… (crying). So I just laid there but eventually it came to the root and I know this is that there was an audible voice that only time in my life that I can say 100% certainly that this was an audible voice. I’ve heard clear voices of God that I follow but in that voice it was so clear and He says “Leif you’re My beloved, you’re my beloved Son, not the servant, not the pastor, not the apostle, not business man, not you’re My beloved son, I love you.”   And when He said the last word that’s when everything broke.

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought I want to find out what happened but even more important that that you know today when Leif goes anywhere the whole atmosphere changes. And Leif says what happened to him God wants you to experience.

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