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SID: Do you know that the same power that raised Messiah Jesus from the dead, can you imagine how much power that was, dwells, lives, tabernacles in you. Yes, in you. It blows my mind, as the teens would say. Tell me about the power of the Ruach HaKodesh, the Spirit of the Living God.

PASTOR BENNY: You know, when you and I were together a few days ago on my program, there was a tremendous exchange between you and I as we talked about the Bible. And the reason I’m so enjoying being, Sid, today is because he understands this. And you need to understand this. The Holy Spirit is the power of the Trinity. God Almighty will do nothing without it. God the Son will do nothing without it. In fact, when the Lord returned on Earth, if you remember when the Lord rose from the dead and walked among his disciples for 40 days, it says, “Through the Spirit he gave commandments.” When the Lord returns on Earth, he will destroy Antichrist by the breath of His mouth. That’s the Holy Ghost again.

SID: The Ruach.

PASTOR BENNY: The Ruach. So the Holy Spirit is the power of Heaven. Think about He is so mighty that He took God the Eternal One and turned Him into a seed. Think about that, how much power that is, and deposits Him in the womb of a virgin named Mary. Think about the power, like you just said, that raised Him from the dead.

SID: Right now through people, desperate people that need a healing, when you have your services, I’ve noticed something. There isn’t just a choir worshiping God. You are worshiping God. The choir is worshiping God. The people are. How important is worship?

PASTOR BENNY: Well worship brings His manifestation to us. And let’s just make this very clear. Do not seek the Holy Spirit. Seek Jesus. When you seek Jesus, He comes. Now fellowship with the Holy Spirit, that’s a different matter. Recognize the Holy Spirit, of course. He is our helper, the Bible says. He is our comforter, guide, teacher, leader. So when I talk about the Holy Spirit, I’m talking about a person who is here to help us and walk with us, and guide us. But the Bible says, “He shall glory. He will glorify the Lord. He will glorify Jesus.” His presence comes when Jesus is glorified. And so when we worship the Lord, the Son of God, the Holy Spirit comes and manifests His presence. And so that’s why it’s important to understand that when you worship the Lord, the Lord becomes real by the Holy Spirit. And when He becomes real, and this is the key, this is what brings miracles, and that is when the Lord Jesus becomes more real than your sickness.

SID: Well I’m going to tell you something. God has spoken to me [about] two conditions just now. Number one, He says there are people whose teeth are crooked. They’re going to be straightened. In fact, you’re going to have any kind of dental miracle you can believe when Pastor Benny prays. Number two, there are people with tremendous pains in your necks, in your back, and any pain in your body, I’m telling you, as Pastor Benny prays, you will be healed. Would you pray for healing right now.

PASTOR BENNY: I would love to right now. I want to, I’m stretching my hands towards you because I want you to come, if you can and place your hands across the screen. All that is, is the atmosphere. Or just stretch your hands towards the, place your hands on where the problem is because all that is, is the atmosphere. Dear Jesus, we come together in simple trust. And right now wonderful Lord, I pray every sickness will be healed, every bondage broken. Let the same resurrection power that raised you from the dead, the power of the Holy Ghost, flow through their body, bringing healing, life, strength and restoration. Skin cancer has just been healed and a lady, Lia is your name. L-I-A, the Lord just healed you of skin cancer. And somebody else with a muscle disease is healed completely. Listen, I don’t have to call you healing. All you have to do is call out His name: Jesus. And whosoever will call on His name will be delivered. Amen.

SID: The word in the Greek means delivered, healed, your sins paid for. Yeshua did it all. That’s Hebrew for Jesus. If you will confess with your mouth, that means speak it out loud, you then will believe in your heart that Jesus rose from the dead. Say this with me. Repeat it. Dear Jesus, I’m a sinner. Against you and you alone have I sinned. I’m so sorry. I believe the blood of Jesus washes away my sins and I am clean. It’s so good to be clean. And now that I am clean, Jesus come inside of me. I make you my Lord. Amen.

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