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SID: Lisa, so she has this vision of this lioness, she opens her Bible, she reads about the lioness arising. What, well first of all, who is the lioness to you?

LISA: So Jesus is the lion of the Tribe of Judah.

SID: Right.

LISA: And his bride who is the church, I believe is the lioness. And I believe that God is having a fierce awakening. And I think, you know, you’re even seeing women coming alongside the men, finding out that they have a voice. They don’t have a voice to push the men aside. They are actually adding their voice to the men’s voice. And so for me, the lioness is what God wants the church to rise up and look like. So Sid, what happened for me is God sort of opening doors for me. I started traveling, I started ministering and I began to think it was about me. I began to think, wow, I’m not a coward anymore. I’m not a captive anymore. I’m free. I’m traveling and speaking in these big conferences. I’m a lioness. And God was like, “No, this is not about you. I said with the birth of your son you would awaken a lioness”. And that is a fierce waking call for his church, and we need to be a people who know how to live in the light, but hunt in the dark, and that is the prophetic anointing that is coming on the church, to live in the light, but hunt in the dark, to see what is hidden, see what is captive. We need to be a people whose eyes are lit from within and that is something that lions have. They have an ability to interpret light of their environment to vision.

SID: And you know, you explain that lions in the dark can see. So how does a believer see in the dark?

LISA: Well because we’re lit from within. See, it’s too, it’s very much a tragic thing. I love how you open up some of the programs. We have people in the church who are praying scared prayers: “Oh God, can you please save us. It’s going to be such a bad time. I’m going to lose all my money.” You know what? We’re not supposed to pray scared prayers. We’re supposed to pray the prayers that are the Word of God. We’re supposed to pray scary prayers. We’re supposed to pray prayers that are so fierce, so strong, so God-ridden, that they scare us when they come to our ears. That is the way of the lioness. The lion, it doesn’t’ live in fear of what’s in its environment. We need to understand that that is the strength that God wants to impart to his people. And so we need to find out who we are and we need to find out what our strength is. And Sid, while I was studying and preaching this, I said, God, you know, just in case, I had that dream a long time ago. Just in case, if this is something, you know, you don’t want me to write on, you don’t want me to talk on, I just need a confirmation from you. And that night, now I live in Colorado, so this is a kind of frame of reference. That night, I found out my son had a school project. Eight p.m., Mom, I have a school project. I go down the stairs, I tear apart the three older boys’ school projects. I bring him the poster board. He’s like, no, this isn’t right. You have to brave a blizzard. So I go out, brave a blizzard, have my other three boys, you know, start to build his project from, have it all spread on the table when my husband does something that I would normally have called annoying. But when you’ve been married for more than 10 years and it’s still happening you need to call it cute. So anyway, he has this cute habit of calling me and putting me on the phone with strangers and that night was no exception. He said, “I have a man you need to talk to.” I’m like, “No, I’m sorry, I’m doing a school project now. I don’t need to talk to a stranger.” And he said, “No, you need to talk to this person.” So this guy calls me and he said, “Lisa, your husband mentioned that you’re teaching on lioness rising. He said that lions are the best killers, but lionesses are the best hunters.” He said, “I’m going to tell you why your work is important.” He said, “Do you know we are not winning the war in Afghanistan?” And I said, “I did know that.” And he said, “Do you want to know why?” And I said, “Sure.” He said, “Because we can’t speak to the women.” And he said, “When you can’t speak to the women you can’t flip the culture, and when you can’t flip a culture, you can’t win a war.” He said, “I am in charge of assembling special operative teams here at Fort Bragg.” And he said, “Up until this point we have focused on men because of the danger.” He said, “But now we are sending in special operative women who are going to tell the Afghan women they have voice and value. They’re going to take care of their minor medical needs. They’re going to deliver their babies and they’re going to tell them why democracy will serve their sons and daughters well.” He said, “They’re about ready to be deployed. It is called Team Lioness. May I have a copy of your resources for all of them?” So I got to resource Team Lioness going out of Fort Bragg, then Team Lioness going out of the Marines, out of Camp Lejeune. So if the U.S. military understands that without the involvement of women, we will fight, but we will not win. It is time that we understand in the Body of Christ that we need both the men and the women to win, and that has always been God’s dream. And God’s dream is the enemy’s nightmare.

SID: Okay. There is someone watching right now.

LISA: Yeah.

SID: And you are crying out in your heart, God, there must be something more. What would you say to them?

LISA: You know, I’m speaking straight to your spirit. There is something inside of you, you know you were created for something so much more than what you have seen. You have been living a life afraid. Well God has not given you a spirit of fear. God did not save you to tame you. He saved you to release you to be everything that he created you to be. I dare you, I dare you to stop being afraid of your strengths, in Jesus’ name.

SID: When we come back, Lisa is going to talk about how this stay at home mom is traveling to some of the hot spots of the world, rescuing women sold into slavery and sex trade. I mean, some of things you do, I am amazed. And guess what? Anything Lisa can do, you can do better. We’ll be right back.

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