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Sid: You know this is amazing this is Sid Roth with something more and I’m talking to Cherie Calbom. Cherie in my notes you have a pretty profound statement here it says “If you’re overweight that promotes inflammation which promotes every disease under the sun just about and inflammation promotes obesity.” So when you get rid of inflammation will you lose weight? Will you tell me about one person that did?

Cherie: Yes absolutely I have seen many people but Theresa maybe is the best example she called me with desperation. That gained 50 pounds of water weight that it seemed and her doctors both natural-path and allopath didn’t know what to do for just said “Get your affairs in order.” And so we got her on an anti-inflammation diet and a green juice before each meal. She called me back in 30 days later and said “The extra weight was all gone and she was now able to chop firewood and walk for a mile and they thought that she was dying.” I’ve seen over and over and over again people losing weight when they get on this diet and they always say “Wow, it just seems easy it’s just falling off of my body.” And it’s not a struggle and they’re still eating delicious food so when you get that inflammation under control your body does what it’s designed to do.

Sid: You know I have so many exciting things that you talk about in your books. Table salt, my wife has low blood pressure so every time we go out to dinner it’s salt to begin with and she goes wild with the salt shaker, what’s wrong with that?

Cherie: Well we can have good salt which is sea salt or Himalayan salt which is pink salt but the stuff on the table salt that’s out there in the restaurants is really bad. A lot of it now is a crude oil flake left over that they take and make…

Sid: So what does this do to the body?

Cherie: It is so detrimental to our body it’s toxic to our cells, it’s toxic to our whole system that is the salt that can truly elevate our blood pressure. We want to get that out of our diet we don’t want to use restaurant salt, but contrary to that is sea salt the good kind you’d have to go to a health food store usually to find it. Or the pink Himalayan salt that rich in minerals that is good for the body and it’s good for the adrenal glands.

Sid: And real quick because we have so much to cover you are not a big fan of the way most people cook it’s called microwave they heat their coffee, or their tea, they cook everything with the microwave what’s wrong with that?

Cherie: Microwave now we know from research puts toxic byproduct into your food and even into your coffee. And so I just don’t allow it in my home for use of anything.

Sid: So what’s wrong with…help me out what’s wrong with toxic food? I mean I don’t like the word but how bad is that?

Cherie: Toxins in the food, toxins can contribute to cancer and all sorts of other problems so we want to get the toxins out of our diet; we don’t want to use a cooking method that’s going to put toxicity into our food so on top of that microwave just destroys nutrients. So we want nutrient rich without the toxins.

Sid: Okay let’s talk a little bit about remedies for stress and adrenal fatigue; what is adrenal fatigue?

Cherie: So many people experience that today it’s not something that a lot of doctors recognize or will diagnose. It’s diagnosed through a saliva test and in measuring cortisol in different hours of the day. And many people because of their stress have the symptoms of this and don’t know why they feel tired or very very fatigued and yet when they’re so tired often times they don’t sleep well at night because their adrenals are pumping out Cortisol at wrong times of the day. And also Cortisol can get all messed up and even deposit fat in the body or keep us from losing weight and many many other symptoms can go with adrenal fatigue. So what we need to do is support our adrenals, that’s what my remedies book is all about, how to feed those adrenals and bring them back into harmony so that those glands can function normally again.

Sid: Now can we do this just with juicing and with regular food?

Cherie: Yes and some supplements like liquorish tea and things like that.

Sid: Hm.

Cherie: I’ve got the supplements in there that are very helpful for people as well so you may need a little extra for awhile and then just the juicing and just the diets got all of the remedies there and the supplements that will be very helpful for you. And then also to bring that stress down in our lives to figure out what’s important, what we can let go of and to make times to relax especially before we go to bed so we can begin to bring our system down to a place of calm so that we can sleep well and so that our adrenals can rejuvenate during the night.

Sid: Okay a lot of people have allergies; I notice at certain seasons my nose runs what do you think is causing that? I think I know that it’s got to do with the pollen and stuff but how can I stop it that’s a better question?

Cherie: Yes we’ve got to get to the root of it there’s always there’s always a roots to everything.

Sid: Ah ha.

Cherie: And it’s the immune system; we need to bring that immune system into better function. So we need to support the immune system and that again comes through diet, through juicing if you can juice if you can’t it’s other supplements that you can take to bring that immune system up to support it and improve the immune system function. And then you’re not going to be reacting to all of that stuff like pollen in the spring or it can be any time of year different pollens or dust mites or pet dander it’s all sorts of things people react to but you don’t have to be stuck in that place of reacting to that stuff all of the time.

Sid: Okay it appears Cherie as more and more people are getting GMO, Genetically Modified Foods, and is there any things wrong with us doing that it tastes better, it’s bigger, is it healthier?

Cherie: Genetically modified food isn’t and in the word of God it says “Don’t mix the seed.” And we are doing that with all sorts of… and it’s not only just seed we’re mixing in; we’re mixing in fish genes and pork genes and peanut genes and on and on into different plants and so forth. And it is very detrimental and when you look at research and especially some of the rat studies you see those poor animals that they put on GMO food for a year huge tumors all over their bodies, it’s really really alarming. And GMO foods GMO modified foods are going all over the world and the pollens are blowing around and its something that we must really avoid. Some of the top crops of GMO to look out for and really buy as organic are soy, corn, sugar beets now are GMO, canola, so canola oil is a big GMO crop. We’ve got to be really really informed…

Sid: Cherie they stick soy into almost everything today what’s wrong with soy that’s GMO?

Cherie: Soy is our top GMO crop and so soy oil and soy products some people are on soy, soy from breakfast, lunch to dinner. Soy derivatives known as textured vegetable protein ends up in energy bars and fillers and all sorts of packaged foods and it is so bad for us it’s not a good product anyway for the body. It’s a goitrogen, meaning it blocks iodine absorption and so that affects our thyroid. But on top of that being a GMO a top GMO product it’s going to add toxicity to the body so I would say look at the salad dressings because soy oil is in a lot even health food stores salad dressings. Be very aware about soy milk, I don’t recommend it at all. Almond or coconut or hemp milk are good choices. Soy ice cream, soy cheese avoid all of this stuff, get the soy out of your diet and choose other things there’s so many other choices we don’t need to be eating that at all.

Sid: Now why does it seem as though there’s an increase in allergies and asthma. You take these young kids that are allergic you give them tests and they say “Oh you’re allergic to 55 different things, well is this what you’re describing is this what occurs when you have these GMO’s and you’re eating the wrong kind of food?

Cherie: Yes it is. So the whole body is compromised, the immune system is compromised in this case and the entire system is compromised. And these poor children need help they need to be restored, renewed at the cellular level, they need a lot of fabulous nutrient rich foods. That’s why I go back to the juices again the vegetables juices again to get them into the system to rebuild the immune system to build the body up in cellular level and lots of organic vegetables and other great whole foods like God created and get all of the junk out of the diet…

Sid: But Cherie organic food is more expensive what would you say?

Cherie: I’d say choose it, please choose it and because it’s not more expensive in the end. What is your health worth? And if you’re sick at the other end you’re going to be paying a much bigger price at the drug store for over the counter medications or even worse for prescription medications. When you’re sick you’re going to be spending a lot more money; it is so well worth it to get organic food, get those pesticides and herbicides out of your diet and plus they’ve shown in study after study organic foods are much richer in all of the vitamins and minerals straight across the board.

Sid: Cherie tell me about that person just before the break you were telling me about someone from India.

Cherie: She called, and this was very exciting I talked to one of your producers she called your prayer line and said she had a large cyst on her ovary and no money, no insurance and no money for the surgery. Saw the show that you and I did before started juicing and prayed and prayed and within a number of months that cyst was completely gone, went back to her doctor and got a complete good bill of health report; no more cyst on her ovary. And she called your hotline praising God for that miraculous healing.

Sid: Now I know the book is brand new “The Anti-Inflammation Diet 28 Day to Restore Your Body and Feel Great” but you have been using these principals for a long time. How difficult is it for someone to go on this for 28 days; let’s be candid what good is it to get it and not do it?

Cherie: It is so easy and having worked now with really thousands of people it is not hard at all and even if you’re not in this country and you have different vegetables or different produce it is still easy because I work with people from all over the world. And it’s delicious and it’s not hard and you can do it and we make it very easy for you and you can still enjoy your food. And so breakfast, lunch and dinner we’ve got recipes for you to help you turn your life around, turn your health around.

Sid: You know as you’re speaking the presence of God is coming upon this I think God is pleased that believers will start taking care of the temple of the Holy Spirit. But God’s actually speaking to me there are people with arthritic fingers, if you will, and even in your wrist if you’ll move your fingers this is a freebie but you better start eating right things and you’ll see that you’re totally healed. And there are other people with back and neck problems and hip problems all of these joint problems yeah you can take care of it long term and your better because it might come back. But you have a freebie from God right now God has just healed your backs stand up and bend over. Do you remember the guy I was telling you about from outer Mongolia? I mean his back was broken in 5 places the prognosis was a wheelchair the rest of his life. I mean no hopeless but as a matter of fact Cherie you were hopeless give me some good news for the people that feel hopeless right now.

Cherie: I was so hopeless not just Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia but a serious injury but we won’t go into that right now but it was very serious. I had no hope, no hope at all. And God said “There is hope, there is healing.” We partner with Him and we do our part and He does His part and I had broken bones and crushed knuckles and they reformed. And that was not juice that was the power of God that came on my hand to reform knuckles in my right hand that were just bone fragments and powder. God can do anything and when we partner with Him and do our part we are going to see miraculous healings where we can stand up and say “I feel fabulous and I want to join in with the army of God and do my part because the great outpouring the Holy Spirit is coming.” We don’t want to be sidelined we want to be part of it and we want to have vibrant health. We want to be one of those mighty men and women Joel 2 talks about where run on the wall you know with the rest of the army.

Sid: Tell me some of the things that you have seen that people have followed what you’re teaching in these 4 books that we’re offering and you have seen multiple times with your own eyes what has happened with these people?

Cherie: Oh I had a lady that was given up for dead, told go home get her affairs in order, cancer throughout her body. In 3 weeks this is truly true she got on my program and was mostly juicing and a tumor fell out of her body after 3½ weeks and then her whole health began to turn around and she is still alive today this is a decade or so later. I’ve had people… one lady with MS no hope at all totally discouraged; young woman trying to get through school nobody gave her any answers. Got on the program MS symptoms began to go away and she found though she had to stay with this diet if she got off of it the symptoms started coming back…

Sid: Cherie, what about so basically people can’t function if they don’t have energy if they’re in chronic pain. What about things and if they’re grossly overweight? What about things that basic?

Cherie: And I’ve seen things turn around that basic, people often times people that are low in energy right away they’ll say “One of the things they noticed on this program was that they got energy back and they started feeling alive.” And people saying too foggy brain that’s another big one that a lot of people have, I call it sugar brain or junk food brain.

Sid: (Laughing)

Cherie: The foggy brain goes away and I’ve had people say their prayer life has improved, they can hear the Spirit of the Lord speaking to them so much better…

Sid: You’re telling me Cherie that when someone gets their body working, not the way they’re used to, but the way that God created the body it even improves them hearing from God?

Cherie: Oh, I’ve heard it over and over again people so excited saying “Wow I’ve turned my Bible open and the scripture just leaped out at me and the Holy Spirit was speaking to me and I was able to pray and I heard the Holy Spirit speaking and that hasn’t happened in a long time with all of the foggy brain. It is true, truly, true give it a try. And also you mentioned obesity I’ve had so many people that have started on my program. Father Peter is one he did a 60 day juice fast he was hugely overweight in a 300 pound range and lost 60 pounds in 60 days by doing a vegetable juice fast. But you don’t have to do that you just start in the program and the weight is going to start coming off. I’ve had people that have lost 50, 60, 100 pounds, people have lost 5, 10 and 20 pounds. So whatever you need to lose this program will help you do that too.

Sid: …What’s going on with asthma Cherie?

Cherie: Well asthma as you know it is a bronchial thing it can be life threatening. Again it comes down to immune system responses, acidity, inflammation, many of the things that we’ve been talking about today and as you begin to bring balance to the body I’ve seen people with asthma bring that under control and make huge improvements in their health. So it’s amazing what can begin to happen as you give your body the right tools to do what it’s designed to do and that is to heal.

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