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Sid: I’ve got to stop right now because I have David Piper in the studio from Tifton, Georgia this is a young man that for 17 years was a crack cocaine addict instantly set free, instantly, instantly, instantly through the power of God not even remembrance of his addictions. None of the signs, his 2 packs of cigarettes a day nothing, he was in prison, he was in a mental institution there was no hope for him no one gave him a chance but God had compassion on him. God had mercy on him. David I know that there are people listening that know and have family members that are drug addicts, alcoholics and I believe on tomorrow’s broadcast I’m going to give him a day to pray and to get their loved one to listen to tomorrows broadcast. And I know that God is going to release a new dimension in your ministry and people are going to be set free right on the radio. You have prayed for people that are drug addicts like you were that have been set free and alcoholics, but I believe that on tomorrows broadcast they’re going to be set free they’re going to know the truth. Have you ever when you’ve ministered to people have you ever seen like your discernment operating seen demons?

David: Oh I’ve seen demons in people’s eyes before as God allowed me to pray for them actually the very eyes the devil would actually appear in their eyes as we were praying for them.

Sid: What would you see? Would you just have the impression in your mine in your spirit that there was a demon there or would you actually see something?

David: I would actually see the eyes glaze over and it was actually as if a person in the eyes looking at me. And of course they would speak out and it would not be their voice speaking and the manifestations of the demonic but we have power and authority over all devils.

Sid: Tell me one person that this happened with.

David: I remember distinctly in a service in Florida where a young lady came to me and had the…you could see the demonic in her eyes and it began to manifest. And another one that’s coming to mind now distinctly was in Virginia where this began to happen at a service that I was ministering at and where the demonic manifested but the minute I took authority over… Oh the Lord’s reminding me now that when in other words when I was in Indonesia the young man came before me and he was actually the soundman running the cameras in the service in Indonesia I was preaching in front of 1000’s of people where 100’s of Muslims were saved. And immediately this demonic presence manifested this guy jumped on his back no person could do this what he did turned into like a scorpion and going backwards all over the room on his back like a windup toy knocked over all of the TV cameras and everything. We we… I had him picked up off the floor and I took authority over it and the power of God working through my life totally delivered him. His whole countenance changed.

Sid: In Indonesia where you ministered 100’s of Muslims came to the Lord were Muslims healed before they received Jesus?

David: There were growths disappearing, all kinds of stuff happening limbs growing out where one leg was shorter than the other, arm just began to grow out just before in front of my eyes. I was over there preaching where they had rented a building that was guarded by the military police, it was on a Muslim military compound and they let us have services and they actually guarded the services. It was all God that this took place it was amazing there were 1000’s of people there and I gave an altar call and 100’s of Muslims ran down giving their hearts to Jesus, amazing things happening.

Sid: The miraculous is so important to grab people’s attention to come to know Jesus to get rid of the fuzziness that’s…the blindness that is around them.

David: Oh in the Philippines I was in a jail in the Philippines preaching in the Philippines…

Sid: Oh you…it sounds like God’s taking you all over the world!

David: Oh I’ve been to Ukraine all over yeah it’s incredible.

Sid: So what happened in the Philippines?

David: I was in the Philippines in the jail and very few people were interested in listening to us talk about Jesus and then all of sudden miracles started happening. People started getting healed their eye sight all kinds of miracles. And all of a sudden then the crowd started to grow you know. And this young man came up to us and had a bullet wounds in his side. He was paralyzed in his arm from where he had been shot. He had killed 2 policeman 2 weeks before he could not move his arm or anything. God totally healed this man he was not even saved. And by this time the crowd started drawling and they took a young deaf mute fellow and pushed him up to us and said “Let’s see God do this!”

Sid: Stop what did you think? You’re still a human you’re just David Piper you’re just recently saved give me a break what went on in your mind tell me the truth.

David: You want to know the truth I was like “Lord you better show up.”

Sid: I know that, I know.

David: If you don’t show up these people could mob us in here you know.

Sid: (Laughing)

David: But really there is a point that we know that it is not…we know it’s not us we know that it’s Him working but there comes to a point in a spot like that where all of a sudden it’s not you anymore and you know it’s not you in the beginning but it’s like God just takes over and there’s an ease in it and what’s happening. And I got to tell you we prayed for that kid that was a deaf mute and pray for him and I pray for him and nothing happened. And all of those inmates were watching I mean they were watching I cast out every devil I could ever think of, I prayed like any way I could ever pray. Any way that I ever heard anybody else I was praying nothing was happening. And the Lord spoke so clear he said “They’re putting their eyes on you.” He said “Have the inmates pray for him and make sure they give Me the glory and that’s what…not that they meant to put their eyes on us but sometimes in a natural thing.

Sid: But sometimes…

David: It’s a natural thing and so we had the inmates me and my buddy that was with me stretch their hands towards this deaf mute. And we had the inmates pray a simple prayer “Lord Jesus open his ears for Your glory, amen.” And then we had them say “Now!” And when they said “Now” the presence of God almost knocked us down you could feel that “Shoo” and immediately that kids ears opened and we check him out and when he was able to talk for the first time we had him say “Jesus.” And when he heard us and said “Jesus” that whole place erupted in praise. We gave an altar call and every one of those inmates was born again; an amazing thing God did that day in the Philippines I’ll never forget that ever. Amazing thing God did that day.

Sid: Now you were telling me about encounters that you’ve had with the Spirit of God when you’ve been prayed for where the fire of God comes in to the point to take it away.

David: I asked the Lord to stop one time because I thought it was going to kill me. There’s been 3 different instances where God had touched me in such a way that it felt like a jackhammer inside of my body shaking all over I could hear it in my head. I felt like my flesh was jumping off my bone and I was screaming “Please Lord, please Lord you know stop stop it’s going to kill me!” And of course He didn’t stop He just kept doing it but He was burning out all of those unhealthy things that were not of Him out of me you know. And at one point if I did not know that it was God I would have called 911.

Sid: David the first church made up of ignorant fisherman and farmers and not top Rabbis there was one Paul but outside of him people that knew nothing the people that were wrapped into a whole religious system. The fire of God came on them that Cheviot at Pentecost but what’s going on with you it’s the same type of thing. Is this going to happen to a lot of people? Could you picture what would happen how fast the job would be if people receive that fire?

David: Oh incredible if God’s people would just wake up and realize that He’ll use them and you don’t have to be no preacher that’s been to Bible college 30 and 40 years. All you have to do is say “Lord cleanse me, take everything out of my life not of you fill me with your fullness and use me I’ll go.” That’s all you have to do ask Him to forgive you and ask Him to use you and get out of your comfort zone and begin to be obedient.

Sid: And so people start praying that right now and tomorrow I want you to pray not only for the average…

David: There is going to be impartations Sid over the radio tomorrow.

Sid: What’s an impartation?

David: An impartation is where even in Roman’s 1:11 Paul said “I long to see you that I impart to you some spiritual gift that to the end you may be established. An impartation is where God imparts to you supernaturally from heaven His anointing a special anointing for service. You know the anointing is for season and for a reason it comes for service and not for picnics. It’s not for sitting at home watching TV you wan to see the anointing on your life get God increased and go pray for sick people. Hallelujah! There’s are people right now that are sick in body and if they would just believe God and He’ll heal them right where they stand in their kitchens, right where they stand in their sofa. And there’s an anointing that I believe that’s going to be on tomorrows show…

Sid: You know what it’s on this show right now.

David: I feel it right now.

Sid: It’s on this show.

David: I feel it all over.

Sid: Quickly pray for people right now forget tomorrow right now.

David: Father God I come before You and I ask right now God by Your power, by Your Spirit to go into the homes of the people listening, into the automobiles of people listening, into the prisons of the people listening right now Father God. And I pray Father God for a supernatural anointing of Your power to come from heaven to touch and deliver and heal every person listening. I rebuke right now cancer in the name of Jesus. I command cancer right now to die and disappear in Jesus name; I command high blood pressure, diabetes in the name of Jesus I rebuke it I command it come out of God’s people right now in Jesus name. I command right now in the name of Jesus every spirit of drug addiction to loose God’s people right now in the name of Jesus. And Father God I promise to give You all of the glory, all of the honor. Now if you have a problem hearing in your ears right now put your fingers in your ears and right now in the name of Jesus I rebuke deafness in the name of Jesus. Ear drums I command you open right now in Jesus name pull those finger out and God’s healing you right now. If you’re being healed call in and give testimony and glory to Jesus.

Sid: Okay Mishpocha let me explain what’s going on right now we… most people are in such doubt and unbelief that you need an injection of faith. Faith only comes by one place the word of God….

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