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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Anna Rountree I’m talking to her in her home in which I had the privilege of being in with her husband in Moravian Falls, North Carolina. When I was there the snow was coming down and the trees were there and the air was clean and it was just so enjoyable. Anna’s been blessed to go to heaven 100’s of times and she’s recorded it in a book “The Heaven’s Opened.” Now Anna I promised on yesterday’s broadcast that I have so many questions. You know anyone that’s been to heaven hundreds of times I’ve got lots of questions for but one thing that I’ve heard from others that have had visitations to heaven and it kind of intrigues me and that’s the parts room.

Anna: Hmm hm.

Sid: Did you actually see this?

Anna: Yes I did.

Sid: Tell me about it.

Anna: Well it was very bright in it and it and there were different parts of bodies there! You would think that it would be gruesome but it wasn’t it was like a hold a place of holding it a distribution center I guess you might call it something like that a distribution center. And they were preparing to make these parts available to people.

Sid: And like you also told me that you saw angels in schools, so to speak, for the next move of God’s Spirit of the miraculous tell me about that.

Anna: Yes they were training to accompany believers on earth for the next move of God in a healing revival. And they said that there would be 2 angels this time with each person who would be receiving this gift. And there were 100’s of maybe 1000’s of angels that were training and that was only one training that I saw I’m sure that there were other trainings going on, or there had been those that had already graduated you know and were with the people then.

Sid: You say in your book that the Lord was really sad over the say the last healing revival because the people that had this gifting didn’t disciple others and just kind of used it for their own benefit.

Anna: Yes, yes Sid the angels were some of those angels that were with those particular ministries told about that they were sad, that they were very saddened. And for this reason the Lord was going to give 2 angels with each person this time and they’re were going to be many more. Because there were not that many in the last move of the Spirit for healing I mean a great move of God not just…

Sid: Well let’s fact it even today there are not that many that move in the miraculous in the United States.

Anna: Oh that’s right because it really takes the Lord initiating and we can have people who move in power here and there and who have gifts of healing when they’re under the anointing and their here and there but for a great move of God only God can do it. (Laughing.)

Sid: I’m reminded I had the privilege of knowing Kathryn Kuhlman and she used to tell the story of she said “I won’t be here but a day is coming in which Christians will go into a hospital and clear the whole hospital out.” Do you see that?

Anna: Yes I do I think that things are going to be completely so extraordinary miraculous but we must prepare now to be containers to hold that glory you might say. Because everyone just sort of waits and hops like bunnies or something from one move of God to the next but they’re unwilling to go through the cleansing and maturing the Lord needs to truly hold the greater anointing.

Sid: Anna I consider myself a great cheerleader for God and an encourager and I want people to know how to get from Step A to Step B. One of my big problems in life is that I have a very logical type of mind and in faith that sometimes is a problem, but be a coach right now and tell me how to get to that next point and we’ll let our Mishpochah ease drop.

Anna: (Laughing)

Sid: How do I prepare? What should I be doing?

Anna: Well I think a lot of people ask that Sid when the answer is just painfully simple you know. It’s seek God and be obedient. It’s do what He says in the word and desire Him more than life itself.

Sid: Well let me ask you a personal thing.

Anna: Yeah.

Sid: I didn’t happen to notice I wasn’t looking for it but do you and your husband watch much television?

Anna: No.

Sid: Is someone that say gets home at night and as a form of unwinding watch sports or listens nothing bad you know news and spends a few hours every night just relaxing before the television. Is that something God might want us to put down?

Anna: Well you know each person is in an individual place before God. We actually got digital television up here and we thought “Oh this is wonderful” And we got it and you know had it connected here because we’re interested in it for the news. And as we looked at that even the news it was the visual part of it you see that visual it… oh we used to hear radio a lot especially those of our age growing up and it did not consume you as the visual and the audio can, it can consume you. And we disconnected it we didn’t have it even a month and that was for the news but that’s us that’s where the Lord has us. We don’t feel that we’ve got time for that. You know we’re down here not for ourselves but for Him.

Sid: But wait a second you’re not running all over the country speaking at conventions, you’re not doing television. I think that it’s even miraculous that I have you even on radio. So what are you doing with your time you’re not watching television, you’re out in the woods with (Laughing) you were snowed in for a week what are you and your husband doing with your time?

Anna: Oh my God we barely have enough time. We have we must be with the Lord and we have to pray. Many people want us to pray for them and we do and we don’t just say I’ll pray for you and walk off at the supermarket. We actually put that down and we listen for God and we study the word; my gosh there’s almost not enough time to do what we’re doing now we don’t know. We say to ourselves “How did we have the time to pastor that last church I mean we’re just blown away that we had the time.”

Sid: When you go to heaven is it a dream, is it a vision, is it you’re just in prayer, explain to me the last time you went to heaven what you were doing and how and the circumstances?

Anna: Well it’s all so different I would say I believe that it was John that said “I was there” you know and Paul said it also “I was there.” You are there and…

Sid: I mean you just close your eyes and your there is that what your saying?

Anna: No, no, no I wait for the Lord to let me know that He wants me to come up.

Sid: Alright the Lord says…

Anna: I pray and worship him and if He wants me to come up then He will tell me to come up and He provides the way and there are many ways in going up. One of them is just through a tunnel and sometimes He just lifts you up. Sometimes you’re going different ways you know stairways and things of this sort. I have a theory and it certainly not told to me by the Lord, but there are 15 ascents in the Bible and I think that there are probably 15 main ways of going to heaven. I think that they were really…what was given there in the Psalms was much more supernatural with a greater knowledge of the Lord and then you know of what we have than what is there today.

Sid: When you go to heaven how long might this take?

Anna: Well you mean just traveling there?

Sid: No not the time to travel but the visitation?

Anna: Well sometime they last 5 hours.

Sid: Is your husband ever in the room when you go to heaven.

Anna: Well he was the first time now not because I set aside the time to do this but he was actually there the first time I was actually there the first time I was taken up into heaven.

Sid: On tomorrow’s broadcast I want you to tell me a bit about the first time you were taken up into heaven. Was it scary?

Anna: No no it’s just that I was not sure that it was what I thought it was I just…it was very different I had seen angels down here intermittently I wasn’t seeing angels all the time. You know and I didn’t address them and they didn’t address me and you see them. And this was one who an angel who addressed me and required me to do something you know.

Sid: What did he require you to do?

Anna: He said “Come forward.” And there were these curtains that were I could only see the first one an angel standing beside the opening in the curtain. They were very thin and there was light coming through them they were blue but they…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that though we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow broadcast Mishpochah.

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