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Jane Glenchur

Sid: Sid Roth here talking with Dr. Jane Glenchur and we’re talking about her brand new book called “Seven Secrets for Power Praying” or subtitled “How to Access God’s Wisdom and Miracles Every day.” Now Jane you were talking about something that revolutionized your prayer life. And it was something so simple you went out to buy a carpet cleaner. How did this revolutionize your life when you found out that God could talk to you about something so simple as a carpet cleaner as to which is the best?

Jane: Well I realized that God wasn’t angry if I asked about the small decisions or even the large decisions in my life. Because when I grew up God was so distant in my thinking He was as far away as the farthest galaxy. But as I asked Him “Where do I find shoes for my daughter’s narrow feet?” That was such a difficult task for me because she was so impatient, she was hyperactive it would often take us days and dozens of shoes trying on and she would become so angry. So I said “God would you help me find shoes for my daughters narrow feet and we prayed about it I took my daughter and I said “Amelia let’s pray and ask God He knows where all the shoes are in every store, He knows exactly where the store is and where the shoes that you would love so let’s ask Him if He would show us.” So when we prayed and I asked God “Where should we find shoes for Amelia?” I saw an image of a Big Box Store. Now normally I took her to shoe stores but I decided lets check this out. We went and after trying on one or two pairs of shoes we walked out and less than 45 minutes with a new pair of shoes that she loved and that were reasonably priced. So I thought “This really is amazing.” And I just began to apply that principal to every aspect…

Sid: But there’s some people listening and they say that “It’s unbiblical,” but they say “God’s too busy to be concerned about a pair of shoes I wouldn’t want to bother him with that.” What would you say to them?

Jane: Well I would say “It is biblical because in 1 Peter 5:7 it exhorts us to cast all of our cares upon Him.” And in the Amplified translation it says “All of our worries.” It doesn’t qualify what we can ask God about, it doesn’t say if it’s over $100 you can ask Him or if it’s under $100 sorry you’re on your own, so I think it’s very scriptural. Matthew 7:7 says “Ask and keep on asking, seek and keep on seeking and those who ask will receive.” So I think that there are a number of scriptures that exhort us to ask. And God promises us that “He will provide for all of our needs according to His glorious riches.” Well if He promises to provide why wouldn’t He tell us where to get the provision? And I don’t want people to think that I look at God like a Jennie in a bottle that I only come to Him when I need something you know physical or tangible. I apply this to issues in relationships, you can apply this to decisions you have to make in business or careers colleges which college should my child attend. We used it to determine what courses they should take in high school it just goes across the board you can ask God anything He’s never demonstrated any anger towards me. In fact I get very personalized almost customized answers to my prayers.

Sid: Now someone would say “Your special you have a gift from God what you’re telling me could not be developed for me I’m just a housewife.”

Jane: Well I was just a stay at home mom really it doesn’t take a degree and you don’t have to be a super saint. Jesus says “My sheep hear my voice.” Well we’re all His sheep, any believer can hear God speak to them whether it’s through an inner audible voice or a dream, or an impression, or a vision; I think we have to go through a little bit of training sometimes but I have taught people that have had no training to hear God and I don’t think that He’s any respecter of persons.

Sid: Well I’ll tell you what I want to go back to that question that I said I would in that first segment and that is “I want to learn a little bit more about how someone gets out of their left brain and so they can hear God better.” And then I want you to train us a little bit on how we can hear God to make decisions. But for starters you had this painting course and you started painting and what did you begin to notice?

Jane: Well that really helped me to understand left brain and right brain because I came out of that class feeling incredibly relaxed. Then I had an artist friend who recommended a book from drawing from the right side of the brain. And as I was…

Sid: You can really draw from the right side of the brain as opposed to the left?

Jane: Yes.

Sid: I never even thought about that. (Laughing)

Jane: (Laughing) and so I as I read the book I came to an understanding that when we’re primarily activating the left side of our brain we are linear and logical using our language skills. But when were right side that’s where we’re creative where we see things.

Sid: So how do I make the switch I want to do it tell me. (Laughing)

Jane: In order to access the right side of your brain number one you can simply ask God “Quiet the left side of my brain and activate the right side of my brain.” Or some practical things that I do, I might sit outside and just start to enjoy God’s nature because that is focusing on the visual. And I might say “God I just thank You for the trees and the clouds and it’s beautiful.” And just start looking at that and I will find that I drop from my head to down into what I call listening in my heart. Or I may close my eyes and just focus on an image of the Lord and just ask for His presence to come. And I might say “I command my flesh to be quiet, I command the chatter in my brain to stop,” so there are various ways.

Sid: So what I’m hearing you say is that you break your same old same routine.

Jane: Yes in other words I stop analyzing I stop if I’m upset about something I don’t go there I don’t explain to God why I’m so upset about something. I simply say “Lord I need to know about this.” Then I don’t go through the details in my head I simply stop and listen and focus and I may even focus on my ears because I tend to hear Him with an inner quiet voice, but whatever it is I…

Sid: What do you mean you focus on your ears explain that.

Jane: Well I just have an expectancy to hear Him. In other words, I’m expecting an answer I’m expecting to either see something or hear something or get an impression. I think a lot of people aren’t expecting an answer. So they just starting going back into the logic back into the analyzing well maybe I should do this maybe I should do that. And I’ll ask people when I’m teaching them “Are you hearing sentences in your head, are you talking about this to God are you analyzing this or are you trying to figure it out yourself?” They’ll say “Yes.” And I say “Yes.” And I’ll say “Stop that just be quiet and expect an answer.”

Sid: And when you start hearing all of this logic coming at you what do you do?

Jane: Well if I have a way a specific answer that I think might be the best I might even ask God “Lord this seems to be the best answer is this Your choice, what’s your truth about this?” And if I don’t hear something from God on that then I discard it sometimes the logical answer is the best answer so I mean God did give us a brain but it’s how we use it that’s important. And I will ask the Holy Spirit “Holy Spirit take charge over my thoughts right now and quiet them I want your peace to just saturate my heart and mind.” It’s important to understand that I just might temperament I have always been extremely logical, very linear everything had to make sense. So many times I would pray and I would say “God that does not make sense.” Like when He asked me to quit my job.

Sid: (Laughing)

Jane: God that does not make sense I can’t do this, but when you look at the miracles from the Bible does any of those make sense.

Sid: Of course not put some mud in your eye, go dip yourself seven times in the Jordan, I mean this craziness Mashuga that’s a Hebrew word for crazy.

Jane: Right or a coin in a fish’s mouth.

Sid: Yeah.

Jane: I mean if God told you to go you know to catch a fish and that it would pay your taxes you might say “Is that You God are You really saying that to me?” But you know what I found is that logic is not always our best option and that not every logical idea originates in the heart of God. So God really had to work on me on this.

Sid: So tell me just some practical things, first of all I can’t paint, but if I want to paint from the right side of my brain what do I do?

Jane: Well let me give you an example because sometimes I think that examples give a picture of how this works. I was thinking about attending a spiritual conference I had been there 5 years in a row and I thought “You know I’ve been there 5 years it’s expensive, it’s an 8 to 9 hour drive, you know it’s been the same conference I don’t know anybody that’s going and I have to by myself, drive by myself I don’t think I’m going to go.” And as I did that I realized “Oh I’m analyzing I’m using logic I’m using the left side of my brain that’s not honoring God.” So I said “God I’m sorry I’m not asking You what Your best choice is for me I’m just making a decision based on logic and human reasoning which is limited.” So I said “God I say yes to whatever You want me to do if You want me to go I will go if You don’t want me to go I won’t go what is your heart on this?” And immediately I hear “Get excited prepare to go.” And I thought “Oh okay.” And I had an impression that I was going to meet people there that would be important for whatever God had for me. I didn’t realize until the night. before the conference that the editor for my book would be at that conference the marketing director would be at that conference. I made connections with people there that couldn’t had been made in other ways. So again it’s an example that God’s ways are higher than our ways, His ways are higher than our thoughts and when we limit God because of our logic and reasoning we can miss His best for us.

Sid: So what would you say to a person that says “I hear from God once in awhile but I usually just have a list of pros and cons of what I should do, I’d like to get beyond that list, what could I do?”

Jane: Well God I was the queen of the pros and cons list I could still see myself as a teenager making my list and you know what was in the pros column what was in the cons column and then making all of my decisions that way again I was very logical and very linear. One of the secrets is to get rid of you pros and cons list and how God convicted me of this was through Romans 8:6 in the Amplified translation it radically changed my decision making process. In the Amplified translation says “The mind of the flesh which is sense and reason without the Holy Spirit is death.” That’s pretty severe “But the mind controlled by the Spirit is the life and soul peace.” So that really convicted me that I was using sense and reason without the Holy Spirit. God wants us to be submitted to Him and have our thoughts controlled by the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Tell me we were talking on the phone I believe it was yesterday and you told me that even now even as God has worked with you in dreams and visions and seen these streaks of light and having prophetic words for people that you still spend a great deal of time being still before God. Why do you do that it seems to me that again there’s my practical side speaking and that why would God have you sit for a half hour when you could sit for a minute and get something?

Jane: Well in reality for the most part I do get answers rather quickly. Sometimes however we’re dealing with situations where emotions are involved, maybe we have some bias and our bias’ can kind of filter out God. Sometimes it takes me a little longer to quiet my flesh and quiet that brain chatter and so if it’s an important decision and maybe there’s an emotional hook in it I may take longer.

Sid: I’m reminded in the Bible Jesus spent all night in prayer before he appointed original disciples.

Jane: Yes and honors God when we sit in His presence not just merely an answer to our need but just to worship Him to adore Him to honor Him. And I think it’s a bit of a test of our faith do we only come to Him for our needs or do we really enjoy the relationship? I want to emphasis that my teaching is awesome just about receiving supernatural answers to prayer but also that deep personal relationship with the Lord is of prime importance because from that flows being able to access His wisdom.

Sid: Now you have… you like to work with keys and you teach in your book the 5 P’s the letter P. And these are secrets to get your prayers answered to unlock the mysteries. Now you were just touching one of those P’s and that is presence. Explain that a little bit more.

Jane: Yes I didn’t learn about the importance of spending time in God’s presence until I did have that malpractice suit. I was a very type A I raced everywhere everything was done quickly you had to move out of my way because I was full steam ahead. And I call myself a medical Martha, but the lawsuit stopped me in my tracks because I couldn’t function unless I was reading scripture that would encourage me encourage my spirit quiet my raging emotions you know the anger the fear that came with the malpractice suit. And so that plus when God burdened me to quit my job which felt like a death sentence to my career and myself and it was and my financial security. It forced me really to spend more time focused on the Lord to seek His heart. And I think that is such a key is know God’s heart because His ways are higher than our ways He doesn’t think the way that we think and it does take time to learn how God thinks and what’s important to God. So spending time in His presence is one of the key things to just learning who God is His character and His nature as well as spending time in His word.

Sid: Let’s talk about another p passion.

Jane: Well as my temperament has always been very quiet very reserved I was a very reserved physician as well. I didn’t know what passion was it was not on my emotional pallet. When I quit my job I had my first opportunity to take an adult Bible study. And the teacher was very passionate, there was a video to go along with the teaching and I sat there absolutely fixated on her face thinking “How is she so excited about Jesus? The Jesus I learned growing up was as dry as toast.” And I don’t mean that judgmentally but I just didn’t know that you could be excited about Jesus and when I saw that passion I thought God I got to have that because if I’m going to spend time everyday in Your word and seeking You it’s got to be exciting or it’s going to be a drudgery.” And so I started at that point from the very first day of that Bible study saying “Lord I have to have the same compassion she has.” Now I didn’t get it the next day, I didn’t get it the next week but every day I said “God I have to have that passion or I won’t be able to do this.” And I did that week after week, month after month until I finally had that passion. So I just want to encourage people that if it’s hard to do your devotions, if it’s hard to pray and to sit still, ask God for a passion for his word and a passion for His presence and continue to seek Him for that until you get it.

Sid: You know the scripture that’s coming to me is “You have not because you ask not.” And in fact I was reading something that you talked about “Ask, ask, ask” comment on that.

Jane: Yes well I’ll tell you an interesting true life story. I had a friend come over she was 40. She really wanted to find a husband she was single and I said “Well have you asked God?” And she goes “No.” And I said “Why not?” Her response was “God knows I want a husband if He wanted me to have it He would give me a husband.” And I looked at her and said “You know the word says in the book of James “That you don’t have because you don’t ask or you ask for the wrong motives.” I said “God could put that your future husband in the same pew in the church that you’re sitting in.” And do you know that within 2 weeks she decided to go home and pray and ask God for a husband and within 2 weeks she met her future husband in the same pew she was sitting in the church and they got married.

Sid: I love that. When we come back I want to talk about some of these 7 secrets to power praying. And Dr. Glenchur why did you write the book “Seven Secrets to Power Praying?”

Jane: The main reason was to take the guest work of decision making especially for me as a perfectionist I wanted the best choice. And the Bible’s full of wisdom but it doesn’t really answer questions like: “Which health insurance to buy? Which college should my kids go to, should I sign this contract? Where can I find shoes for my daughter’s narrow feet?” The Bible I have the deepest reverence for the word of God but we have real life issues and decisions that we have to make and so I wanted other believers to know that ordinary people like me can access God’s wisdom and receive extraordinary answers to their prayers.

Sid: Well Dr. Glenchur got these keys from God and it’s not just theory she not a college professor she’s teaching from her own experience. If you are tired of that making a list of here are the reasons I should do something, here’s the reasons I should not. There’s something better especially where we are in the world Jesus is getting ready to return and I believe that this is an answer to your prayer, I believe that your heart has been “God I want to hear Your voice, God I want You in everything I do.” I’m telling you if that isn’t the prayer of your heart your Mashuga your crazy.


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