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SID: Pat and his wife, without conferring either with each other…

PAT: That’s right.

SID: Both had the same dream. It was a scary dream, very scary. Tell me about it.

PAT: Last year on June 1st, I had this dream and I always say I have a sleep disorder called revelation. I have a lot of dreams.

SID: Pray for me.

PAT: And we have a lot of prophetic dreams, and I write about them and all that. But all of a sudden in a dream, I’m running with my wife and we’re running off across a giant map of America like you would see on a floor, you know, somewhere a big map of America, and we’re running. And there’s a wave chasing us, and it’s crashing, and it’s scary. And in the dream I’m weeping and I’m screaming, “Come on, Karen, we got to get people to safety! We got to get people to safety!” And suddenly we were standing at the White House. And we ran up the steps and we wrap our arms around the post, and the wave hit. Now I didn’t know Karen had also had this dream and wrote it in her prophetic dream manual. I didn’t know that. She always gets revelation before me. But anyway, all of a sudden, that day I wake up. I have to speak, it’s a Sunday morning, I have to speak, I’m overwhelmed. I’m like, God, you promised in Genesis 9:11 that you would not do this again with a wave. Why did I dream this? All day long. Suddenly the Lord speaks to me, “Son, what you saw was not judgment. You saw the next wave of revival that is coming to America and it will be the final awakening that is coming.” And I began to weep uncontrollably. Since then I’ve had this dream over and over of the wave. Others came to me and said, “I had the wave.” But I believe with all my heart, and I know we hear a lot of gloom, despair and agony on me for America and all that, and I do believe our nation is in trouble. But I also believe that every great move of God, now I did a study on this and that every 20 years there’s an outpouring of God and usually it’s right before a war or after a war, or before a depression or after a depression. Do you know that we’re sitting on the 20-year mark right now for the next move of God to hit America. It’s going to break out. But I don’t believe it will be in one city in this place. I believe it’s going to be hot spots across America. And I was flying in a plane across America a while back late at night, and I saw lights off in the distance in different places, and the Lord said, “That’s the wave of revival that will hit America. There will be hot spots. Then there will be other places that the Holy Spirit walks past, churches he no longer stops at. Those that are not preaching truth and standing on God’s work, he will be forced to walk by. We cannot put God in our compromised box.” He says, “Let me pour out my spirit.” The wave that is coming, it’s coming very soon and it’s going to hit our nation.

SID: Now is the time to get ready because as fast as you can blink your eye, Jesus is going to be back. I’m going to turn you loose right now.

PAT: Yes.

SID: Tell me the most important message God has put on your heart for people right now that feel they’re unqualified.

PAT: Three weeks ago I had a dream. I laid down for an afternoon, an afternoon anointing, I believe that. I laid down for an afternoon nap and all of a sudden I was awakened with an explosion in my eyes, and I sat up. And I laid back down for a moment, and I saw graves opening. Here’s why I would tell you that. God is about to raise up the ones that he has been waiting to use, the ones the enemy has tried to throw dirt on. But you can’t throw dirt on somebody God is not finished with yet. Just look at Jesus. And what you got to realize is you are the voice that God has been raising up. The number one attack on the unqualified is the lies of the enemy. He’ll tell you you’re a failure, you’re worthless, you’re dumb, you’re stupid. Every time he says all those things just stand up and smile, and say, “I’m anointed. I am hand-picked by God. I was created uniquely and wonderfully. And what you got to realize is the Spirit of the Lord is upon you right now. And some of you are dreaming to preach the Gospel. Some of you are dreaming to start businesses. Some of you, God says, hand me your dreams, talk to me, spend time with me, cry out to me, launch this thing. The next wave of a move of God will not be well known preachers. It will be those that God says that they have fallen down as Isaiah did. And Sid, I am undone. Unwrap me, Lord. That means he was unwrapped through his childhood and fixed. And you fall on your knees in your house right now. Pray in the spirit. Walk through your house. Declare authority right where you’re at. When you get to that place where you say God is bigger than my issues, he’s bigger than my mistakes, he’s bigger than my failures, fall on your knees and cry out and say, God, I am your unqualified voice, will you use me. Get ready because you’re going to begin to have encounters. You’re going to begin to see things and he’s going to use you. You don’t have to kick open doors because I had a dream, another dream. The Lord gave me a dream and I’m looking at the waste of Jesus and I see all these keys on this belt like a janitor. And the Lord suddenly said to me, he said, “Son,” he said, “in the dream pick out the key. Little keys open giant doors. Don’t always pick the big key. Little keys open giant doors.” And I woke up, and I said, “Lord,” and I was weeping in bed, and he said, “I’ll give you whatever key you ask for. You and I, all we got to do is say, Lord, speak to us, talk to us, anoint me, choose me. Pray in tongues. Don’t even stop. Pray in the spirit. Don’t always ask for stuff, just pray in the spirit and when you go to thank him, when you go to pray with thankfulness of heart get your joy back. The enemy is lying to this generation and telling them God cannot use them. But I believe with all my heart you are the ones that God handpicked. You are the ones that he chose. You’re here for right now and I believe we’re the generation that will not see death. We get to stand there when the trumpet call comes, and I’m scared of heights, so he’s going to have to give me a pill before the rapture.

SID: The key to begin the greatest adventure in your life, to be qualified…

PAT: Yes.

SID: Is to get the qualifier to live big within you. His name is Jesus, in Hebrew, Yeshua. He died for your sins. Believe it, repent, tell him you’re sorry, ask him inside and get on with the race. This is a great life.

PAT: Amen.

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