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Sid: As we look at secular media we find that there’s a lot of fun being poked at Christians. As we look at statics we find there are as many divorces in the church as outside of the church. There are problems with child molestation, there’s problems with drugs, there’s problems of alcoholics, this should not be. I have on the telephone speaking to them at their headquarters “Where proclaiming His Word Ministries” in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida, Chester and Betsy Kylstra. One of my members of my Board of Directors suggested I contact them because they’ve been putting on seminars places such as the Toronto, Airport Church, Bill Hammond’s Ministry for the leadership and as surprisingly as it is setting a number of leaders free. I have to ask you this question Chester when we read about Jesus we don’t read about them going…the people going through a seminar and dealing with unforgiveness and dealing with past hurts and dealing with 4 generation back curses and dealing with if it’s demonic activity. All we hear about is someone lays hands on someone and they get set free. Why is it necessary to follow these foundational principals that you cover in your seminars?

Chester: Well I wish I really knew the answer to that I think probably the simplest answer though is that you and I are not Jesus. It seems that in today’s world that the preachers, the healers spend quite a bit of time preaching the word to raise faith and then the Lord is still following His word to confirm it.

Sid: Listen there are so many dysfunctional non-Christians and just as many dysfunctional, using a word from psychology, dysfunctional Christian’s some-things got to be done. How did you yourself realize that just going to church on Sunday and taking a basic discipleship class even in Spirit filled churches wasn’t enough?

Chester: I think the way that we found out is that the Lord began to heal us. In fact our testimony is that He would minister to an area and then after that to explain it to us in the word and then we would begin to help other people receive the same healing and low and behold it worked. But the biggest revelation He gave us is as we were in our early years of Bible College was the need to minister to several different areas sort of in a harmonious or in an integrated way. We call it the integrated approach to ministry and basically there are 4 problem areas all of us are affected with and the Lord Jesus has made a way to get free of each one of them.

Sid: Tell me what those 4 areas are.

Chester: Well we labeled them some sort of jargoning names some short cut names one we call Sins of the Fathers and Resulting Curses which comes out of 2nd commandment. For example in Exodus 20 verse 5 about the iniquities of the fathers being visited unto the 3rd and 4th generation of those that hate God really in rebellion and involved with idolatry of one sort or another. So that’s the first area the

  • 2nd we call Ungodly Beliefs which really is an encouragement out of Romans 12:2 to have our minds renewed. And we’ve found that we really need that we think we know the word, we think we’re thinking on God but it turns out it might not be the case for most of us. And
  • the 3rd area we call Soul Spirit Healings some people would call this inner healing but it’s basically positioning ourselves with the Lord Jesus and come and heal the brokenhearted. He’s eager to that today if we will do what He asks us to do.

And to sort of answering your earlier question we find all of God’s promises are let’s say the vast majority of them are conditional promises. And so what we’re really teaching people is how to meet the conditions of those promises. And so when we deal with these first 4 areas…

Sid: Excuse me what was the 4th?

Chester: Well I’m about to explain that.

Sid: Okay.

Chester: When we deal with the first 4 areas we really are recovering what we reveal to as legal ground or place; we use Ephesians 4:27 from demonic oppression. And I’m not saying possession I’m saying oppression and so we can deal with the 4th area which is to get rid of anyway that we’ve opened the door or our ancestors have opened the door to demonic oppression.

Sid: Now if someone doesn’t deal with the first areas you mentioned then it’s from what I’m gathering it’s more difficult for them to be set free of that 4th area “Demonic Oppression.”

Chester: Yes I think that a person particularly anointed in the deliverance can probably drive out demons no matter what but the disadvantage of that is that they usually come back in because the person has not taken care of the sin area that have given them place…

Sid: Wait it gets even worse for according to the Bible it not only come back in oppression they come back many times worse. Betsy and Chester I noticed an interesting similarity in both of your lives. Betsy was adopted and Chester your father died when you were 2 years of age.

Chester: Right.

Sid: And I’m just wondering if God used the obvious hurts that both of you had in developing this ministry.

Betsy: He certainly used them in my life. I felt as a result of the adoption that I didn’t belong and I had many issues around that. And the Lord first… as the Lord began to heal me first He began to heal me out of the word and out of Psalm 139 which talks about how He was there when we were formed in our mother’s womb and I realized that it was His plan and I wasn’t just a mistake or an accident. And then later before I knew that the Lord really spoke to us I was praying with a friend and had a wonderful vision of somebody standing there with a brand new baby. And I was totally just amazed and didn’t know what was going on and as I watched I realized that the person was in fact Jesus and the baby was in fact myself and He was saying to me “I’ve always had a plan for your life and I’m so excited that you were here and I have so much for you to do that’s part of My kingdom.” So the Lord began to heal me and then eventually there was even a restoration with my birthmother. And I think that sometimes I think that the Lord uses the events of our life to bring healing when there’s love and healing purpose. And so out of those things the Lord began to show me how much He wanted to make Himself known at a heart level to me. And I think Chester had another really amazing experience.

Sid: Well Chester what I’ve noticed as many people whose fathers are absent through death or just emotionally detached do have a lot of challenges in life. How did you establish this love relationship with God?

Chester: Well you’re right I pretty much grew up a loner and felt like a rejected person and sure enough that’s what I experienced. But after Betsy and I’d gotten married we were riding over to the beach one day from our home there in Gainesville, Florida and I was laying in the back of the van on a bed and I just praying along and God had just really get our attention and draw us back to Him. And I didn’t really know what I was doing but suddenly I just had this awesome, I don’t even know how to describe it, but just a Father’s presence and it was just like Father God revealed Himself to me as my father in some ways that I cannot explain healed many many many of the hurts that I had because of that rejection. I just laid there in the back of the van and wailed I guess for about 5 or 10 minutes a wise woman that she is just kept driving but it just totally revolutionized my life and I have never struggled since then with the issues that we now know that many other people do with issues of “Have I done enough today to earn God’s love, am I clean enough to get into the kingdom?” I mean all of these kind of issues that are really works related just got taken care of for me.

Sid: Betsy very quickly about one person that was ministered to through your seminar, through your book and what happened to them very briefly.

Betsy: Alright I’d like to tell you about just a testimony that came in today as I was talking to a ministry team the couple that lives in another nation she was sexually abused by her father and had not seen him for 12 years. After she went through the ministry she writes and says “I saw my father for the first time, of course many memories were there but he faced up to everything and was willing to talk; I had already dealt with forgiveness and so we were able to begin a whole new relationship.” She also mentioned that her husband who had been a rage-aholic had not had an outbreak of anger not had but one outbreak of anger since he went through the ministry. And she said at that point he stopped and asked my forgiveness; I am no longer afraid of him she said this ministry works thank you for giving us the tools that you’ve given us.

Sid: What are you finding with marriages?

Betsy: We are finding tremendous restoration of marriages. We use a format of starting with a joint session when we work with a couple for a week. We start with a session with that couple, ask them what their joint issues as a couple and then we take them through each one through 15 hours of individual ministry and then we come back and we talk about where do we go from here with God’s help.

Sid: But you know many people will be able to go to your seminars but the majority of our listeners will not that’s why I’m so you put together a very large a 400 plus page workbook called “Restoring the Foundations.” In which it deals with the 4 problem areas that we discussed and how to get set free from them but one of the suggestions that you make is that a husband and wife might want to go through this workbook together and then minister to one another I think that’s wonderful.

Betsy: Well we’ve had such encouraging reports of people doing that and being able to minister to each other and finding a real measure of God’s freedom through it.

Sid: Betsy we’re out of time…

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