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Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Dr. Dan Bohler he’s the Senior Pastor of Agape Harvest Church in Blue Springs, Kansas City right outside of Kansas City, Missouri. He’s a prophetic pastor I’ve known him for several years now. And Dan tell me what God has been showing you before the tragic event of the World Trade Center.

Dan: Well you know Sid for years I’ve been going all over the nation warning city by city by city over 100+ cities that the terrorist would hit us internally and externally.  And that’s just what exactly on all of the videos I’ve produced over the last 4 years I’ve been telling the people that that would now come upon us and please join in on us with to pray. No one would believe me and I cried out unto God in intercessions and fasting nobody would believe me. And that was when the Lord came to me and He told me and He said “Son I’m going to send you back to the cities whenever you prophecy you tell the people the moment it happens to remember that you will be invaded by a foreign power internally and externally.” And as a result of that word from the Lord, oh I can’t even remember it now it’s close to 70 cities exactly what I would say would come to pass from massive hurricanes to awesome wintertime tornadoes when it would be freezing cold to massive flash floods to churches disappearing and not even existing anymore to you name it.  And I said “Oh God this is awesome.” But He said “Son they’ll believe you now in some cities but even at that many will not.” And so I saw this coming along time Sid, the first of this year I had to prophecy on our website which is the name of our television show and God showed me that by the Spirit to tell the people “Stay off of airplanes, stay off of airplanes unless you have to that there was going to be great terrorist activity all over the world through aircraft and to know that you know that you was supposed to be on there.” The Lord told me in that prophecy in January that it’s been on the internet all year that that federal buildings would be very unsafe to be on and pray, pray before you go on to a federal building because there’s going to be much destruction in that area.  And you know Sid in the video the Lord showed me He carried me up in the Spirit that our dams and our banks and our federal buildings, and nuclear power plants in our major cities would literally be encircled with military men because of great destruction that was coming to our nation; and to please tell the nation to pray.

Sid: I understand that 4 days before September 11th something very unusual happened to you what happened?

Dan: Well Sid 4 days before this each time that I would try to get along with the Lord I would do nothing but weep. And man I got to the place that man I said “Lord what is going on?” And then I would even try to eat my meals and I would weep, I’d try to shave and I would weep. I would take my shower and the weeping would continue and it got worse and worse as the days went by and I began to get a sense in my Spirit that great great trouble was at hand. And I said “Oh Lord what is it” as I cried out to God and He said “All you have said thus far will take another leap in its fulfillment.”  And I knew that moment that we were about to be hit awesomely.   I got a burden I mean a terrible awesome burden in my spirit for New York. And I have the same thing for California now.  It’s like I weep for the Golden Gate area out there.

Sid: Now what do you see because I’ve got a list here right in front of me that you delivered a prophecy on January 5, 2001 and 10 of the warnings have already come to past. What do you see happening in the future for America?

Dan: Brother Sid if I our churches in America, and I know this in my heart, if the churches of America don’t repent and make things right the Bible way so that they can approach the Father with a pure heart, a pure motive for the love for him to change and to do what He’s told us to do we’re going to witness great economical drops like we’ve never seen before. Economically we’re going to suffer greatly.

Sid: In other words when you say drops recent we had a major drop are you saying way beyond that?

Dan: Yes we will we’re going to see awesome unemployment, we’re going to see, were going to see cataclysmic events like I had to prophecy like we’ve never known before. I’ve had to prophecy at least 7 major hurricanes and untold numbers of untold massive tornados winds of 150 miles an hour and they’ve come to past.  We’re about to see all of this accelerate as well as unheard of terrorist activity in our nation.  If we don’t repent…see the church right now Brother Sid they do not realize they’d rather laugh than to pray for the nation that’s falling fast.

Sid: Rather have fun and parties rather than weep for unsaved or the neighbors passing by the church while they’re having fun.

Dan: You know a nation like our 3 Presidents in a row have tried to get Israel to give away land for peace and our Bible says no! The day that George W. Bush Senior did that his own home town and his home was destroyed by massive storms.  The day that Mr. Clinton tried to do it when he was President Little Rock, Arkansas was torn to pieces and awesome terrible things happened all over this nation.  The very day that George Bush, Jr. tried to get Israel to try to give away land for peace one of the awesome most destructive floods that’s ever hit this nation hit right where he lives and they had to shut down 28 counties and it became a national disaster. And we can’t do that and America doesn’t realize that our government that is passing laws that’s bringing judgment on our land. We had pastors in Washington the other day over 100 of them up there one of them had to stay with me because he had no place to stay and he couldn’t get a plane out of Washington so he rented a car and came here. He said “We were up there trying our best to get senators to submit a bill to reverse Roe versus Wade and to stop this stem and nobody even wanted to talk about to us. And he said that day we were asked to get out of the White House immediately and he said we all ran and we ended up in the lobby of the Holiday Inn in Washington, DC and he said I could hear the senators saying “My God we have the best technology in the world here at the pentagon and they have hit us.” Sid if our nation doesn’t humble themselves quickly especially our church and go to praying and go to believing and get back to the basics of our Christianity and be a witness for Jesus, cease our leisure living I don’t see any of this going to change very much.

Sid: But I have a question for you Dan “What is…is it going to happen, are we going to repent as a nation, do you know?”

Dan: Somewhere Sid somewhere down the line there is going to be a great revival that’s Joel 2 which I have preached for years there is going to be an awesome revival. But Sid unless the television ministries and the radio ministries begin to talk just like what you and I are talking as well as our politician’s saying “Hey folks we got to repent.”

Sid: Spell out to me exactly what you mean that I should do and our listeners should do in reference to repentance and prayer what does that mean? Quit our job and just go pray all day? What does it mean?

Dan: What this means Sid is every Christian that knows he’s born again he needs to get before God and “God I’m having a hard time turning from my worldly ways, I’m having a hard time getting alone and praying for the nation and the lost and being a witness please help me; Lord bring godly sorrow that worketh repentance to my heart personally start with me Lord right now.”  And do whatever you have to do if you have to miss a meal a day or 2 meals a day whatever you have to do. Get in a prayer group now and begin to pray for this nation and the president, pray for these pastors would turn to God like they’ve never turned to God in their life in fasting and praying that it would come to our government. Begin to get your own self right and pure before the Lord there’ nothing wrong with our faith but we don’t have pure faith now Sid.  See pure faith is what gets the job done a heart that’s holy, a heart that’s humble, a heart that meek before the Father crying out for souls, crying out for the backslidden and the hurting and the aching hearts. See there’s no compassion in the church anymore, the church just wants to be blessed and they gorge in it and they don’t realize that’s it’s been miss managed, prosperity has been mismanaged and we’re in a fix in this nation.  And you see me the other day that called me “Dan, why did God allow this?” I said “Listen everything that God allows is not God’s will.” I said it says in Psalms 114 that the heavens are His but He gave the earth to the sons on men. In fact we’re supposed to take charge of the things down here and run it right and we’re to tell people about Jesus.

Sid: How many cities have you prophesied warnings to that they’ve come to pass?

Dan: Close to 64 now.

Sid: And how much time do we have, what kind of window do we have to repent as a church?

Dan: I guess everybody would like to know that I know that there’s pockets of people praying in different places in the nation but these pockets are small.  I would want to believe that God is going to hold back the darkness because He’s so kind and He’s so good. I want to believe it with all of my heart but when I see the largest churches in the country can’t get a descent prayer group together it bothers me.

Sid: Dan I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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