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Sid: Now prophetically speaking the Jewish people and the nation Israel are God’s time clock.  I know that very soon maybe even as I’m speaking to you right now it will be horrific uprising of anti-Semitism in the former Soviet Union. That’s why this book that we’ll be featuring this week is not important reading it is mandatory reading if you call yourself a believer in the Messiah.  The title of the book “Exodus Cry,” the author Jim Goll.  I have Jim on the telephone speaking to him at his home in Franklin, Tennessee; he’s a member of the Apostle Council of Prophetic Elders.  He is also involved with “The Call” that is in my opinion one of the most significant ministries because the hope of the church is young people and “The Call” is mobilizing young people all over the world. Jim tell me a little bit about what the apostolic council of prophetic elders is.

Jim: I would be glad to and it’s great to be on your show and it’s great to be with you Sid I just appreciate what you do.  Apostle Council of Elders is chaired by the networking grate on C. Peter Wagner’s life and then Cindy Jacob acts as the liaison and it brings together national, international prophetic voices from many different backgrounds and we convene and counsel together seek the Lord’s face and then the Lord says “He’ll confirm His word by the witness of 2 or 3 and that the prophets are to speak” and so we come together seeking the Lord’s faith to counsel with him and with one another and then really intercede over these prophetic words; and it’s a wonderful networking that the Lord is doing in this hour.

Sid: Now your wife is also prophetic an in 1999 she was given a dream in England tell me about it.

Jim: Oh yes my dear wife Michal Ann is the dreamer of dreams. When we were dreaming together in England in 1999 and our whole family was there with us. And we there in northeastern part of England, which is very interesting is one of the highest concentrated regions of Orthodox Jews is right there in this region when she had this dream.  In this dream the dream was about the past, the present, and the future it was like pieces of the puzzle in a sky and she was viewing in this very vivid dream. The Lord even the Holy Spirit gave her a title a name for this dream and it was called “The Horizon of Time.” And all of these different interlocking pieces are just hanging out here and like in the sky started coming in and finding one another and they made up a big picture of the horizon of time but they were a history of the Jewish people.  Putting the pieces together the historic perspective of the past a radical and sudden change, then was another scene of this puzzle of what has been occurring in recent years a contemporary miracle and then it shifts again into a prophetic proclamation gazing into the future. So as one dreams the Lord was just showing my wife little snapshots but vivid pictures concerning that in God’s heart the Jewish people are right in the middle of His heart and His purposes and giving us a view of the past, the present and a gaze into the future.

Sid: And that’s really the premise of your new book “Exodus Cry.”

Jim: Yes it really is we take a historic look and we go through not just church history but we talk about the Spanish Inquisition and so many of the atrocities that occurred.  We go into the prayer movement history and we weave from history into prayer and the acts that happened behind the scenes before the wall of communism came down. And then up to today to where there’s 1.2 million resident speaking Jews who live in the land of Israel today.  The beginning fulfillment more than most prophetic thing that is happening in the world today is this return of the Jewish people to Israel.  And so yes if that dream of my wife ends up being the picture frame that inspired the writing of this entire book.

Sid: And you know that I’m finding by the Spirit of God that Christians are developing what I call, and I’ve been proclaiming this for years “A Jewish heart.”  It’s a supernatural thing it’s not a natural thing. Christians with no Jewish background whatsoever all of a sudden are interested in their Jewish roots, interested in Israel, interested in Jewish people.  But I’m concerned that although this is on the increase most Christians don’t have a clue as to what God is up to with the Jew in Israel. And I believe that there is anointing of God on your book to give them this heart for the Jew. But I want to read a quote from your book you quoted Eliezer Berkovits and he’s a respected Jewish thinker, traditional Jewish thinker.  And this is what he says (I’m quoting it):

After 19 centuries of Christianity the extermination of 16 million Jews among of them 1½ million children carried out in cold blood in the very heart of Christian Europe encouraged by the criminal silence of virtually all Christendom including that of an infallible holy father in Rome was the natural culmination of this bankruptcy. A straight line leads from the first act of oppression against the Jews and Judaism in the 4th Century to the Holocaust in the 20th Century.

For those that are not aware of the history to the cold Christian or religious church in reference to anti-Semitism it is astounding to me. When you first found out about this Jim it must have been almost unbelievable to you.

Jim: Well you know I come from a German heritage my name being Goll is German and I am the first even American German from our ancestry to return to the German soil. And so I identify in repentance in confessing generational sin, the sins of my German ancestry against the Jewish people.  And so that is one of the ways that the Lord reeled into the needing to know history and understanding it. And then the way that my personal history drew me into greater depth to wanting to find the tap root of this whole long thing and I found that it went waaaaay back.  You know this is something that needs to happen and you were referring to and that is so important and that is #1 we need to be close to the things that are close to God’s heart.  And so any of you who are listening right now I make an appeal and I just say if you want to be close to the heart of God and be close to the things that are closest to God’s heart. #2 it’s not enough though just to get an emotional rush; the issue is get grounded. And a lot of this deals with the study of scripture and study of history. And so when you study this oh my goodness it actually becomes devastating to you for awhile because on earth you lift this blanket off and excuse me there is a lot of stuff under here that we need to deal with. And I just want to say you know let’s not be an ostrich and stick our head in the ground; let us look with eyes wide open so that change can occur.

Sid: Okay I’m going to take you to April 99 you literally heard the audible voice of God and what did He say to you?

Jim: Yes I absolutely did and in fact in the Christian church calendar it was Easter morning I had the word in 18 months the hunters will begin to be released to hunt down the Russian Jews.  This was an alarming word, I mean it came in my bedroom and the thing again that’s interesting we lived in a region that was called Hunters Run.

Sid: Hm.

Jim: I was asleep that morning the audible voice of the Lord came and said “In 18 months the hunters will begin to be released.”  What’s very interesting is that when you clock this it goes to the very week of the present violence that has been going on for 20 plus months now in Israel. It goes exactly to the very week of what is audible voice of the Lord stated.

Sid: You said in your book that you literally tangibly felt that what you called the fear of the Lord, explain that.

Jim: Oh I absolutely did you know if the people have read like the book of Daniel you know this isn’t just good feelings and the hair raisings upon your arms kind of thing.  This was the dread the fear of the Lord. I trembled as I tried to comprehend these sobering words. And I can say it’s sort of like the hand of God that goes through your chest wall and He squeezes your heart.  And He gets hold of you and you are never the same.

Sid: Six weeks later you were in England with Cindy Jacobs and others and Cindy had a prophetic word related to what God had told you.

Jim: Yes I purposely had not told Cindy Jacobs the founder of Generals of Intercession about this encounter.  We are now ministering in Sunderland, England in the northeast part of England with Brenda Kilpatrick and different ones. And Cindy goes into this place of anointing twirls towards this primary pastor, I’ll just leave her name out for right now, this well know pastors wife and she begin to speak and she says “You have Jewish blood that’s running through your veins you have not known it but the Lord has just recently revealed it to you; and there’s going to be need of a refuge because soon there is going to be persecution coming against the Russian Jews they are going to becoming across the north sea and there’s going to be need for places of refuge.” There was so much electric power of God’s presence that was in the room that the tape machine stopped; the video cameras, this was being aired all over God channel all over Europe everything shut down and the fear of the Lord came into the room. So here it was Cindy even timeline wise even speaks the very same time frame that the Lord had spoken to me that previous April.

Sid: Oop’s we’re out of time.

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