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Dell Sanchez (1296) 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is a Sephardic, that’s a Spanish Messianic Jew and he’s name is Dell Sanchez. And Dr. Sanchez has written a book called “The Last Exodus,” we have it available in English and Spanish.  And what he has to say I have never ever heard anywhere; we know about the inquisition in Spain where Jews were tortured and murdered to convert to Catholicism and money was taken away from them from, and their property. And it was a very dark period of time in the history of church and we all know about that but what we don’t know is that the Franciscans and the Dominicans followed these Jews who went to freedom.  You know in 1492 the Jews got out of Spain many of them we found out the Christopher Columbus himself escorted on a number of trips these Jews out. But what we haven’t heard is they were followed by these sinister characters of the inquisition and the same thing went on in Mexico, other Latin America Cities. And also in Southwest America, pick up there.

Dell: Yes Sid actually these whole Spanish inquisition was not only to Mexico City as I said earlier but into Columbia and in Peru. But the missions were being established as early… You know frankly I just heard just a few days ago that there is synagogue in Santo Domingo that had been converted from synagogue back to a Catholic purpose and underneath in the basement are the very torture elements of the inquisition in the Islands where Christopher Columbus had initially come in. But let me tell you Sid this thing of the Spanish missions God has been dealing with me for sometime, something about it.

Sid: Now when you’re saying Spanish missions you’re saying the Spanish missions in southwest America.

Dell: Yes these are the Catholic missions like the Alamo, like Concepcion, many of the missions that are even here in San Antonio, New Mexico and California you know.

Sid: So what did they do? What sinister thing did they do to the Jews?

Dell: Well what happened is that they were already conspiring they were spying to see who where those that had the pendency’s to be Jewish; to be Jewish in their faith, to be Jewish in their lifestyle. They were finding any trace this inquisition was a persecution machinery to eliminate any facets.   See they used to call Judism and the Sephardic faith a heresy and so they were planted not only for the purpose as they alleged to evangelize the natives but also to spy and investigate…

Sid: Alright what would happen when they would find a Jew?

Dell: Well what happened is they would confiscate your goods; they would begin to persecute you terribly. Of course the inquisition didn’t come across the Rio Grande quite the way it was terrible in Mexico City, but the persecutions the oppressive regime was horrendous, it was totally diabolical, it was demonic. They would take your children without your permission and put them in if they were cute and brave and such they would put them in the Catholic Christian homes.

Sid: How could they do that in America?

Dell: They did it! They would come and rape your children, they would do whatever they jolly well wanted to do!  And there is documentation in certain very particular and almost hid libraries that have the documentation of these what I’m saying to you in Spanish but the world doesn’t know Sid and I’m discovering this and it’s there set, proof.

Sid: Well you state that the University of California in their archives shows the names of actual Jews that were killed in the Mexican inquisition.

Dell: And it’s just only begun, yes it’s the University of California at Berkley and they have already tons of material that they’ve discovered of recent and paid dearly to be able to retrieve from Mexico and to reprocess so as to preserve the material that point back to the Mexico inquisition, to the evidences, and the tortures, and the rapes, and the confiscations.  Yes all of this is coming up; it’s very peculiar Sid that it’s all coming up for such a time as this.

Sid: Now why? That is a question that I’ve been pondering throughout this interview, I mean this has been hidden up until now why is it surfacing right now?

Dell: I believe Sid with all of my heart I believe that Spirit of the living God of the Almighty El Shaddai the source of all bless Him is now raising up from among the dead as it were among the dead from the double ash heap raising up my people Sephardim.  Because you see first of all, we need… before we can comprehend a prophecy we need to understand our history they go together but God has a purpose. I discovered here recently all of us that are of any Sephardic inclination or documentation we all refer to Obadiah 20 “The Jews of Sapharad, the Jews from Sapharad they will come back and occupy the cities and the villages of the territory of the Negev.” Which is southern Israel the wilderness the desert, but the next verse a lot of my colleagues don’t look at that you see that is a sequence there’s a chronology of prophetic events. That those that are in south will migrate the north in Israel and those that are in the west were in Sapharad and even further west which is the America’s are going to return to occupy the territory or the inheritance or our inheritance in the Negev.  And now verse 21 says “And Saviors, or rescuers, or liberators will then at that point in the chronology of prophesy will ascend and be directly instrumental in the rescue of Zion.”  And I believe with all of my heart that this is why this is why I call it that God calls it “The Last Exodus.”  We’ve seen the Ashkenazi’s we’ve seen the Ethiopian Jews, we’ve seen Jews from Europe and many other parts of the world but now we’re seeing the lost and forgotten ones for 4-5 600 years emerging in an act of mercy for us to identify who in the world we are so we may identify who we are so that we may come into the total complete home in Yeshua our Messiah so that God can show us what is our destiny in life here and in the process of Aliyah and in the process of the redemption and the revival coming to Israel.

Sid: Okay we have such numbers as Netanyahu the former Prime Minister of Israel’s father says there’s something like 60 million of these Sephardic Jews. The Jerusalem Post reported that there’s something like 20 million of these Sephardic Jews in the nations. Now do you believe that as these Latin Jews, these Spanish Jews come back to Israel they’ll be coming back like Saul of Tarsus who became Paul the Apostle?  I mean do you think they’ll be fiery evangelists raised up?

Dell: Yes, yes, yes. You see I used to say “Oh my God why did this occur to us, oh my God why have we’ve been in hiding for so long?” But the Lord by the same token has said to me “Son I took you underground to save you, now to rescue your people.” So now He’s emerging us and He’s raising us up for such a time as this.

Sid: Tell me about these 6,000 names of Jews with Spanish names but they have Jewish blood. Tell me about… I mean there is a lot of names and some of them I mean they don’t remotely sound Jewish. Tell me where you got these 6000 names from.

Dell:  I got the 6,000 names and more I just discovered more names in a home in Denver, Colorado just this…

Sid: Why in a home in Denver, Colorado?

Dell: They’ve been compiling them secretly and subtly and quietly compiling names.

Sid: How do you know that these name, how do you know that these names are authentic that are really Spanish Jewish names?

Dell:  Well for the first part you know we go by the record what’s the character? What’s the nature of the source, who is saying these things is it a credible person? Is it a well documented someone that’s trustworthy and integral?  You know affectively we look at the record in terms of the bona fide ability with the names that was already in Spain.

Sid: Well I’m looking in your book and here’s a list of Sephardic or Spanish Sir names which were actually extracted from the inquisitional files.  You can’t get more authentic than that!

Dell: That’s right and so when you begin to compare with the files and archives that were discovered in Spain itself and then later here now by the University of California of Berkley, and also sources out of the University of New Mexico, I mean let’s face it these people are about as credible situations not a pie in the sky.

Sid: Now a lot of these people don’t know that they have Jewish blood I mean I see some names I see the name of a former secretary of the Messianic Vision that has a tremendous Jewish burden and her name is on this list and she has a Latin Heritage.

Dell: Yes, yes and…

Sid: Oy vei we’re out of time!

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