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Bob Griffin

Sid:  My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at Charlotte, North Carolina where he’s ministering is Bob Griffin.  Bob moves in the prophetic gift he is a prophet. Bob you told me that the Lord showed you previous to September 11th what would happen.

Bob: Yes that’s exactly right Sid we’ve been experiencing dreams and visions for a long time and the Spirit of the Lord has been very generous in pouring out. We’ve had some grand experiences and what you’re talking about right now with the September 11th situation I actually had a dream where I was carried in the Spirit to a specific place. And I heard in the dream an angel of the Lord saying that the landscapes are changing.  And I said “How so Lord?” And suddenly I was moved I heard him say like the Oklahoma City bombing.”  And immediately I was in the Spirit and carried to the Oklahoma City combing where I stood before the Alfred P. Murrah Building.  And I was standing there grieving suddenly the building disappeared and I was crying and grieving because my own mother had been killed in that bombing and I heard again “The landscapes are changing.” And I said “How so Lord?” And He said “Like the World Trade Center.”  And I began to argue with Him because in my mind in this dream I thought well that’s already occurred that’s old news but He said it again “The landscapes are changing” and at that moment I saw the Statue of Liberty with her arms outstretched around the Twin Towers.  And all of a sudden both buildings disappeared right before my eyes. And as they disappeared before my eyes I saw the third building and the fourth and the fifth and the sixth and the seventh disappearing and I heard again “The landscapes are changing.” At that moment I began to wake up but I heard the Lord saying “Liberty all of our hopes and dreams are contained in her.”  And suddenly I saw just a very narrow window where God was getting ready to display the prophetic in that dream I was going through a fire escape and the Lord was saying “This vision is going worldwide very quickly.”  I woke up I went to our staff luncheon I began to tell them on the afternoon of September 10th that God said “Tomorrow is 9/11 we’re going to put our eyes on the World Trade Center.” And of course the rest is history we got a phone call at 10 minutes to 9:00 that said “Turn on the TV” and we saw it just in time to see the first plane coming in in a recorded message but we saw the second plane hitting the tower.

Sid:  Now what did you feel like when you saw that happen after having been told ahead of time it was going to happen?

Bob: Well you know what it was very intriguing having walked in the prophetic realm experiencing these things quite often and they’re still always shocked because you see it but sometimes when you’re not sure if this is a spiritual message or if it was an actual physical thing, but coming into the realm of the Spirit that God has been calling us into we’re realizing more and more that these are actual physical events.

Sid: Now you told me before we went on the air just before we went on the air God showed you something very dramatic that’s going to happen to America which we want to talk about in a little bit. But I want our Mishpochah to get to know you a little bit about your background and how you came to the Lord.

Bob: Well very quickly in a nutshell I was a young guy raised as a Catholic didn’t really know the Lord, I mean my mom sent me to church you know and I went to church and that was about it until I got bored with it and I walked away. And somewhere around nineteen I had been addicted to drugs for quite a while actually about 7 years or so. Somebody invited me to a church and I went to a church and I walked down an aisle I got born again and very quickly backslid and went out into the world. And in all of my dealings I went deeper and deeper out into drugs.  Well I had an experience on the side of a mountain and I was actually doing drugs and on this side of this mountain I heard a voice say “You’re dying” and I began to argue with it and I recognized that it as God even though I had been born again and walked away from God I believed in God but I didn’t really see the power of it in my life, and I really didn’t see the power of Him in the church.  And so I quickly went back out into the world and so I’m having an experience where I hear the Lord saying to me “You’re dying.”  And I said “It doesn’t matter.” And suddenly I saw a vision of my parents walking away from me and I said “What is that?” And He said “It is your funeral.”  And I realized very fearfully God is speaking to me and I began to weep and I said “God please help me, please save me and do whatever is necessary.”  And God said a prophetic word to me on the side of that mountain in Colorado and He said “I want you to turn around, He said “The generation that’s following you in your footsteps is dead and dying and I want you turn around and speak to them and tell them ‘This is not the way.’” So I immediately came off of that mountain I was at a concert actually.  And I went home and I ended up smoking pot for about 3 more months miserable until one day I was flipping through the channels and I was I guess to the end of what I guess to be myself you know and flipping through the channels on TV and listening to old love songs on the radio and there was a televangelist on there and he was speaking in tongues. While he was speaking in tongues I began to mock him in my heart and I said “Who does that clown think he is?”  I was just very angry and all of a sudden he looked up and said “You right there you’re smoking a joint and I dropped the joint on the floor” and he said “You just dropped the joint on the floor.”  And my whole mind, my whole world exploded at that moment because my mind couldn’t comprehend that God would love somebody so much that he would position somebody and put a word out in the future because I looked at the screen and I realized that it said “Prerecorded program.”  And very quickly I realized that there’s no way that anybody could have orchestrated this but God.  And I’m on my knees just crying and weeping and He’s giving me a prophetic word about receiving a prophet. I suddenly realized that God really did love me and I quickly went into the Baptist church was water baptized, went into a full gospel church I went into a drug dealers house and was baptized in the Holy Spirit on my knees in a bedroom and several months later the Lord began to reveal to me that I was Jewish.  I argued with God, I said “God I don’t know anything about this.”  And he said “Your grandfather changed his name twice go and call your mother.”  Well I waited 6 more weeks every day the Lord would tell me “Call your mother, call your mother, call your mother” and I argued because I thought “God I know where I came from I don’t know anything about this.” And finally one day it was so strong I just finally did it just to do it I called my mom and I said “Mom tell me about my heritage.” And the first words out of her mouth I was 31 years old she said “Well of course you’re Jewish.”  And I started, I didn’t know what to say my mouth fell open and I began to cry and I said “God what is going on?” And my mom said “Well, your grandfather changed his name twice.” And he said “When he came in from Russia from Minsk, Russia your great grandparents came in and when they came into the United States their name was changed and later on in life your grandfather was teased his first name was Isadore and he changed his name to John.  And there name was Pare and when they came into the United States they were named Pierce and it was a very French name and kind of an Americanized name. So I began to trace it and I began to realize that God was really speaking to me.  And the only way I realized that is because I went through experiences where I was craving for my Jewish roots I had no idea why…

Sid: And yet when you were younger you were anti-Semitic.

Bob: That’s exactly right my real father was German and I grew up in school drawing swastikas all over my pants and ink on my hands and hated Jews.  I didn’t even know why I hated Jews I just had a hatred inside of me. And what was very interesting was that I could remember one particular season during the Christmas holidays that my mom had some Hanukah candles in the house and I didn’t even know what they were but I hated them I didn’t want them to be in the house. And it wasn’t until after I was born again, filled with the Holy Spirit had these experiences with God that I began to realize the Lord’s really speaking to me. I went back and I began to realize that He knew us from the very beginning, He knew where we came from and He knew where we are I began to realize how very realize how real He was.  And I began to go back and repent for all of the sins of my forefathers. And there was a time in ministry where I was ministering that I realized that every time a child would cry or agitate during a service Sid I felt like it would break the anointing I would get very angry and I didn’t understand where that anger was coming from until the time of fasting and prayer I literally had a vision of a curse coming into our family because I saw a man who was striking a woman in what I believe to be a concentration camp and I saw a baby being ripped from her arms.  And I saw the baby being thrown on the ground and I saw this man killing this woman. And I began to realize those were the roots of my forefathers on one side and the roots of my forefathers on the other side of this family were warring against each other.

Sid: Do you think that perhaps that maybe even your drug addiction was connected with that curse that was passed on?

Bob: I absolutely believe it was, I actually was addicted to drugs from the earliest time I can remember in fact I look back I don’t know if I was 10½ maybe 11 years old when I first began experimenting with drugs. My mother was addicted to drugs she was like she was like the woman with the issue of blood she had problems medical problems with her..all of her life and then she was continuously to a doctor, medicine cabinet full of drugs as a child I would study what these drugs were I would pull out a Physicians Desk Reference and study and study and study drugs because I wanted to be a drug addict I just was addicted. I didn’t know why but I just was.

Sid: Your deliverance very dramatic when you were baptized in the Holy Spirit you had a dream that night tell me about that dream.

Bob: It is very interesting I had never had a dream to my knowledge I really didn’t know what it was I mean people have dreams but I had never had a dream.  And the night I got on my knees and was baptized in the Holy Spirit I was laying in bed that night and just praying in the Spirit and just feeling the most glorious infilling that anybody could imagine I just felt the power and the presence of God just surging through my entire body just sweeping through me. All of a sudden I fell asleep and I had a dream that Yeshua walked in Jesus walked in. and when He walked in He was over my right shoulder and He was smiling down at me and He had a scalpel in his hand and I had so much peace as I watch this scalpel coming to my neck.  And all of a sudden He cut me open from stem to stern from my neck all the way down and when He did snakes just began pouring out of me. It was so real that I could feel the snakes on my skin I could hear them wrestling on the sheets, I could feel the weight of them as they hit the floor and went towards the baseboards and just disappeared. And it kind of frightened me at first and all of a sudden I reached in when it was very calm I reached into my belly which was still open and there were white oblong things in there.  And as I reached in there and pulled those out I heard a voice say “Don’t open them.”  And I was still curious and probably more rebellious and there were more snakes inside of there.  And as I scooped them out and put them down I looked up and the Lord was gone but not before I heard a voice that said “When that which is broken a viper breaks out.” And I went for probably 3 weeks probably what that phrase meant and one day I was reading Isaiah and it’s a portion of scripture that I had never heard before. I realized that the Lord broke me open and He delivered me from all of those curses, He delivered me from those things that I was carrying. And up until that time I literally had been in church so many different times that I walked an aisle and said “Jesus come into my heart I believe” but nothing really changed in me.  I mean I believed but I was still addicted and I was still in bondage I needed the anointing to break that open.

Sid: Bob we’re out of time Mishpochah I urge you to listen to this week.

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