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SID: Okay. So I’ll never forget the name Sabrina now. She gets a marvelous healing from cancer. And so James now has a driver. He’s going to the next city, but the story continues. What happened?

JAMES: It’s absolutely amazing, Sid. So it was raining, pouring down rain. We didn’t even know how we were going to get from that city to the next because cars weren’t even new in Albania at that time. And so but we’re out there. We thumb a ride. A person pulls over. We get in. And so I start telling him the story. And I said, “There was a woman at the meeting tonight and God knew her name, and her name was Sabrina. He knew her age. He knew that she had a tumor and that the Holy Spirit rebuilt all of this, and she met Jesus.” This man starts tremoring and shaking at the steering wheel, and it’s like he’s trying to avoid the potholes. And then he goes, “Oh!” And he starts talking, “That was my wife!”

SID: This guy just picks him up and [unintelligible]. Now you skeptics, figure that one out.

JAMES: And he gets saved, too.

SID: You know something James? Life is boring without knowing the Holy Spirit. How would you like to live without knowing Jesus and the Holy Spirit? I don’t know how someone would manage. Humans can cope, but the truth of the matter is you don’t know what life until you know Jesus and you have experiential knowledge with God. I don’t mean intellectual knowledge. Tell me about the gift of the working of miracles.

JAMES: I break it down, you know, the three vocal gifts and the three revelatory gifts, and the three power gifts. In this realm here there is the gift, obviously gifts, plural, of healings.

SID: What does this mean to you, this gifts of healings, plural?

JAMES: Because there’s different modalities. There’s different dimensions of the way that the gift, gifts of healings, healing is demonstrated. There’s different ways. It works through different people.

SID: For instance, tell me about that person in a coma.

JAMES: So here’s another encounter that I had. There was a person in a city that I was living in and they were in the hospital. The wife calls our home and wants me to come and pray. I go into my intercessory prayer place and the Holy Spirit forbids me to go. I’m like, now wait a second. This doesn’t seem like the kind Jesus. Okay.

SID: But Jesus, when he went to Lazarus, remember, he waited.

JAMES: I know, Sid. That’s where we’re going. Okay. Are you prophetic, Sid?

SID: Did I hear you say pathetic?

JAMES: I said, are you prophetic, Sid. I think you’re picking up on my, no, I mean, okay. So what happened was then after praying for around 36 hours, and I was not permitted to go, finally things clicked on the inside, and I knew it’s time to go. I knew it was time to go. See that again is a gift of faith. And I knew. See, Oral Roberts defined it this way. The gift of faith is I know that I know, that I know, that I know. And I just knew now was the time. So then I went. But when I went he now had slipped very deep into a coma. I go into that hospital place and I’m like, it’s not like Gentle Jim that’s showing up. This is Giant James. And I go in there and I thump him, I thump him, I thump him, I thumped him on his heart. He wakes up. He comes out of the coma and he got totally healed.

SID: God is starting to operate, for some reason the giftings, like I’m a specialist in certain areas.

JAMES: That’s right.

SID: Those that watch know. But the gifting I have, it’s starting to increase, which I’m very excited about. For instance, I felt something and I know someone was healed right now. I felt something right about here, neck to shoulder. You are healed in Yeshua, that’s Hebrew for Jesus, in Yeshua’s name. I command that pain to leave. I have to tell you, I get aggressive. Why do I get aggressive? I don’t know. When my voice goes up the anointing gets stronger. Have you found that?

JAMES: Well that’s when authority and that faith I mentioned, revelation then is mixed with authority. And when those two things come together there is an impartation that occurs. So right now also I see somebody, I hear somebody with like a laryngitis, but it’s actually it’s really important because you’re a singer. But I right now, I speak to that person in the name of Jesus and I see the Holy Spirit putting like a Holy Spirit soothing anointing of like an oil. It’s going to go down your throat and I just speak grace over your vocal chords because God has a new song for you to sing to bring impact for Jesus’ sake. Amen. Be healed.

SID: Okay. When we come back I have an idea there’s a few people that would like James to impart the supernatural gift of faith. Is that you? Shake your head at me on TV. Let me know. Okay. Be right back.

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