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Sid: On yesterday’s broadcast I instructed you to have the elements necessary the bread and the fruit of the vine for communion if you didn’t do it yet get it quickly because on the other end of the phone is Shirley Smith.   I’m speaking to her at her home in North Little Rock, Arkansas. She had 3rd stage ovarian cancer she had 6 months to live and she received a miracle and part of a miracle was for her the very first time she had forgiven people but she got a release and she got a release and she could feel the chains coming off of her.  And we’re going to participate in communion together and I believe that the chains are going to come off of you. Shirley it was…you learned a lot about forgiveness explain.

Shirley: Okay let me ask first a question here starting out “What is forgiveness?” Let me explain the way that I see it and I understand it. Forgiveness is an act of a person’s will you don’t forgive just a little bit and you don’t say “Well I’ll forgive when I see that person change.” You don’t rejoice when they have had a problem and you don’t say “Well he deserved what happened to him” no you don’t do that at all.  You make a decision and a choice to forgive and even you know even sometimes you think you feel justified because things happened so severe against you but in this time and at this point you just say “Lord I’m just willing to be made willing.” And forgiveness many times is a process it just takes time but you must choose to make a start. So I’m going to ask the people to start who listen to my testimony to begin to start to make a choice and that’s step:

  • Number l Is to choose to forgive.

We don’t forgive by emotion or by feeling. Jesus didn’t feel like going to the cross or go by emotion to the cross He went by choice and obedience to the Lord and that’s what we have to do. There’s some steps of the process that I’d like to share on forgiveness.

  • Number 1 You need to give up the desire to punish the person who offended you. You have to give up the desire to get revenge on them.
  • Number 2 You have to stop making excuses for your false and your wrong actions and reactions
  • Number 3 You have to stop justifying your actions and your anger
  • Number 4 You have to stop defending yourself and just let God defend you.
  • Number 5 You must choose not to take offense you need to recognize that Satan is working in the situation through the person.

If I can just say it like this you need to just separate the comment or the thing against you from the person and say that it’s Satan working through them. You need to begin to take authority over your own self you need to refuse to be angry to be bitter to be resentful you have to just give it up. Just give up your desire to do that you say “Well how do I know when I’ve done all of that? How will I know when I’ve forgiven everybody?”

  • When the pain of the memory of the offense is gone number 1.
  • Number 2 When you can say from the bottom of your heart you don’t owe me anything not even an apology, not even an apology.

It doesn’t matter if they don’t ever ask your forgiveness because your free you’re totally free. And let me tell you some things that happens if you don’t forgive there’s a high cost if you don’t forgive:

  • Number 1 it robs us of God’s forgiveness.

Matthew 16:15 allows a root of bitterness this is Hebrews 12:15 un-forgiveness causes us to walk in darkness. 1st John 2:9-11 un-forgiveness shuts God’s ears to our prayers Mark 11: 24-25. Un-forgiveness turns us over to the tormentors and blocks our healing and deliverance Matthew 18 especially verse 34 and 35. Un-forgiveness gives Satan an advantage over us 2nd Corinthians 2 verses 10 and 11. Un-forgiveness binds us to the one that we despise. John 20:13 says “Remit sin” he says “That if we will remit the sins they are remitted if we retain the sins they’re retained.” So when you forgive another person sin against you you let it drop you forget it you cease to dwell on the offense and the offender. When you retain it it means that you hold on to it plus un-forgiveness blocks you to the other person its stuck in your memory you’re not free. And the poison of bitterness continues to flow within you. And I want to give you a good example of this in centuries past the punishment for murder was to chain the dead body to the one who murdered the person. They were forced then to drag this dead body around everywhere they went until it decayed and fell off their body and the body of the decayed person would infect that person. You know un-forgiveness is the same way we are tied to the person that we despise and we refuse to forgive and the memory of what they did and the bitterness abuses us over and over year in and year out just like the dead body dead to the murderer.

Sid: Lets go for our freedom would you lead us in communion right now. And Mishpochah you get the elements ready.

Shirley: Praise God Lord we just love You and we so thank You for the blood of Jesus and the power of the blood and the sprinkling of the blood. Lord we want to pray we want to release today so we want to take communion cup Lord and we want to say that Lord we forgive others who has trespassed against us who has sinned against us who has wounded us, who has hurt us. In obedience to Your command and Your example that You gave us we forgive every person who has ever hurt us in any way. In an act of our will we now forgive and we need right now to name the people those listening now and taking communion with me you need to forgive make a list and forgive the people one by one of who’s offended you living and dead.  And wait for the Holy Spirit those you need to forgive if you don’t consciously remember them. And Lord I also bless each one of these and I love them with Your love and I ask3 You to forgive them as well as forgiven me.  And since You have forgiven me also accept forgiveness of myself and the love of Jesus and the bondage of un-forgiveness has no more power over me. And Satan I take back all of the ground that you have gained in my life because of my failure and my unwillingness to forgive others and I belong to Christ He has washed me with His blood He has washed my sins away with His redeemed blood. You have no more right to me, you have no more power over me you have no more claim to me and I command every root of bitterness and all strongholds to leave me now in the name of Jesus I command all mental, emotional and physical torment to leave me in the name of Jesus. Father we partake of the blood right now we partake of the cup and we thank You Lord that it cleanses, it delivers, it liberates, it heals. And so Lord we allow Your blood to go through our emotions, through our spirit, throughout our body now and to cleanse us and restore us and deliver us in Jesus name.

Sid: You can participate and if you didn’t you can take the bread if you did fine but if you didn’t take the bread you break it and say (singing) “Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheinu Melech haolam hamotzi min ha-aretz. Amen.” you can eat the bread now.  And you can take the cup and remember that is representing the victory in the blood.  And Yeshua said this prayer Jesus said this prayer (singing) “Baruch Ata Adonai Eloheinu Melech haolam boray p’ree hagafen. Amen.” And drink the cup. Shirley I believe that a lot of people are being freed and some people are even coming to know the Lord right now it’s becoming so real to them.

Shirley: Amen.

Sid: Would you pray for their healing right now?

Shirley: Yes Father we are fearfully and wonderfully made and Lord even David said “When we were in the womb that you saw us being formed and shaped us and you know every member of our body.”  And Lord as a member of our body or any system of our body has decay and has an infection has an infirmity has an affliction and this one has a disease. And right now we take dominion and we take authority over the spirit of disease and affliction and infirmity and of cancer and we tell you right now in the name of Jesus that they have asked for forgiveness and they are forgiven and they have released their offenders and we tell you Satan that you have no longer any authority over them those doors are closed you are renounced you are rebuked and we command you to lose those their body and to come out of their body come out of their body now in the name of Jesus! You loose the captive we bring them we pull them out of the prison house we bring the prisoner of fear and intimidation and abuse and violence and all of those things against them and we pull them out of that prison house and to the power of forgiveness the power of your blood the power of your word.  And God we speak of deliverance in the household not just the people but we speak a deliverance in the household of the families of these people who are listening today who are participating with us. We thank Lord that our bodies are made in your image and we are to glorify and we present our bodies as a living sacrifice. God now that we are receiving our healing we want to give back to you oh of full service and full dedication our bodies every member of our body.  Lord we determine that we will continually walk in our confession.

Sid: Be whole in Yeshua’s name thank you Shirley.

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