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Sid: I have on the telephone a friend of mine who’s a researcher actually for Hal Lindsey and many others but he has a book that’s going to amaze almost any Christian and non-Christian on the face of this earth when they read this. I can’t believe the information that is available in this and the title of the book is “The End of History Messiah Conspiracy.”  Now Philip you spent almost 8 years in Israel living there I know that every time I would go on a tour I would see you there gathering this information why did you write this book Philip Moore?

Philip: Well I love the Jewish people and I always wanted them to learn the truth that I have found in their Bible. And of course the New Testament also and the without the Jewish people we wouldn’t have a Messiah we wouldn’t have Messiah Yeshua.

Sid: What I’m trying to find out Philip is something very supernatural about this book. I mean you know a lot of people love the Jewish people but don’t have the ability of the access. Did you find that this information was just coming to you I’m just curious I haven’t asked you this before was it supernaturally coming to you it’s a big book I mean it’s 1200 pages?

Philip: Yeah it took 12 years and it did I felt the Lord brought stuff to me that I felt it’s one of the things that He actually gave us all of us talents and I was able to find things that people have told me that the average person can’t find. I mean it just came to me I’d be in a library and I’d be looking at a book and it would be just pop out of a page. And I really felt the Lord was giving it to me I don’t want to take credit for myself.

Sid:  I understand for instance I’ll just throw one little fact out that was kind of overwhelming to me. Everyone has heard of one of the most famous scientists of all history Isaac Newton but most people have not heard that number one that he’s a strong Christian or was a strong Christian. And number two he predicted things based on his study and the mind that God gave him of what would happen in the future. For instance according to your book he predicted in the 20th century the Jewish people would return to Jerusalem. And when did he live by the way?

Philip: He was born in 1642 on December 25th and lived until 1727 until his 70’s.

Sid: So by studying the scriptures one of the greatest scientist in all of history was able to predict and he stated that “In the 20th century the Jewish people would return to Jerusalem.” But the thing that intrigues me is he also prophesied when the Messiah would come what did he say?

Philip: He believed the 21st century.

Sid: So that means sometime after the year 2000 I mean he was right on the Jewish people returning to Jerusalem so I believe he’s right on his second prediction what do you think?

Philip:  I believe so too I mean with all of the weaponry that we have at our disposal and the technology and the computer chips and the One World Monitory System that’s being planned I don’t think we can go another 100 years maybe not even 50.

Sid: Well talking about something providential someone gave me a newspaper from Atlanta, it’s dated June 29th the headline is “Can Jews be Christians?” And when I started reading your book this quote just shouted at me. This says the traditional Jewish position on the Messiah and then let me read this quote from the newspaper:

Jews who believe that the Messiah will come as a male descendant of King David will rule as King of Israel during a time of World Wide peace that all Jewish people will be gathered to Israel and that the temple of Jerusalem twice destroyed will be rebuilt he said.

Now this is the traditional Jewish belief and here’s the thing that staggered me that it says that “There will be a time of peace, Jews will be regathered to Israel and the temple will be rebuilt and the Messiah will be in the temple.” But I don’t see anything about an anti-Christ here I don’t see any warning about an anti-Christ here.  Your book explains why tell our Mishpochah.

Philip: Yeah in chapter 23 it’s called “Armilus Equals Anti-Christ” it’s about a 60 page chapter.  A subject on a Rabbi that lived over 900 years ago a great famous well known Jewish Sage in Orthodox Jewish circles wrote of this Armilus that would come and wreak havoc on Jerusalem on the end of days. And at this teaching you can look up Armilus in the different Jewish encyclopedias and he’s mentioned there and he’s kind of referred to as part of Jewish folklore, but it’s identical to what’s written in New Testament 2nd Thessalonians.

Sid: But I’m a Jew why didn’t I ever hear of that, why didn’t this Jewish man in the Atlantic Journal not hear of it? Why is there something intentional that we don’t hear about Anti-Christ the Jews.

Philip: Well I believe and I think I set forth a very firm case for it in this book that the conspiracy to cover up the Messianic prophesies by many of the Rabbis that have come together to recreate Judism at Yavne in the 1st century between the years of 80 – 110 in Israel and when they were preparing Jewry to survive in the diasporas they were afraid to intermingle with Gentiles that had these same beliefs that believed in the Messiah that believed that Jesus was the Messiah. Well a lot of the ancient commentaries that say that the Messiah would be born in Bethlehem that say that He would suffer as Isaiah 53 points out. These commentaries were pushed aside and these apostasies were reinterpreted. So when you ask the Rabbi today “Well what about Isaiah 53?  He’ll say well that’s about the Jewish people or that’s about the sufferings of Israel.” But yet when you show him a Targum or a Talmud which are ancient Jewish commentaries and say “Look it said here about the Messiah” he often doesn’t know what to say because his idea his perception is “I don’t want the Jewish people to have questions about the Messiah being Jesus because that could cause assimilation and we quote the rabbi need to pass these prophesies off as not really being Messianic prophesies but being prophesies about the Jewish people and this way will hopefully hold our people together.”

Sid: But I don’t understand I understand why the rabbis to protect their own economic interest I mean let’s call it for what it is don’t talk about the prophecies and reinterpret them away from what the ancient rabbis interpret them they’re sort of rewriting history so to speak. But I don’t understand why the Rabbis don’t talk about their own writings about the anti-Christ what’s the reason?

Philip: Well quite frankly I think a lot of them don’t even realize that there was the predictions that there was an Armilius and an anti-Christ because it takes a lot of digging into ancient documents.

Sid: Is it because if you talk about anti-Christ…

Philip: People want to know who Christ is.

Sid: Yeah that’s probably the reason.

Philip: And also there’s a book called “The Real Messiah” put out by Orthodox National Conference of Synagogues used I believe in New York for the real Messiah it was written in 1976. And it says almost identically to what you told me that article said. That there would be a rebuilding of the temple and that there would be a time of peace and that there would be born of natural parents that’s on the opening page of chapter 23 at the caption. And I point out there that if we don’t return to these ancient believes and realize that that the anti-Messiah is coming. That we’re going to be fooled a lot of non-Jews also.

Sid: Well I don’t see how the Jewish people could possible accept someone ruling the world based in Jerusalem unless they thought he was the Messiah and we know that the anti-Messiah is coming before the return of the Messiah. And there’s no talk I mean it’s talk about a set up the rabbis have set our people up actually for a slaughter.

Philip: It looks that way and I’m just praying that people will look at these prophesies and look at these predictions and these commentaries and realize that even show the Rabbis even give them copies of this book or similar books that I believe a lot of them. Some of them I may have really want may really realize that he may be the Messiah and just want to hide to keep Jewish culture together. But there are others that if they saw this material I’m convinced they’d say “Somebody along the way has not told me the full truth. I’m going to reconsider and read my prophecies, and read my commentaries and just realize that maybe that Jesus could be the Messiah.

Sid:  Now you said something a little earlier, you talked about a place called Yavne where is that?

Philip:  It’s coastal town in Israel.

Sid:  Okay and you said a rabbinical conspiracy occurred there, explain.

Philip:  Well there was a rabbi named Gamaleo and Yochanan ben Zakai and they gathered there between the years 80 – 110 and they altered one of the most sacred documents of Judaism in a very dishonest way, but with good intentions as far as they perceived.

Sid:  What document did they alter?

Philip:  It’s called the Amidah Prayers 18 benedictions it’s said in the synagogue every Sabbath…

Sid:  And why did they alter it?

Philip:  Well in chapter 12 there’s an alteration that occurs in the 12th benediction and it’s called the birkat haminim, which means blessings for the Minim. Minim means groups or sects of Jewish believers but it wasn’t just groups of believers, in reality they discovered in 1925 underneath the old synagogue in Egypt in the Genizah where they stored old scrolls a copy who had Nazarenes writing and found the word Minim, it’s called the Schecter Fragment. In there they said “The Minim and Nazareth have no hope may they parish in a moment.” The reason they did that is because once people… there is a quote in Jerome 4th century that he says “The Minim are in all the synagogues of the east.” It says this prayer actually is one of the 18 prayers when Jewish believer would be in the synagogue and all the synagogue were saying the first 11 prayers he would become silent on the 12th because he would be cursing himself by saying the “May the Minim the Nazarene have no hope may they perish in a moment.” When he was silent on that one and continued to go on through 13-18 the rabbis would take notice. They would notice who were silent they would probably not invite him not to come back to the synagogue. In this way they were able to detect them and separate them from the new mainstream of Orthodox Judaism they were creating hoping that there wouldn’t be a possible assimilation because so many non-Jews were believing in Yeshua. If the non-Jews were believing and they didn’t follow Jewish holidays, and some Jews started to believe maybe they will. They wouldn’t start to celebrate holidays and Jewish culture and in the end the whole race of the Jewish people could melt down.

Sid:  Philip Moore our time is up.

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