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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Joan Hunter has opened her mouth and said one word and this one word has resulted in millions of dollars. Can I have her open her mouth for you now? I always love to have Joan Hunter as a guest because I go beyond Joan. I knew the Happy Hunters. Your parents literally had over a million healing miracles. They had, they used to call it healing explosions.

JOAN: Healing explosions.

SID: All over the world. I mean, it almost seemed the older they got, the more hunger they had to see the miraculous, and you had that same. You’re building on their shoulders. You’ve been in ministry, what, 45 years?

JOAN: Forty-five years now. Hard to believe.

SID: So for those that don’t know you and your parents, tell me one miracle that comes to mind.

JOAN: Oh that’s really hard. But in regards to the overseas trips, I remember being with them in Bogota, Colombia, and all of a sudden, all these wheelchairs started coming up to the platform. To see all these coming it’s like, it was just like they kept passing them forward and there would be another row of them being passed forward. It was like, these people need their wheelchairs. No they don’t. I mean, just so many incredible things have happened and to see the millions of people that got the baptism of the Holy Spirit, millions of people that got saved.

SID: By the way, we need that again. You told me there is an increase of the supernatural all around you.

JOAN: All around, all around. Okay. Yes, where I’m concerned, I’m going into, I mean, incredible, incredible miracles are happening. I’m like shocked if somebody is not healed, and it’s like—

SID: Did you hear that?

JOAN: And what’s so awesome is that I pray and God has given me so many incredible words in regards to the area of healing that I lock the healings.

SID: That’s all part of prophecy.

JOAN: Yes it is. And it’s like I prophesy everybody in the room is going to get healed, and pretty much 99 percent of everybody, everybody in the room, are immediately they get healed. It’s absolutely amazing. Fibromyalgia, doctors can’t treat it. Cancer, cancers are falling off, all kinds of important things.

SID: Tell me something fresh. Tell me a miracle that’s recently happened.

JOAN: We’re going to dance all over the platform, on this one here. But I was recently in Arizona, and this lady came up to me, she had a 3000-pound piece of equipment fall on her head over 20 years ago. I can’t believe she’s alive. But what happened is this fell on her, it crushed all of the discs in her neck, busted a bunch of her vertebrae, then it went down in her neck, then it went down and destroyed a lot of her vertebrae and discs in her back. In addition to that, there was so much pain and pressure that it caused her head to actually compress. I don’t know how she survived. I really have no clue how she survived. And so I prayed for her and I put my hands on her neck. She didn’t have a C-curve, which is a natural thing you’re supposed to have. So I put my hands on her neck and I said, “In the name of Jesus, I command her C-curve to come back. I command all of the vertebrae in the neck and discs to be restored, and in the back, height to be restored.” Because if you get compressed you shrink. So she grew like three inches in front of me. Everybody around was going, wow! But her head had compressed. So I said, “In the name of Jesus, I command this head to return to the proper size.” And it went [brrr] right in my hands. That was awesome. That was, you can’t describe what happened to me.

SID: And you know what? That’s just the beginning.

JOAN: I know.

SID: We’re moving, I believe we’re moving into such creative miracles. Everyone knows about Joan Hunter’s healing ministry and miracle ministry. But when did this prophesying start?

JOAN: I’ve been actually prophesying for probably 15, 20 years, maybe even longer than that, not really knowing what it was. I would just hear something and I’m like, do you have a shoulder problem, which, yes, is the word of knowledge, but it’s still hearing, and all these different things, and it was just developing hearing the voice of God.

SID: You told me that your parents, as much as they knew, as experienced as they were, were in awe over the gift that God had given you.

JOAN: That’s because they have experienced the abuse of the prophetic. Like somebody walks up to you and says, “God told me that you’re to give me a computer.” No. No.

SID: I’ve had that happen.

JOAN: I have, too. And I go, “When God tells me to give you the computer, I’ll give you the computer.”

SID: The first few times I didn’t know that, and I just gave it.

JOAN: I’ve had, I don’t care. But it’s kind of funny. But 30, 40 years ago, people were really abusing it. And so it kind of got put on the shelf in the Christian world. And now God, over the last ten years, is bringing it back up, recognizing the prophets, recognizing the apostles, recognizing just plain, not just prophecy from the prophets, but honoring prophecy one on one.

SID: Well the fact is the average believer thinks that’s just for the fivefold gifted people, the people on TV, the superstars. But you say it’s not only for everyone, but it’s simple.

JOAN: And see, and that’s the prophet rather than prophesying. There’s a difference. A prophet is called to the nations. It’s called to the churches, whereas coming to prophesying, longing, desiring to prophesy is going to the grocery store and prophesying over that. And it’s like, I prayed, God, if you’re real, send somebody to give me a Word today, and that’s you. And that’s you. What an amazing opportunity we have here to speak on behalf of God, to share.

SID: You get pretty excited about that, don’t you?

JOAN: I get excited.

SID: I can’t think of anything more exciting than hearing God’s voice and being used by him. And the fact is it’s for everyone. Now when we come back, you’re going to find out how by understanding how to prophesy, which is for everyone, not only saved Joan’s life, but someday may save a loved one’s life. We’ll be right back.

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