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SID: The year 2000 was one over thick year for you. I mean, Joan went through a devastating divorce. Her husband went into the gay life. She’s responsible for her children. In 2000, she hit bottom, financially. Nothing. In addition to everything else, she develops cancer. Tell me about that.

JOAN: That’s a lot to put in about a minute. But yes, it was an absolutely horrible time in my life. Two days after the divorce, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It taught me how to get healed and whole. And I went after God because the doctors gave me no hope. The CPA gave me no hope. The counselors gave me no hope. They said there’s no way you’re going to recover. And it was such a devastating time in my life. And so I would go before God and just say, “God, I can live without a breast, but I can’t live with a broken heart.” So I went after God to heal my heart and heal me of broken heart syndrome. And long story short, God healed me of worry, betrayal, abandonment, worry, I know I said it more than once, but it needs to be repeated ten times because I was worried what was going on. How would I ever make it if anything ever happened? And when I got free of all of that in my heart, I went back to talk to the oncologist, now what do we do? And so in the process of two hours on the examining table, they looked everywhere, left side, right side, everywhere, up, down, in between, on my back, everywhere that they could look and the cancer was gone.

SID: If God had not revealed to you what to do, how to handle it, do you believe you’d be here today?


SID: Give me an example of how you prophesied to yourself.

JOAN: I’m laying on the table and I’m thinking, I have four good reasons to live: Charity, Spice, Melody and Abigail, my girls. And as I’m laying there and I’m like, no, I’m going to live and not die, and I’m going to share the works of the Lord, today I choose life. And I started prophesying over my life that I’m going to live and not die, and declare the works of the Lord. I am healed.

SID: Do you say it with a vengeance or do you say, I’m going to live and not die. How do you say it? Give me an example of how you said it to yourself.

JOAN: I said it, I said, actually I went, “Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam! Wake up!”

SID: So you did it with an attitude.

JOAN: I had attitude in my faith and my mouth into alignment. No, I’m going to live and not die and do the works of the Lord. Now when I’m praying for people with cancer and they say, [mumbling], I say, oh no. I want you to say this: “I’m going to live. I choose life until I believe it.”

SID: Tell someone with cancer right now to do that, right now.

JOAN: Right now, I am prophesying over you that today is your day of turnaround. Today is your day for giving your cancer an eviction notice. It’s trespassing on God’s property and you are going to live and not die, and live to declare the works of the Lord. Hallelujah. Say, I receive. I receive. Repeat. I’m going to live and not die and declare the works of the Lord. I choose life. God is speaking to you. He’s speaking it to you in church services, as you’re listening. God, what should I give, whether in church, whether it’s supernatural. God is speaking to you and you can hear him say whatever amount he tells you.

SID: And you know what? When I think it’s God, I do it just in case. I don’t want to miss God. Do you? Tell me about the quarter you found.

JOAN: This is so exciting. I love this. And God speaks to natural things and he’ll give you a prophetic word. So when you have something happen in the natural, say, God, you want to speak to me about this. And but the other day I’m going through the security, and I’m on my way to Haiti and there’s a TSA agent like right there fully loaded with everything, all the badges and everything. And she’s right there. And so I look down. Right behind her is a quarter and I’m like, argh, there’s a quarter. It’s not a penny, it’s a quarter. I don’t need a quarter. I’m not broke by any means. But it’s just a fun thing to do. So I go down a little bit further and then there’s a penny. I thought, well at least I got a penny. It’s not a quarter, but at least I got a penny. I wasn’t going to mess with her. Can you see that I want to get the quarter? I’m not going to do that. So in a few minutes, literally in a matter of moments, they say, “Everybody stop.” Well if somebody says that and they’re an authority at the airport, your hands go up, yes, okay, I’m good. I’m not reaching for anything. Yes. They said, “All of you have to go back through.” So we went back through and she had moved. And I walked there and I thought, that quarter is mine. I was so excited that the quarter was mine. So I of course picked it up for fun, which is once again for fun. So I’m walking to the gate and I said, “God, what are you telling me?” Now this is for you, too. What are you telling me with that quarter and with the situation? He says, “There are many things that are hid from you, many things that you can’t get because of barriers, because sometimes you can’t even see them. There’s a blockage. There’s a dam, so to speak. But some of you could see, maybe an inheritance that had been stolen, inheritances that have been withheld from you.” He says, “But I’m clearing the way so that anything that you have lost, whether you know it or not, is going to come back to you. Inheritances are going to come to you.”

SID: If you will only believe all things including inheritances are yours. One word from God could result in a million dollars. In fact, Joan did this at a meeting and it resulted in many millions of dollars. We’ll be right back.

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