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Sid: I have on the telephone Dave Roberson I’m speaking to him at his office in Tulsa, Oklahoma where he’s Senior Pastor of the Family Prayer Center. And Dave is a man of the Spirit but he had certain limits that he seemed he just couldn’t breakthrough areas in his life that he calls it ceilings, in difference to people that were needy.  There was something more and his spirit knew it but there was something limiting him something putting a ceiling on him. And God started teaching him about the true purpose of fasting and his life was revolutionized.  Dave tells me something some of the personal things that happened in your own life through fasting the way that God instructed you to.

Dave: Sid after ministering for several years that something would not even know hot explain what it was except that a strongman or ministry came under attack in my mind and since then I’ve run into so many ministers that were under the same attack and have even had been destroyed by it not counting the believers just people that love God. That to this day I thank God for the road that fasting played in bringing me out of that.  Because when it seemed that the strongman came almost like an assignment to destroy me even though I was doing camp meetings and people were set free and I’d ministered to them and I’d heard the same thing from so many preachers like there was a ceiling over my ministry I just couldn’t break through. And I’d would go in the service to minister to the people and then I’d go to my hotel room or go home and this torment would begin horrible I mean. And it felt like a 1000 fish hooks was in my flesh and I couldn’t break through it. And so when I learned about fasting I’d begin to fast and to pray and break that off of me. And when I was fasting and praying I didn’t know the role that fasting and praying played at that time, well prayer fasting linked together with prayer. All I knew I just couldn’t go on anymore and I just got so tormented in my emotions I just couldn’t hardly open my Bible I couldn’t pray it didn’t seem like I could do anything. I could remember in desperation I just remembered what people said about fasting, “I’m just going to fast and pray until I break this.”  I just…one day I quit eating and even though I was in a fast I still couldn’t pray or anything. But after so many days I woke up and I just felt like I could pray again I could open my Bible again.  Well I’d finished that fast but then before the year was over I went on another one and things was waking up and I was getting so hungry for God that on this one I fasted, well I fasted so long that my wife got worried about me that I wasn’t because I had such a supernatural peace on the inside.  And near the end of the fast the devil literally manifested himself to me in such a way that he was exposed. I knew what was fighting my ministry I couldn’t see him but I could hear him.  And he said to me he said “I’m going to kill you.” And I said “Oh you can’t if you could kill me you’d already done it.” And he said “I’m going to destroy you and your family” but I said “You can’t if you could have done it.” And he threatened me and said “I’m going to empty your church out.” And he almost succeeded in that and I never will forget what followed that fast such an increase in revelation and Satan’s war machine and how he fights and overturns ministries tempts them and draws them off and I’ve learned so much.

Sid: You can understand how well there’s no need to mention by name a number of prominent ministries just hard to believe that slipped, those are the reason?

Dave: Yes when a person fasts you destroy the hold that the flesh has over you and many of them just don’t understand that. A lot of the people they did at that time the devil made it that far to attempt to run people out of the church that I never will forget the result when the day come that I was able to break it. Sid I’ll never forget it I remember when I come out of the prayer closet and had my first prayer life I’ll never forget it that I just lifted my hands to pray for people and it was a line that people got in that were bound by devils habitual things and had a lot of trouble things like smoking and had addictions to drugs and also prescription drugs and a lot of tormented people from their past that had strongholds of abuse, inner healing things the whole front was full of people. And so I got up to lay my hands on some of the first ones and the glory of God came so strong that it literally through them through the air and they landed on their back. And I heard this wimpy little voice and crying out of this one that just couldn’t get free and I mean in the past this wimpy little voice crying and whimpering saying “Do I have to come out?”

Sid: Hmm.

Dave: It was the devil talking “Do I have to come out? Do I have to come out?” And I could remember I was so shocked about it that I just simply answered you know I was amazed usually I would muster up my voice of authority you know.

Sid: Right.

Dave: But I could say and announce it it’s not how large you are, it’s not how quiet  you are it’s that if he can come and do what you’re asking Him to do.  He said “This kind cometh not but by prayer and fasting.” Anyway I was so shocked at that devil whimpering instead of screaming challenging me like so many had done “I’ll not come out!” many of them would say but this one said “Do I have to come out?” And just the voice like I’m talking to you I said “Yes you do, you have to come out.”  And he came out and this was happening to many people. And Sid this I found out that fasting it is absolute death sentence to indifference and complacency and this is what Jesus was talking about prophecy in Isaiah 58 in the 7th verse it says “This is the fast he’s chosen this is the fast He has chosen He said to give thy bread to the hungry, that you bring the poor that are cast out of your house, that when you see the naked that you cover him.” And then he said “That you hide not yourself from your own flesh.” And this verse I didn’t know what that means. I said “Father God what do you mean that you hide not yourself from your flesh?” Well I can tell you now, Sid the day that a man decides to fast, the day is the day that you’ve decided not to hide from your own flesh anymore.  You’ve decided to quit hiding from whatever it is on the inside of you it just doesn’t care about the naked, that just doesn’t care about the poor, about the hungry about those that are cast out of God’s house whatever it is that’s in you just does not care. The day that you decide to fast is the day that you’ve decided to quit hiding from your own flesh whatever it is that is in you that just doesn’t care. Nobody has to show you movies anymore, the starving children, the horrendous needs of people in the world to be saved; surely you’re need you’re not hiding anymore. Fasting is a death sentence to indifference and complacency.

Sid: Dave when you talk about fasting there’s a lot of questions that are triggered, “Is Dave intimated that I should fast for 40 days, what does he mean by fasting what is he telling me to do?” How would you answer that?

Dave: When a man fast there are several levels of fasting and the highest is nothing but water and lock yourself away. But the serious of fasting the personal fast a few days on and a few days off and possibly just drink a little bit of liquids in a partial fast. But there are times when people fast 40 days and they were discouraged because nothing appeared to happen. But you have to remember your fast is not moving God it’s moving you into a place by destroying the flesh to receive from God so don’t get discouraged.

Sid: Would a one day fast benefit moving into these areas?

Dave: Yes it would because in serious fasting or one day, 10, or even 40 the thing is don’t stop just keep going back to fasting don’t get discouraged don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. Say 40 day and you don’t see what you wanted to see because you actually line upon line you moving your flesh out of the way and moving yourself into a place of the Spirit. It may take a little longer but eventually you will cross that line and you will see God begin to move for you like He’s never moved before.

Sid: Dave I believe that we’re talking to specific believers right now that God orchestrated for them to listen to this discussion that God has heard their prayers and is saying “This is your answer.”

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