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Sid:  My guest by way of telephone is Nita Johnson. On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that Nita from a young age, 9 years of age, started having visitations to the throne room of God and seeing the Last Day judgments in America. But recently one of the warnings God that said was the last judgment was going to be war. She received a mandate that unless we pray there will be war on our shores in the very near future. In particular the sin of anti-Semitism… for those that aren’t familiar would you tell me a little bit of the history of this nation, say in particular during World War II in reference to anti-Semitism.

Nita:  In 1935 this is the general mindset of America, there were few white collar jobs available to choose, no top positions in universities, a Jew could not hold any kind of top position in universities. Jewish people could not work in most of our hospitals either as nurses or doctors. Even many blue collared jobs were barred from the Jewish people. For instance if a secretary was discovered to have Jewish family, Jewish bloodline, she could very probably lose her job because of her Jewishness. They were not allowed to join country clubs, they were barred from the elite restaurants across the nation. When I say barred signs were put out in front of the restaurants “No Jews Allowed.” So they were barred from our more elite restaurants.

Sid:  In my lifetime I remember I was raised in Washington D.C. and I remember going to a beach and I couldn’t get over the fact that there was a sign that said “No blacks, or Jews, or dogs allowed.”

Nita:  That’s very sad isn’t it?

Sid:  So those that are thinking “Wait a second, not in the United States of America.” Go on Nita.

Nita:  Yes that was prominent. There was a survey conducted back in 1935 and in that survey they found that 53% of the American public saw Jews as the most troublesome people group in the world. 83% opposed admission of Jewish people in larger numbers as immigrants. So America was very very strongly anti-Semitic. That anti-Semitic spirit came to America from Europe when our ancestors came here from Europe. The common rhetoric of the hour was “Jews want to take over the world and must be stopped.” But the truth was that in 1935 they were one of the more oppressed people groups by in large in the entire world. In 1933 when Hitler was assigned to his office by the then chancellor Paul Von Hindenburg, he immediately began anti-Semitic propaganda in Germany and surrounding nations, the nations surrounding Germany. He established the first prison which is Dachau is a prison camp dealing with Jewish people and other people that were not desirous to the raid. In 1933 Jewish literature began to be destroyed throughout Germany. 1935 they passed what they call the “Nuremburg laws” which stripped all Jews of their rights and privileges. Jews were no longer allowed to intermarry with Gentiles and many other rights and privileges were removed. In Germany, Poland, in Austria, once the Nuremburg laws were passed in 1935 Jews were openly harassed, beaten, imprisoned, their businesses were boycotted, and their lives began to be governed by an ever increasing anti-Semitic laws that were being established in Germany. In 1938 this had increased so much the persecution against the Jewish people murders being a common everyday event of the Jewish people in Europe that they had what was called the Evian Conference. It came to be known as the Evian Conference in Evian France. Thirty two nations came together, this conference was spearheaded by the way by America. Thirty two nations came together to discuss the forced massive deportations of the Jews trying to decide what to do with them. There was only out of the 32 nations that attended this conference there was only 1 nation that was willing to take Jews and that was the Dominican Republic and they offered to open their borders to a hundred thousand Jewish families. Of the hundred thousand that they were willing to open their borders to, and that was at the cost of a tremendous financial settlement by the way. Of the hundred thousand that were supposed to have been accepted only one thousand ultimately were accepted the end of the war in 1945.  The Jewish ambassador, I mean the German ambassador went home and told Hitler “We can do what we want with them no one wants them.” So that opened the floodgates of Hitler’s hatred for the Jewish people across Germany. In November of that same year an event took place that came to be known as “Kristallnacht.” In Kristallnacht the Jewish businesses were desecrated, destroyed I mean windows were… the main thing about that whole thing was the broken that’s why it was called “Kristallnacht,” the “Night of the broken glass.” They broke the windows of Jewish businesses, the Jewish synagogues; they destroyed many Jewish synagogues across Germany and across Austria, and burned Jewish religious books. From the time that Kristallnacht… oh and they picked up 30 thousand men Sid for no reason except the fact that they were Jewish; picked up 30 thousand men and put them in prison camps.  The only men that came out of those prison camps alive were men whose families could prove to the government that they had visas or had landing permits to make a home in another country. If they couldn’t prove that the man was never released and he died in the prison camp. So synagogues were destroyed, businesses were destroyed, men were picked up and imprisoned, Jewish hospitals were destroyed, were looted, schools were looted, Jewish schools were looted and tremendous damage done all the way across Germany and Austria. From that point on Jews began to be barred from theatres, from public parks, Jewish children could no longer go to Gentile schools in fact even the Jewish schools were shut down so the Jewish children couldn’t go to school period. By the end of 1938 almost all Jewish banks had been forcibly put into the hands of Gentiles. Now I’m sharing all of this for 2 reasons:

  1. To explain to the listener that there is one thing that has perpetrated every holocaust against the Jewish people, the Lord spoke this to me audibly. In my hours and hours of studying investigation regarding various holocausts I found it to be true and that is greed. The Gentile has risen up in greed desiring what was of the Jew. So they desired their homes, they desired their artwork, they desired their businesses, they desired their money. So the holocaust would begin and Jews would be killed in mass. Their property confiscated even as most listeners know they would even take the gold out of teeth. To the tune of millions and millions of dollars. So greed is at the bottom of every holocaust that has been perpetrated upon the Jewish person. It was no different in Germany.

Sid:  Now of course, and it can never be treated lightly with the 6 million men, Jewish men, women, and children that were murdered just because they were Jews. But what is not known is the sad history of the United States of America while this was going on. Would you tell me some of that?

Nita:  In America we were very aware of what was taking place at least our government leaders were. Roosevelt was, the man Breckinridge Long who headed the immigration, and of the government was well aware of what was going on. In fact he was a known anti-Semite in his day. So our government knew what was taking place in Europe…

Sid:  Nita I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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