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SID: James says not only can everyone have their spiritual eyes activated, you have your natural eyes, but can see what’s going on in the invisible world, every one of your senses can be activated and it starts out with focus. Explain.


JAMES: Well I think we have focused too much on ourselves and our limitations. God wants us to focus on his promises, on his Word and begin to see how he plans for us to live and how he plans for us to be activated in this generation.


SID: One of the things you do to focus is he’ll take stories in the Bible, the miracles of Jesus, and you actually put yourself in that. Explain.


JAMES: Well I started reading. I noticed over and over in the Bible, I studied through the Bible three or four times a year and in detail, and I saw there were so many promises and so many things that were spoken over people, and I decided I want to claim those for myself. And I started reading it out loud because faith comes by hearing by the Word. I began to speak those things over myself. And after I did that for a while I began to really put faith behind that, and the faith was every promise in the Bible is for me and it’s for you, and God wants us to begin to grasp those promises and begin to live in the fullness of the Anointing as, for our purpose is awesome. Our destiny is great. And what God wants to release in spiritual gifts to us through our eyes open, our ears open, every other sense being open to the Kingdom, is for us to be able to do exactly what would be the very best thing for the Kingdom, and ultimately that’s the best thing for us and for other people.


SID: Can every person that is a believer in the Messiah looking at us right now, can they have every spiritual sense activated?


JAMES: Absolutely, I do. And I think God made a promise, I see it in the scriptures, all the way back in the Old Testament and repeated in the New Testament, that in the last days his spirit was going to come on all flesh, on men and women, on people who are older, people who are younger, every social status in the world. That his spirit will come on all flesh and when it does we’ll all be enabled to prophesy to see visions and to dream prophetic dreams. And so many people have never claimed the promise, and I started claiming the promise. And a lot of what I do on that card that I put my prayers on is I begin to pray and activate those things.


SID: You’ve been saying this for years.


JAMES: Yes, over and over myself until I believe that 100 percent in my heart. And that’s what I recommend to people. It began to claim those promises to say every promise in the Bible is for you.


SID: Most people, God starts in just a little way and they discard that little way. Explain that.


JAMES: Well we shouldn’t despise small beginnings. And sometimes the Lord only shows us some very small thing, some little thing. But instead of getting discouraged what I encourage people to do is to say, wow, God is beginning to do things in me and I began to rejoice, and began to give him thanks and praise for that because God responds to gratitude much more than he responds to grumbling. And so we don’t grumble about a small thing he’s doing in us, but we begin to do it to the best of our ability and thank him for enabling us and activating those gifts in us so that we’re able to do that. And right now, I’m feeling that God has something really special for people are watching this right now. I just have felt the presence and I’m feeling it right now of numerous healing angels that are manifesting here with us and they’re manifesting with you. And I know in the spiritual realm that if you need healing there’s a healing angel that just manifested for you. And right now, just we release the angels to minister what Father God sent them to minister, be healed in Jesus’ name. Whatever you need, that angel came for that purpose. And I feel right now that the love of the Father is just pouring out like standing under a waterfall and the blessing and favor of the Lord is pouring out over you right now. Receive it and believe it, and give thanks for it, and keep on thanking him and speaking it until it manifests. Amen.


SID: Now James, why is it the minute you spoke what you were feeling in the invisible world I felt a presence of God, zoom, like that. Why is that? I like to try to understand the invisible world.


JAMES: Well I think when we do what the Holy Spirit prompts us to do his power just manifests, and I felt that, too. And it almost felt like it’s coming up from the floor. It just felt like the power of God suddenly surrounded us. And the Spirit is so pleased when we follow his prompting that he just releases power. And I’m feeling it right now, it’s just like the Lord, the presence is getting stronger and stronger.


SID: I don’t know what he’s going to do when we come back, but I know he’s going to do something, and I know you’re going to be back.

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