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SID:  Of course.


JOHN: Okay? I said youve given no respect to the Holy Spirit. So I speak to them for 75 minutes on the fear of the Lord. At the end of that, now this is amazing what I am about to tell you. I said every person in here, you say youre born again but you lack the fear of God, stand up, and youre willing to repent, stand up. 75 percent of the whole auditorium stands up. Now this is whats amazing. The moment they stand up the presence of God comes in. First time in two hours. And people are weeping, right? So it lasts a few minutes and it lifts. And the Holy Spirit speaks to me and says lead them in a prayer of repentance. So I led them in a simple prayer of repentance. Forgive me for my lack of reverence, for Your presence, Your work. All of a sudden another wave of His presence comes in. Its even stronger, lasts 3 or 4 minutes. It lifts. So now were all there and the Holy Spirit speaks to me and He says Im coming one last time. Now what Im about to tell you I got emails on this 8 years after it happened. Okay? The only way I know how to describe what happened is youre at the end of a runway and a Boeing Jets taking off right in front of you. That kind of a sound of a violent wind came blowing in to that auditorium. When it did, the people started screaming. Now can you imagine thousands of Latinos screaming? You know how loud that would be. The wind was louder. So that same thing that happened in Malaysia happened to me there. Im like, Oh my God! There are like goose bumps on my goose bumps. And Im standing there frozen, and Im like Whooooa….. because its awesome! …whats going on, and terrifying. And I remember it lasted for about 90 seconds and it left in its wake people collapsed on the chairs, people weeping and Im like, God, what do I do? And the Lords like, Im through with you. (laughing) So I turned and I looked at the leader and I said Its all yours. So he comes up, they walk me out into the car. And the singer, the national singer and her husband get in the car. She screams, I mean literally, you know how passionate Brazilians are, Did you hear the wind!? And I said, now I didnt want to say it, I said, Maybe it was a jet airplane flying right over the building.




JOHN: And she got angry at me. She said, (yelling) What are you talking about? I saw fire all around the building. And her husbands a lot more analytical and quieter. He quieted her down, he said, Sir, that wasnt a jet airplane above the building. I said, How do you know? He said because there were union security men all around the outside the building. He said most of them arent even saved. He said when the wind started blowing they came running in to see what was going on and they started saying to our leaders whats going on? He said I was at the sound board, because I had to check the levels for my wife. He said the decimal beaters were at zero the whole time the wind blew. It was 90 seconds the wind blew. He said not one ounce of the sound came through our sound system. I said, My God, take me to my hotel room.




JOHN: No kidding, I didnt even go out to eat that night. And I remember I just sat on my balcony and worshipped til 1:30 in the morning. And so youll never find the Lord in an atmosphere where Hes not held with the utmost respect.


SID:  I want to ask you to do something.


JOHN: Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


SID:  I would like you to speak just a little while on the fear of the Lord and then lead us in repentance. Would you do that, John? Thank you.




JOHN: Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Okay. So, what, what is the fear of the Lord? All right. Let me say this. And Im, Im going to say to you tonight, Im going to repeat some things I just said on this program because I need to lay a foundation again. What is the fear of the Lord is NOT to be scared of God. And as I said, when Moses led Israel out of Egypt, and let me ask you as an audience, when Moses led Egypt out of the audience, or out of, excuse me,



JOHN: Yes, he led Egypt out of the audience, thats what were doing right now! (laughter) I got a,when Moses led Israel out of Egypt where was their destination. Everybody say it really loud,


AUDIENCE:  The Promised Land!


JOHN: The Promised Land. No. What did Moses say to Pharaoh, what did Moses say to Pharaoh over and over again. Thus saith the Lord: Let my people go that they might worship me in the desert. Why do you want to bring them out of Egypt into the Promised Land without first bringing them to the Promiser? Okay, if you bring the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land without first bringing them to the Promiser, youre going to, youre going to get a bunch of people that are going to make the Promised Land into a place of idolatry.


AUDIENCE:  Wow, thats good.


JOHN: Okay? This is what we did in the 80s and the 90s in the church. We preached more of what Jesus would do for us rather than who He is. So we spawned disciples that started seeking God for what He can do for me not who He is, right, and thats like a woman who marrying a man because hes got a lot of money. She marries him out of love but for the wrong reasons. You see I find something so amazing. I look at Israel. Israel is abused by Egypt. Correct? They live in the slums, they eat the worst, wear the worst, theyre working all their lives to build somebody elses inheritance. Their children are put to death by the Egyptians. They come out of Egypt and theyre constantly saying: Lets go back to Egypt, it was better for us. But then I look at Moses. Now think about Moses. Hes raised in the most beautiful home on the planet cause his grandfather Pharaoh is the wealthiest man in the whole planet. So that means hes got a Maserati, hes probably got a Lamborghini, hes probably got a Porsche, hes probably got an Audi, the top of the line Audi, hes probably got every Harley in the collections, hes got every I- this and I- that. Hes got assistants. He can have any woman he wants in the whole nation and can even ask for other nations because hes a prince. But he comes out of Egypt and he never once says I want to go back to Egypt, its better for me back in Egypt. And whats the difference? He had one encounter with God face-to-face at that bush. Israel had a chance when he came down on the mountain. You see you have to remember, the burning bush was at Mount Sinai. So what Moses wants to do is he wants to bring these people straight to the One that he met at the bush. Because getting in to the presence of God, that took away his appetite from the world forever! He never, ever said I want to go back to Egypt. Now remember Egypt is a type [symbol] of the world. His appetite for the world was gone, because he had one encounter with God. You see were always trying to get people to pray a formula sinners prayer at churches. And dont get me wrong. I dont want to make a movement of people saying well, you know thats not what were going to do. But what one thing Im sayin is that we should add on to that is why dont we give the Holy Spirit time to minister in the presence of God to them so that now all of a sudden theyve tasted the heavenly gift? Okay? Moses tasted, he saw, he tasted at the burning bush. He said Ive got to bring these people out there. So he brings them out to that mountain. God says, all right, Moses, you tell them the whole reason I brought you out of Egypt was to bring you to myself. Go look it up in Exodus 19, its amazing. The whole reason I brought them out of Egypt was to bring them to myself. Its in there. Read it. Its amazing. So He says Im so excited Im going to come down there and introduce myself to em on the third day. So get em ready the next two days and the third day Im going to come down, which is prophetic, and Im not going to go into that. So Moses gets them all ready, they wash their clothes, God comes down on the mountain and what do they do? They all run away, and they say Moses, we cant handle God. You talk to God, tell us whatever he says, were going to hear and do it. And thats amazing to me, right? And so Moses is heart-broken. And so his response to the people is Exodus 20:20, where He says, Do not fear, now look at me, do not fear because Gods come to test you. Whats the test? To see if His fear is in you so that you may not sin. Wait a minute. Do not fear, because Gods come to test you to see if His fear is in you so that you may not sin. Hes not contradicting himself, hes differentiating between being scared of God and the fear of the Lord. As I said earlier, the person who fears God, well the person whos scared of God, I should say it this way, has something to hide. Thats why Adam hides from the presence of the Lord. Okay? But the person who fears God has nothing to hide. Okay? Theyre scared to be away from God. So the first definition of the fear of the Lord is to be terrified of being away from Him. You know Ill never forget, back in the 1990s, it was 1994, Jim Bakker had read a book that I had written called Victory in the Wilderness, it was the first book I had ever written. He read it in prison. He had been in prison for 4 years. When he read it he contacted his assistant from prison and he said    could you please find this author and ask him to come visit me in prison. So I remember I agree to do it. And I walked into the prison and he comes out in his prison garb and grabs me and he holds me and he hugs me and he wont let me go. Finally he grabs my shoulders and he said Did you write it or a ghost writer? I said, No sir, I wrote it. Ive gone through a wilderness but not near what youve gone through. He said We have so much to talk about. Sit down. And I remember he looked at me and he said this prison was not Gods judgment on my life, it was his mercy on my life. He said because John, honestly, if I would have kept living the way I was living I would have ended up in hell forever. When he said that to me I thought, okay, you have my attention, complete, total attention. So after about 20 minutes I felt very, very comfortable with him and I thought Im going to ask him some questions. My first question was Jim, when did you fall out of love with Jesus? At what point did you stop loving Jesus? Because You have to understand as a little boy I grew up in Whitehall Michigan which was 15 minutes away from where he pastored in Muskegon Michigan. So I said, When did you stop loving Jesus, howd it happen,’  And he looked at me and he said I didnt. ,What? What do you mean you didnt fall out of love with Jesus? I said, Jim, you committed adultery with Jessica Hahn, you did all this mail fraud, all this stuff youre in jail for. What do you mean you didnt fall out of love with Jesus? And Im perplexed and he sees Im perplexed. And he looked right at me and he said, I didnt fear God. And he said, Theres millions of Americans just like me. They love Jesus, but they dont fear God. You see, you have to understand the New Testament teaches that He is Abba, Daddy. But the same New Testament says Hes the consuming fire. Okay? So you have to understand something. If you dont have the love of God and you dont have the fear of God youre going to end up in a rut. How many of you know that Jesus said the road to life is a narrow road? Right? How many of you know that every roads got two ditches on both sides? Right? So the first ditch is called legalism. Now the church in the 1960s was in a legalistic ditch. Now I wasnt a Christian back in the 60s, I didnt saved until 79. But let me tell you something, I saw the remnants of this legalistic move. Because women would wear their hair up in a bun, remember, they didnt cut their hair and wore it up in a big bun, and they didnt wear any make-up, and they had dresses down to their ankles. You know you can have a dress down to your ankles, you can have your hair up in a bun, you can have no make-up but still have a seducing spirit up to your eyeballs. Okay? Thats not holiness. Okay? So it was all about an outward form to try to hide a deficiency that was in our hearts and we were in legalism. Right? So what happened in the 60s? God brings a revelation to the church. You know what the revelation was, he used one man to do it. God is a good God, and something good can happen to you. The man was Oral Roberts, right? And then the Charismatic move began. Right? And we found out our Daddy loved us. What did the love of God do? It delivered us from the ditch of legalism. But you know what we did? We said I went so far from that ditch Ill never fall in again and we went to the other side of the road and fell into that other ditch. And the other ditch is called lawlessness or lasciviousness which is an excessive, fleshly, worldly, disobedient lifestyle. And Gods given us a force that keeps us, keeps us out of that ditch. Its called the fear of the Lord. So you see it takes the love of God and the fear of God to keep us healthy. Okay? Its like two sides of a coin, you got heads and tails, if you dont have tails you dont have a coin, you need em both. And so when we understand that God is Abba, Daddy, but Hes also the King, Hes also the consuming fire we understand that yes, we can jump in His lap, there are times for that but then theres other times, let me tell you, I didnt feel it was the time to jump in His lap when He came into Brazil like He did. You understand what Im talking about.   When I was in Malaysia and those girls, those women were getting baptized in fire. Thats just not a time youre jumpin in his lap. And so there is a right way to understand that God is so much greater and more complex than our simple little, well Hes Daddy and heres grace and it doesnt matter how you live youre going to get to heaven. That is a complete lack of the fear of the Lord. And you see if youve got the fear of the Lord, Paul says, it will perfect holiness. We work out our salvation, in the New Testament it says, with fear and trembling. If you look at the church in the early, in the Book of Acts, you know what? They were all drunk on the Day of Pentecost. I mean they were experiencing Daddys love, so they got a little too familiar, they got a little bit loose, and so now this couple whos in good standing, theyre members of the Church of Jerusalem bring up an offering and its a big offering, its a big chunk of the land they just sold, and they lay it at Peters feet, and the next thing you know theyre dead. And if you read in Acts, chapter 5, verse 11, it says So great fear came upon the church. Not upon the city. Yes, it said somewhere else great fear came upon all those who heard these things. Great fear came upon the CHURCH! So what is the fear of the Lord? So first of all it is to be terrified to be away from Him. The person who fears God doesnt say how close can I get to the line of sin and not fall in. The person who fears God says I want to be so far away, so close to Dad, so close to my Daddy, that Im so close to Him I cant even see that line of sin. Okay? Thats the attitude they have. You understand what Im sayin, theyre not sayin how close can I get and not, and not fall in. What is it to fear God? It is to venerate Him. Thats a big word which means to honor, to respect, to esteem, to value, to reverence, to stand in awe of Him more than anything or anyone else. We firmly embrace Gods heart so we love what He loves, we hate what He hates, what is important to Him becomes important to us, what is not so important to Him is not so important to us. Remember Jesus said there are weightier matters. Are you with me? What is the evidence that somebody truly has the fear of God in their life? Okay? Now remember, the Holy Spirit, one of His manifestations is the fear of the Lord. Remember Hes the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of counsel,    the Spirit of might, the Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of knowledge, and the Spirit of the dear of the Lord and Jesus delighted in the fear of the Lord. What is the evidence that somebody truly has the fear of the Lord in their life? Okay? Well, number one, they reverence His presence. I talked about that in Brazil. But the second thing that you see in their life is they tremble at His Word. Do you know how the Bible talks about trembling at His word? What does it means to tremble at His word. Number one it means that youll obey Him instantly. Okay? Huh, I, I still see some looks and I want to make sure youre really clear, [and] you who are watching this video. When I say what is the evidence of the fear of the Lord, lets put it to you like this way: lets say Ive got an outlet and I want to know is there, is that outlet is it live or is it dead? Well if I put a brand new blow dryer in and its a working blow dryer in that outlet and I turn the switch on and hot air starts blowing, thats evidence that that is a good outlet. Correct?


AUDIENCE:  Yes. Thats right.

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