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RYAN: Another attribute of these revival hubs is what I call the power gifts. The Apostles, you know the Lord said to me He said, “Apostles were not theological people that stood and gave you their doctoral dissertation for two hours!”




RYAN: “Nor were they kind of stuffy guys that had huge networks! They were people of great power! In Acts 14 Paul is preaching and the Bible said people are being saved but the city was divided! Many times there’s a move of God that the city is divided. This group says, “We don’t want it”, this group says, “We do”. But guess what? The glory of the Lord, the knowledge of the glory is going to cover the whole earth, and I’m going to be on the side of the glory!




RYAN:  You might not want to be on the side of the glory but you and I we’re going to be on the side of the glory!




RYAN: But we need the power of gifts! The Apostles they didn’t wait to find a fire. They lit a fire and we need an Apostolic spirit upon us, a spirit that we begin to light fires! I say, Lord, raise up the fire-starters in this hour!




RYAN: Raise up the daring ones! Raise up the bold ones!




RYAN: Give them God-sized dreams Lord! You may say but you don’t know who I am. I’m so overwhelmed. Abraham was overwhelmed! Moses was overwhelmed! Elijah was overwhelmed! Listen! All that qualifies you, is you. YES! God’s not looking for your gift! God’s not looking for your talent. He is looking for your YES!


AUDIENCE: Yes! Uh-huh! Yes! Amen!


RYAN: Amen?




RYAN: God is looking for your yes! If you just say yes to the Lord it’d be amazing what God could do!




RYAN: And so we need revelation and the Lord is going to bring a mandate of revelation that we’re going to begin to preach. Some people think revival is just falling on the floor. That’s part of it. But revelation is like the oil being poured into the furnace of revival! We need revelation! Amen, These revival hubs are places of habitation. The marker is the presence! That’s the main deal. It’s the presence! There are places that have radical hunger. Psalms 27 says: One thing have I asked the Lord. That I may seek and may dwell in His house. God always answers hunger! These revival hubs are going to face opposition when they dig wells! See the devil’s not going to let you open up a well in a territory and just say okay, you got a well open. He doesn’t want you to open up a well in your family. He doesn’t want you to open up a well in your home. We’ve got to get to the place we’re not living to catch somebody else’s anointing! We’re digging a well in our own family so when the devil comes and attacks us we can go to that well and catch that anointing! Amen, But there’s going to be opposition. Isaac dug the wells of his father and there was opposition. Paul encountered opposition in Acts 14. These hubs are presence-driven. The presence is the marker! See we’ve got to get away from the concept of the marker is how many people are in seats. It’s the presence!


AUDIENCE: That’s right!


RYAN: Transformation is the mandate! Transformation means being stretched!




RYAN: We live in an age where we’ve taught people that the Holy Spirit wants to make you comfortable! But really the Holy Spirit wants to make you uncomfortable! He wants you to get outside yourself and there’s a realm of awakening and revival. God’s inviting us into that’s presence-driven and takes us outside our comfort zone! These hubs are prayer-fueled! Prayer is the fuel! We need the mantle of the intercessor upon the people of God! And these hubs releases the sound of heaven! The Lord told me, there’s going to be a marriage between intercession and worship. He said the main room is going to become the prayer room! You’re not going to know where intercession ends and worship begins. And we’re going to see in these revival hubs the type of worship that’s been born out of intimacy. That we don’t want to just hear you sing the song you sing really well. We want you to open up the bottle and pour intimacy out!




RYAN: And out of that intimacy, we’re being invited, into the secret place and Gods raising up the new sound! Every culture has a sound. God’s raising up the new sound. I say Lord raise up the psalmist! I say raise up the minstrels! I say raise those that will build atmosphere’s of glory in homes and families and churches and regions. Raise up the hubs God! Raise up the places of habitation! Raise up the sounds of the Lord!


AUDIENCE: Hallelujah!


RYAN: God said in Zephaniah He sings over us. In the Old Testament, they would say bring me a minstrel. They understood that sounds unlock atmospheres!




RYAN: See these hubs are places of sounds. The sounds of intimacy! The sounds of longing! The sounds of groaning! You can sing How Great Thou Art but not have any intimacy on it.


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


RYAN: You can sing There is a river, but not have any intimacy on it. God wants to unlock a realm of intimacy. Thank God for the prayer rooms and thank God for the people who’ve prayed before and after gatherings! But I just say Father, let the main room be invaded! Jesus said My house shall be called a house of prayer. Let the main room be invaded! Let us see Sunday morning gatherings that are overwhelmed by the presence of the Holy Spirit!




RYAN: Let us learn to live the life of an intercessor and become the fiery ones! Amen?




RYAN: In Colossians, he said: “Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly.” It’s Colossians 3:16. “In wisdom and teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord.” At least one-third of our corporate worship should be in a prophetic flow! Think about that. We’re admonished to sing spiritual songs. That’s prophetic worship! It stretches you cause now you’re not working on a script. You’re working in intimacy and that’s one of the things God wants to raise up in these hubs! Amen?




RYAN: I want to release a mantle of awakening in this place and to those in the mentorship program and I want to stop where I began and say this: Has God ever asked you to do something that was overwhelming Well you’re standing at the doorway to the greatest miracle realm you’ve ever walked in! I see John the Baptists in this room! I see instruments of healing in this room! I see families that will serve the Lord and leave a legacy of revival in this room! I see psalmists and minstrels in this room! I see ministers that are going to create places of habitation! I see in the mentorship class people that are being invited to open up your business as a kingdom outpouring center! I see it! The Lord is inviting you! I see somebody being invited to write prophetically! So I want us to pray right now and I want to release this Impartation. Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Lord! Those who are joining us now watching this just lift your hands up. Father, I thank You right now for the mantle of awakening and revival! I thank You for the revival hubs that you showed me that are rising up! I thank you for the mantle of intimacy! I thank You for the activation of spiritual gifts! Lord, I release over Your people, I release over those ones right now THE MANTLE OF REVIVAL AND AWAKENING! I RELEASE THE BURNING DIMENSIONS OF FIRE! NOW IN JESUS NAME!




RYAN: I release healing mantles in the name of Jesus! I release prophetic mantles in the name of Jesus! I release building mantles in the name of Jesus! And I say the complacency and the fear of man, is being destroyed! I hear the Lord say there’s a deliverance from the fear of man! You shall not stand before man and be diminished! But you shall stand in my presence and soar on the winds of My Spirit says the Lord! Lord, we loose those mantles!


AUDIENCE: Yes! Thank You!


RYAN: We loose, those mantles!


AUDIENCE: Hallelujah! Praise You!


RYAN: I see this key and the Lord has turned the key and the Lord said this is a time in many of your lives of divine transition and I’m giving you those Isaiah 22:22 keys. That the key of David will be laid upon your shoulder and you shall open and no man shall shut and you shall shut and no man shall open! The authority of the Lord is coming upon the revelation! Father, I thank You for your sons and your daughters arising in the name of Jesus! Lord for those watching this I thank You for the keys being given out to them right now! In Jesus name! In Jesus name! I want to do one last thing. I want you to stand if you’re in the studio audience. Because of time and the demands, I can’t pray for everybody but I want you to put your hand on your neighbor. Just put your hand on your neighbor. We’re going to release a mass Impartation right now in the studio. We’ve done it for the mentoring class but let’s do it in here. Okay, now I want you to receive this now. Are you ready?








RYAN: HAHHHH! FIRE! Oh, let it out! Let it out! Let it out! FIRE!




















RYAN: [speaking in tongues] Come on! Cry out to Him! [speaking in tongues]








RYAN: [speaking in tongues]

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