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ART:  Now I want you all to test it out again. Test it out again. One temptation we have is we say like you know if I tried once and it didn’t work then I have to therefore try harder to make it work this time. But I’ve learned what I actually have to do is try less. Because if I’m trying that’s not faith. Okay? Faith is resting. So try less. Don’t squint harder or try to push power out your arm. You don’t have to say more words. Just keep it simple because Jesus is very simple. All right. Test it out again. Anybody healed this time? Yeah? What happened? (listening) Wow. How long on that? How long has that been going on? Years? Wow. Feet were numb. Shoulder pain. Back pain. Wow. Thank You, Lord. Whooo!




ART:  Anybody else on this side here? Yeah, yeah. What happened? Couldn’t move your arm and now you’re moving it. That’s awesome. You know I just want to… Jesus, thank you for this gentleman.




ART:  Right now I speak complete healing into this body. Life of Jesus flow in right now. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Now you look like you’re wanting to stand up. Is that what you want to do? You want to try this out?  I’ll hold your hand here. We’ll put this up. All right. Thank You Lord. All right. Now. Now what are you feeling right now? Life in you, you said? Yeah, thank You Lord. In Jesus name, spirit of infirmity go and never return. Thank You Lord. You’re so good. You’re so good. Now are you feeling better right now than you normally do if you’re standing up? Yes? Okay. What feels better? What kind of improvement are you having? More energy? That’s great! Do you feel like something’s continually happening right now? Awesome. That’s great. Now look at me guys. I’m not going to jump around and say I pulled a man out of a wheelchair. Okay? He can do this on his own. All right? But we’re walking through this. I want to see 100%. Right? I want to see 100% and I want it to be genuine. I’m not going to pretend something happened that didn’t. But he says he’s feeling lighter. He’s feeling energy. He’s feeling better than he has before. Those are good signs. That’s a move in the right direction. John chapter 9 Jesus laid his hands on a blind man. He said what do you see? The man said I see people like trees walking around. It wasn’t complete. Then    He put his hands back on the man’s eyes and then his vision was fully restored. So what’s that tell you? If Jesus has to do it twice sometimes we do. If Jesus can have two turns we can have 20! All right? So we’re going to keep believing. Keep seeking. All right. Now is there something you couldn’t do before that you can try to do? Okay. Now you said your right arm is moving? All right. How much movement do you have right now? A little? Okay. Can you try to move it right just now so I can… Okay. And that’s more than you’ve had before? Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Now here’s what I’m going to do. I’m going to keep ministering here. I know everybody wants to watch this but since we’re here why don’t we minister again to those who still need it. So put your hand up again if you still need healing. Do it again. Be healed in Jesus’ name. Those who don’t have someone in front of you I just want you to agree over here. I’d love to have some help. It’s shake and bake. And I know… yeah. Jesus, thank You. Thank You so much. You’re so good. I speak life into this body. Yeah. Any damage that’s happened in the brain we command it to be restored right now. Life to you in Jesus’ name. Every cell, every nerve function properly. Receive messages from the brain. Miraculous restoration in Jesus’ name. Awesome. Arm wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. Wake up. (laughs) Yeah. Wake up. C’mon. Thank You Lord. Looks like you’re moving it even more. Try that again. Try. Wow. Wow. Thank You Lord. Thank You Lord. Lord thank you for recreation. Thank you for restoration. While I’m still laying hands on this gentleman is there anyone else who’s healed yet? Test it out. Yeah. What happened? Your knee was swollen and the swelling’s gone? C’mon! (laughing) I love that!




ART:  I love that! Yeah? C’mon. Thank You Jesus. They’re doing everything right. I don’t even need to come over. That’s awesome. That’s awesome. Thank You Lord. Is there anyone else I’m missing here? I can’t see around the corner. Yeah, how about you. I see you way back there with your hand up. Right in the middle. Yeah.


WOMAN #1:  …it’s going down.


ART:  C’mon!


WOMAN #1:  It’s going down. It’s still going down.


ART:  Wow! Wow! That’s awesome. That’s awesome.




ART:  You? Yeah. (listening) Are you feeling that pain anymore? Are you still feeling it?


WOMAN #2:  Well, some. But I do feel like I can you know move my limbs more better.

ART;  That’s awesome!


WOMAN #2:  You know I’m having a problem in the stomach a lot of times.


ART:  Yeah, Jesus paid for 100% so right now I speak 100% healing to that body. No more pain in Jesus’ name. All right. Test it out again. Any change? Specifically right now I’m just feeling my right ear. Is that bad pizza or is there someone here with a right ear problem? Yeah. So c’mon over. What’s it do? Is it…


WOMAN #3:  It’s like when I plug this up I’m not able to understand what you’re saying. You’re like muffled. I’ve been…


ART:  Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. All right. Open up in Jesus’ name right now. All right. I’m talking the same volume. Any change? Oh yeah. You’ve going to plug that up. Test it again. And be honest, not polite. Yeah. Any change yet?


WOMAN #3:  A little.


ART:  A little? A little’s great. Yeah. Thank You Jesus for a little. All the way is better. (laughs) Yeah. 100% in Jesus name. Check that out. Any change? Still talking the same volume?


WOMAN #3:  Uh, uh. No. It’s getting better.


ART:  It’s getting better? Wow. That’s awesome. Thank You Lord. 100% healing in Jesus’ name. Open up right now. Open up right now. Check that out. Still the same volume? Any difference?

WOMAN #3:  Still the same.


ART:  Still the same? Okay. That’s fine. Open up in Jesus’ name. 100%. Thank You Lord. You folks realize how awesome this is? (laughs) How many of you this is the most miracles you’ve ever witnessed?


WOMAN #3:  It just went up!


ART:  That’s awesome. It just went… This is awesome!




ART:  All right. Try that out again. Any, any difference? Still going…


WOMAN #3:  Yeah. You just went up when you…


ART:  Wow! Wow! That’s great! Good. (turns to man) Are you feeling any more change right now? Okay. All right. Do you want to sit back down? You want to stay… Okay. That’s all right if you sit down. That’s not a lack of faith. That’s just being considerate of ya. Right? You need help sitting down? Okay. Good, good, good, good. Okay.


WOMAN #3:  Okay. My ear is completely…


ART:  It’s completely open?


WOMAN #2:  Completely.


ART:  (laughs) Wow!


WOMAN #3:  Completely! Completely! Completely!




ART:  Now I want to to point out, in case you didn’t notice that, I want to point out I didn’t even pray for her the last time. Okay. Like the Bible says you’ll lay hands on the sick and they will recover. It doesn’t even say you have to say anything. It’s just you can speak a word of authority. So feel free to just lay hands on someone and just chill and let them know it was Jesus when they’re healed. Right? You know we say “in Jesus’ name” cause we want them to know who did it. Right? And it was Him. All right. I want you all to get some sleep tonight if you possibly can after seeing all those miracles. So I just want to pray for you one more time. I’ll let them tell you what to do and how to dismiss and then we’ll let God continue to minister in your lives and maybe we’ll have more miracles in the morning. So just keep seeking Jesus. Lay hands on yourself. Believe for healing. Jesus, thank You for all these miracles we saw. Thank You for what we witnessed in this place. You’re so good. You’re so amazing. And we worship You for it. Lord we want to be the people who respond rightly to miracles. That it causes us to rise up in praise for You. That we worship You for it. Lord, You are so good and so amazing. Thank You, Lord. I pray Lord that we would see more miracles in the next couple of weeks than we saw in this place. That we would see even more miracles in the next few days than we saw in this place. Lord we thank You. We worship You. We praise You. In Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.

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