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SID: Lil, someone told me you basically used to be a shy person.


LIL: I was really shy because being born in the bush I didn’t meet many people. Of course, being a pastor’s daughter, people ask you, would you do something, would you give a testimony. I heard myself saying no, no, I can’t do that. And I got so tired of hearing myself say no. And so I said, “God, the next thing you ask me to do I’m going to say yes.” Well guess what happened? A pastor phoned me and said, “Lil, it’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and I felt the Lord said, I must ask you to come and preach in my church.”


SID: He knows how to set us up.


LIL: You know, in those days we had those old fashioned phones with the wire connected to the desk. I remember putting that wire behind my back so he couldn’t hear, and I said, “God, I can’t believe you.” Then I took the phone back and I said, “I’ll be there, Pastor. Thank you very much.” Because I had said it. If I had said no there, I would not be sitting here today.


SID: God said, “If I can trust you in little things, I will trust you in big things.” 1939, your great-grandfather hears from God, prophesies what’s going to happen in the future. What did he say?


LIL: He prophesied that after the war there would be a healing revival and there was.


SID: Yes.


LIL: And then he prophesied there would be a charismatic revival and there was. Amongst many of the denominational churches, the Holy Spirit fell. And then he said, “I see people going to church with pens and notepads.” And that was the word of faith movement.


SID: The teaching.


LIL: That’s right. And then he began to say, “I see it. I see it.” He said, “I see the greatest,” imagine this, “the greatest revival the world has ever seen.”


SID: And you know what, I see that, too. Now, God spoke to you, to you personally, and said you would have a part in it. What did he tell you?


LIL: He stood by my bed one night and he said, “I’m going to do a work in your day, which even if it were told you, you would hardly believe it.” And every day, I said, “Tell me, Lord, tell me, Lord, I’ll believe it, I’ll believe it.”


SID: Well you and I are going to see it very soon. You are going to see it very soon. So you’re speaking, praying for a group of doctors in Switzerland and God shows up again. What happened?


LIL: They asked me to open in prayer, and as I said, “Father,” that’s all I said, I went into a vision and I saw Jesus sitting in a chair, and we were sitting around him and he looked at me, and he said, “Tell me your stories.” In this last move of God, in this mighty revival that’s coming there will be so many stories. There will be so many testimonies and we need to know when we tell our testimony and when we tell your story, we’re telling him, and his anointing is on that. And when we tell our story in our testimony it brings people to Jesus. It brings people of other faiths to Jesus and everybody must begin to tell their stories. Tell your neighbor. Tell your neighbor your testimony. Tell the people in your street what Jesus has done, the people in the shops where you are, I want to say to you, tell your stories. Heaven is listening to you and the anointing of God will be on you. You will be a soul winner because we are in the days when it’s souls, souls, souls, souls! Miracles are important. God wants you to heal and he wants you well, and he wants you to tell people about it because it’s time for souls, souls, souls.


SID: Lil, you raise up teams of people, and there was a team that went to a hospital ward, and what happened?


LIL: Okay, this was very recent. And the team went into the hospital, and they were just going from bed to bed, can we pray for you, can we pray for you? Everybody said yes. Everybody said yes until they got to one man and he just said no thank you. So they just left him and they went to the next bed and they prayed for each bed, and then they left. Well two days later, they thought they’ll go back and see how the patients are. When they got to the ward it was absolutely empty except for one man in the bed, and he said, “You’re the team that came to pray the other day.” He said, “Please come and pray for me.” He said, “They’ll all healed and they’ve all gone home.”


SID: Could you imagine if everyone there, the ward was healed except you and you’re the only one that said, no, I don’t want prayer. You couldn’t wait for them to come back. When we come back, I want to hear a couple of the many, many secrets of the power of Smith Wigglesworth that you were told, and then I want you to pray for the fire to come on everyone that wants this. Be right back.

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