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AUDIENCE:  Yes, Lord!


RICH: Can you raise your hands and say I receive it?


AUDIENCE:  I receive it!


RICH: So here when I came down I couldn’t believe that my hair turned white. And I couldn’t believe that instantly there was I came up from looking like a kid to looking like a man. You know in the presence of God I understood why Moses when he came down from the mountain his hair turned completely white. I understood why Benny Hinn in his early forties when I used to go to the church his entire hair turned white and I used to go why? And he’d, you know what he told me you know the presence of God and I go yeah, right. But the presence of God has 2 elements. It will bring maturity to your life but it will keep you always young. But now being young has nothing to do with your body. It has to do with the state of your mind and your spirits. You see you can be a hundred years old and you can be young or you can be forty-five and you’re ready to go to heaven and meet the Lord. You know what I’m talking about. Now one of the things the Lord taught to me was about prosperity. Now we hear prosperity about money, right? And every preacher you know goes on television says if you send me this God will prosper you. But prosperity goes beyond money. And if you look at Three John, chapter 1 verse 2 this famous verse that it says: “Beloveds I wish above all things that you may prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.” Now I have preached this. I heard it from every TV evangelist            and the Lord revealed to me there are 3 levels of prosperity that belong to every single child of God. Three levels of prosperity. Number one: that you may prosper in all things. If you see it right there it says I wish above all things that you may prosper. Number One, God wants you to prosper. To prosper in every area of your life. God wants you prosperous in your marriage. God wants you prosperous in your relationships. Yes, He wants you prosperous on your money. He wants you to prosper in every area that concerns  your life. Number Two it says: and be in health. The second prosperity that God wants for His children is to be in health all the days of your life. Now this is something that the enemy tries to take away from us but God has released. Now I believe that in these Last Days God is bringing that revelation back to the Body of Christ that God is called us to walk in His prosperity and His prosperity means every area of your life will be according to the will and the provision of God. Number Two: that every area of your body will live on divine health. Somebody say “divine health!”

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