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ROBBY: I got Robbie. She got Gloria. Lord, I bless Gloria and I just thank You for Your hand on her and I just pray Lord just for those open doors for her and just how you’re going to use her in Jesus’ name. And I just thank You for just for that breakthrough and for that release of Your peace, of Your power and Your presence in Jesus’ name. And this lady here you’ve got a kind of a pink blouse with glasses. What’s your name? Ashley? Ashley, I just see a real prophetic gift on you and the Lord’s going to begin to increase it like never before. And I heard God say that He’s going to begin to fine tune some things that He’s been speaking to you. There’s some dreams that you’ve had and that you’ve been kinda puzzled about but I heard the Lord say He’s bringing clarity and that He’s even, He’s also, there’s been some dreams that have been some things that are for you for ministry and the Lord’s is going to open those doors. And some of it you’ve just said well I’m just going to lay it aside and just whatever the Lord picks up, whatever the Lord does that’s fine. Does this make sense? You’re not being nice are you? Don’t be nice. Seriously. If it doesn’t make sense tell me. I want to know cause I’m learning too. Okay? So but I just saw the Lord opening that up and I felt like I just saw numbers flying around your head too and you sorta being able to put numbers in order and you’re able to make things sort of line up. I feel like there’s some organizational things and stuff that you have in you that you’re going to be able to help too with other people. But I really felt like the Lord is just saying this is a new season. Do you mind just standing up right now? Holy Spirit, we just thank You… Is this your husband? Are you guys together? No. Just a friend who’s blessing her. Lord we bless her in Jesus’ name. We just thank You for Your presence and Your power and Lord we just thank You for that breakthrough too. Lord and just those things that You’ve spoken to her through those dreams. Lord, we just pray Your blessing and just that provision and Lord, just that clarity of prophetic ministry that is coming for her. We just bless that in Jesus’ name. Thank You for that in Jesus’ name. Jesus’ name. Praise the Lord.



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