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You’re also going to find this: as you begin to incorporate the gifts of the Spirit, it is the greatest joy you are ever going to have.  There is nothing in my opinion more rewarding than to know you made a difference in somebody’s life.  And again, through this teaching and so often when we think about teaching on the gifts of the Spirit, we think about jumping right into the various elements of the gifts of the Spirit, the specific gifts, and we are going to be doing that.  But most importantly here, my desire is that over the course of the study, multiple sessions here, tentatively eight of them; you are going to learn how to incorporate this into your life.  And as you do, as you’re at the mall, as you’re at work, as you’re cutting your grass, meeting a neighbor, sitting next to a fellow student; you are going to have opportunity to demonstrate.  People need to see the reality of a miracle working God.  And as you allow God to do this through you, and as you again learn how to do it naturally, you are going to have person after person tell you thank you, thank you, thank you.  And I’ll tell you this, only the halls of eternity are truly going to reflect all that you did every day as you are walking in the supernatural with the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Learning this, learning the gifts of the Holy Spirit makes doing what Jesus did a reality.  Now we are going to be digging into this verse in John 14:12 where Jesus says, “we are going to do what he did and greater”, but for most people it’s just kind of out there; it’s kind of like “yeah that sounds good”.  But what you are going to discover is that it is God’s desire for you to do what Jesus did.  Through this course, through this study you are going to recognize it’s real.  Actually, one of the things you are going to find out is God’s reality is your reality.  And just as God operates in the supernatural, we are going to teach you through this course how to live and operate in the supernatural, that God’s reality is your reality.  Your whole paradigm, your shift of thinking is going to be that of the miraculous, the supernatural, looking for an opportunity every moment of every day to allow the Holy Spirit to work through you, just as He did through Jesus.  Amen.  Literally, I believe this:  the operation of the Holy Spirit, and that’s what we’re really looking at here, is the foundation to the church.  We look at the early church and we look at the book of Acts; it’s amazing.  When you go through the book of Acts, one of the things you will discover is you begin to look for the operation of the gifts of the Spirit.  The operation of the Spirit, the operation of the supernatural.

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