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My personal belief is, we have yet to see the greater works.  As great as all the signs and wonders and miracles did, I honestly believe that as I have prayed, in particularly over these last four months as I have really said OK God what are we doing here?  Where are we going?  And what I know that I know is God wants you to know how to walk in the supernatural.  And I honestly believe with all of my heart, we haven’t scratched the surface of our potential; of the reality of what God wants to accomplish here on planet earth in these closing pages of history.  But I do believe this, I believe that the way that God is orchestrating, the way He’s had me put this together in kind of a different format as opposed to teaching the basic, you know, get saved, get baptized with the Holy Ghost and understand the gifts of the Spirit.  I’m approaching here from a whole different paradigm and that is helping you to understand the principles and precepts with faith, the will of God and understanding how God works.  So that then, with that as a foundation, we can now bring in the gifts of the Holy Spirit and you’re going to operate at a much higher level.  Praise God.  And I’ll tell you this, just as kind of a peek into the future, the gifts of the Spirit are just the beginning of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.  Glory to God.  Now I want to show you something from the Word of God in terms of the miracles that Jesus did.  We have in the Bible, as recorded in the Bible, approximately thirty-five miracles, depending on how you count miracles.  If you count the miracle of the miraculous birth, we account the ascension; some say upwards of forty miracles.  Actually there’s some miracles, we’re going to get back to this in a few minutes here, but there are some miracles that aren’t even accounted that in my opinion are some of the most significant miracles, and again, we’ll come back to that.  But, when we look at the miracles that we have, we need to look at them categorically.  As an example, the very first miracle that Jesus did was turning the water to wine.  Well, people might say, “Well that’s not a miracle that we need much today because I don’t drink” or “Who needs wine?”   Well, the greater miracle is what happened in the miracle and what we see in this miracle is molecular change.  Glory to God.  Jesus turned the water into wine.  Now what’s interesting about this, as again, as we dig into this and a little bit in this study, but we’re going to be looking at the science of the miraculous, the science of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.  Because again, if you can understand the simplicity from a scientific perspective and understand that God works within the laws of creation; which I’ll come back to, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here.  But God works within the laws of creation to accomplish His will.

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