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That’s the dominion.  That’s what God planned from the beginning.  What we lost in Adam was gained in the Messiah, in Christ.  Man lost that dominion.  He turned over the keys, but Jesus said in Matthew 16, “Who do men say that I am?” and Peter says, “Thou art the Christ, the Messiah”.  Jesus says, “True and upon that revelation of who I am, I’m going to build the church, going to give you the keys to the kingdom and what you bind on earth is bound in heaven and what you loose on earth is loosed in heaven”.  This is what you have.  This is what’s been given to you by the offensive One.  Death reigned, much more they which receive of the abundance of grace and the gift of righteousness shall reign.  Glory to God.  Now, this is true of all believers; all believers can reign, but see when you get baptized with the Holy Ghost, when you get filled and you’re energized and you’re activated with the gifts of the Spirit.  You’re talking unlimited power, for the Glory of God.  And again, as I said earlier, it’s time for us to turn the world right-side up.  The early church turned it upside down and I just know, God is coming back and He’s coming back for a victorious church.  He’s not coming back for a wimp.  He’s not coming for something defeated.  No, He’s coming back for a church that is triumphant, victorious.  We’ve overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony.  Amen.  Understanding the gifts of the Spirit and incorporating them into our daily lives so the supernatural is our natural natural.  And I mentioned this to you earlier, but when, you know, because people all of time are saying, “How are you doing?” not that they really care, but you want to get a great reaction try this.  Say, when they say, “How are you doing?”… “Super-naturally”.  Amen?  Got to put that pause in there, “super-naturally”, amen?  It’s more natural for me to be supernatural than natural natural.  Amen.  Okay, gifts of the Spirit, laying a foundation.  A guy in my office some time ago, went home for Christmas and he brought back what I call “the shining lady in the market testimony” and I honestly believe this is how God is going to bring about the great revival that we’re on the leading edge of right now.  But this lady was in the market, she was shopping and had a tomato in her hand.  And a little girl came up to her as she’s holding the tomato and the little girl said, “How do you do that?”  The lady looks at the tomato and she says, “Well, I squeeze it to see if it’s fresh.”  And the little girl said, “No, how do you shine?”  She was talking about the lady’s countenance.  And this is something, God put this on my heart all the way back to 1979, when I began to study the supernatural and God said to do what Jesus did.

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