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SID: Now I know I’m being provoked to jealousy with Patricia. I wish I moved like she moved in the Spirit. You’re blessed because you’re watching right now. That’s her job to help you do that. I got to know, when you wake up in the morning, what are the first things that you do?


PATRICIA: Well to be honest, before I even get out of bed, I soak.


SID: What do you mean by soak?


PATRICIA: I would say, as Isaiah 30:41 says, “They that wait on the Lord will renew their strength and soar with wings as eagles.” I’m a Type A personality, go change the world, all that. But the Lord is really teaching me I need to be [filled] before I do. I need to receive before I have anything to give away. And so this was a lesson in learning to rest in God. So for me, it can look different for other people. But actually, I have an iPod that goes everywhere I go with anointed music, presence of God, put it on, I’m not even out of bed, and just soak in his presence, whatever long I have. It’s really about experiencing his presence. I unashamedly say I’m a presence of God addict. I want the presence of God in my life. I want it in my family. I want it in my ministry. And so therefore, we need to cultivate it at home alone with God. It’s like the roots of a tree. It’s what you don’t see is, the roots, but the tree itself and the fruit it will bear is directly related to the root structure. So we need to have a life in God. I need to be [renewed] before I do.


SID: Okay. So you’re soaking, being still before God. Do you ever hear things from God while you’re soaking?


PATRICIA: Yes. It helps to put myself in that position about getting still, being in his presence. So I absolutely do. And by the way, sometimes there will be, the enemy will sometimes try to distract, well you got to send that email or you got to make that phone call, you got to do this.


SID: What do you do?


PATRICIA: I actually will write it out. I’ll just write it out. Okay, that’s true, I do have to send that email, but I don’t want to focus on that right now, I just want to get back into the presence. So sometimes I have my journals always with me and just write it down, and say, I’ll take care of that later.


SID: Then you go into what you call is prophetic decree. What is a prophetic decree?


PATRICIA: It really helps kick start my prayer time. But it’s this. It’s really speaking out those things that are in agreement with God. So that can be an agreement with his word or an agreement with his prophetic words over us. So the Lord is teaching me this about just the power in our declaration. You know, from Joshua 1:8 it says, “You will meditate on this word. Then you will make your way prosperous and have good success.” You would know more than I, what the Hebrew word for meditate is, “hagah,” and that has to do with pondering out loud to one’s self. And so as I ponder out loud.


SID: Excuse me, one of the definitions of that is mumble or mutter.


PATRICIA: Right, mumble or mutter. And so then I have things that I am going through each day reminding myself of who I am. I’ m a lover of God, God loves me. I am a woman who walks in the fullness of God’s calling and anointing, and those things, but then also about my children. For example, I love the Prayer of Jabez. I pray it over every one of our family, “O that you would bless,” I insert their names, Judah is my son, “O that you would bless Judah indeed, enlarge Judah’s territory. Your hand might be with Judah.” I feel the anointing on this, you know. And how did God create the world? He spoke. Nothing happens in the Kingdom unless there’s first a declaration. And I think it’s what Apostle Paul said when he said, “Wage war for the prophecies over your life.” Wage war. Wage war for them in your mind, but in the declared Word of the Lord and then see it come to pass.


SID: You started this House of Prayer, and briefly, as a result of praying faithfully, what happened in your city?


PATRICIA: In the city of Stratford there was a big drug problem. The church hadn’t been doing so well. And what happened is as we cried out, we said, “God, how do you dig wells and how do you see transformation?” He really spoke to us about the importance of prayer and worship, and declaring he was Lord of the city. So we began to pray, first John and I in our home. It was just us giving our mornings, every week day morning to the Lord then we took it to the church, and then the people gathered. But we saw it unfold before us, transformation. Like really what happened was, first of all, prodigal sons and daughters came home to Jesus. They came repenting to the front, getting free of their drug addictions, their sex additions. And then drug houses started to burn up or blow up. It’s true.


SID: You know, I eyes have not seen and ears have not heard all that God has for us. We just haven’t entered it yet. So let’s enter it. Your husband, he doesn’t hear from God. He’s happy. You go to sleep Saturday night and you know what’s supposed to happen Sunday morning. He checks with you what’s supposed to happen. But now that’s no longer true. What happened?


PATRICIA: You know, you can talk about left brain, right brain, but my husband is very maybe left brain in terms of he just knows the Word inside, out. He’s like a comb of walking concordance. And so he would say things like, “Well my wife hears God, but I don’t really hear God.” He therefore did not hear God because he believed the lie. So I remember when a visiting prophetic guy came, and pulled him out of a crowd and said, “Sir, you need to stop leaning on your wife’s ability to hear God because you can hear God.” And I’m like chi-ching. I paid the guy to give that word. So what happened is John repented. He repented for believing the lie that he couldn’t hear the voice of God or live a prophetic lifestyle. And I’m telling you, even last weekend, we were prophesying over loads of people as we were ministering in a different city, and there he is prophesying with the best of them, and hearing God, and journaling. And so we can all do this.


SID: Can you get everyone prophesying and dreaming if they follow your instructions getting prophetic dreams?


PATRICIA: You know, I do believe, but I want to say this, it’s God’s instructions. It really is. It’s where he’s saying, look, this is what I died to give you, not just your salvation, but your abundant life. I tell you, I think hearing God and living a prophetic lifestyle is part of abundant living, living his purposes for us. So the answer is yes.


SID: Now you’re going to be shocked. When we come back, science is finally catching up to the Bible. It’s saying the most amazing things from scientific studies are happening to us when we pray in tongues, in supernatural language. We’ll be right back.

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