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Perry: I had to meditate on what did John mean when he said this book is a Revelation of Yeshua the Christ and yet He doesn’t appear all through the Book. Then you have to go into the Book to understand what’s going on. And I want to show you this. In the Old Testament time, there were three major positions. A prophet, a priest and a king. The prophet gave the voice of the Lord to the people, the priest made the intercession on behalf of the people, but the king had the authority over the people. And they all, when Israel was properly working, they all worked in cooperation with one other on behalf of the people of Israel.  Now when Jesus came to walk on the earth for about 33 years approximately, 33 and a half years, we know that He was called a prophet by the people. Even He said a prophet hath no honor in his own country. So they viewed Him on earth as a prophet. Now, when He leaves the earth in Acts chapter 1, goes back to heaven, Paul in Hebrews says He is the High Priest of the profession of our faith. So for well over 1900 and 80 some years Christ has been the High Priest ever-living to make intercession generation after generation after generation. But He is a priest according to Paul in Hebrews after the Order of Melchizedek. Melchizedek is found in Genesis, chapter 14. He is the, he is the priest of “Yerushalayim,” or Jerusalem. In that day it was called, your Bible translates this as Salem, it should be Shalem, which is the, a word out of which we get Shalom, he’s king of, actually it’s king of Shalom, which is the City of Peace, early name of Jerusalem. And this Melchizedek is, is King of Righteousness, from two Hebrew words, King of Righteousness. But he is a king and a priest, in other words he’s ruling from Jerusalem but he receives the tithe from Melchizedek which is what the priesthood would do. And so Jesus had to be a king and a priest. That’s my point.  He couldn’t be just a priest. He had to also be a king if he’s going to be after the order of this first man in Genesis, chapter 14. Now having said that, this is very important that you understand this. That in Revelation 1 when you see Him with a white garment. He’s got a gold belt on. He has no crown on His head. It’s very important in Revelation 1 you notice that there’s no identification. All He has is hair like wool. It’s like He’s got Sid Roth hair, you understand. White like wool, as white as snow. Believe me Perry Stone would have that too if he didn’t use something called dye on it. Ha! So just so you’ll know I’m pretty gray under all this. My little girl wants me to cover it up because she says I look too old so I did that for my little girl. That’s the excuse I use, at least.


PERRY:  But in chapter 1 of Revelation you see Him and you know what you have a picture of there? A priest on the Day of Atonement.  Because on the Day of Atonement the High Priest had to take off all of his 8 “Garments of Beauty” which is the breastplates, the blue garment, the red, the, the miter which is the gold crown that says “Holy unto the Lord,” had to take it off and he had to put on four linen garments, linen pants that went down to the ankle, a linen robe, a linen belt and he had a linen headdress. Now in Revelation you see Jesus with the gold belt. I always said that gold belt is like World Wrestling Federation, that means He’s the champion, you know. So that’s, now that’s not in the Bible by the way, I just want to make that clear. But, uh, He’s got the gold belt on and He’s standing there before the candlestick so in other words that’s a picture of priest.

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